A site licence gets you the world class Plant and Equipment Wellness methodology, techniques and tools as your standard operating practices for operational excellence performance

Use the right formula that delivers world class maintenance, reliability and operational excellence results in months and stays with you forever after


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Hello and welcome,
Adopt the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way operational excellence methodology at your site and you’ll guarantee world class maintenance, reliability and operational results for your company.
You will use the very best ways to make your operation a world class performer. It matters not where you start, the end result is still world class performance from your site. World class reliability, maintenance and operational performance will become the only way you and your people run your operation.
An individual site license is available to you to use all the Plant Wellness Way solutions in your operation. You get the complete methodology, tools and training to use them right. You get a Plant Wellness Way Coach who works with you to quickly adopt the Plant and Equipment Wellness mindset, system and practices.
To secure a Plant Wellness Way Site License for your operation you:

  1. make an initial payment to secure use of the methodology, techniques and tools,
  2. enter into a profit share arrangement on your new, extra large operating profits,and
  3. accept our confidentiality agreement.

In return your operation becomes world class in its maintenance, reliability and operational practices forevermore.
Find details of your nearest LRS Global Licensed Consultant’s office at the Contact Us page and send an email, or telephone during business hours, to discuss adopting world class maintenance, reliability and operational excellence in your standard operating practice.

My best regards to you,
Mike Sondalini
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ