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Our Mission Is To Give Our Clients The Best EAM System And Life-Cycle Processes To Get World Class Reliability And Operating Success

Our Mission Is To Give Our Clients The Best EAM System And Life-Cycle Processes To Get World Class Reliability And Operating Success

We provide solutions to maximize operating profits; improve life cycle process effectiveness and efficiency; get outstanding equipment reliability; and achieve least plant maintenance costs.

Our proprietary Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology is available to every Client to rapidly create the equipment reliability they need for Operational Excellence performance.

Lifetime Reliability Solutions is here to help every industrial operation and manufacturing business create the world-class production asset performance needed to achieve operational excellence. We do that by providing highly effective, efficient and reliable life cycle asset management processes, and operating plant and equipment.

Plant Wellness Way for Partners – Consulting and Training for Everyone
Your operating sites can access all the help and expertise needed to get world class reliable assets. Clients who are Approved Plant Wellness Way Sites get full access to the Plant and Equipment Wellness enterprise asset management methodology. Non-partnering Clients get access to powerful consulting and training services based on the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way methodology.

Imbed Life Cycle Risk Elimination that Creates World Class Reliability
High operating profits come from using the operational and business management strategies of world-class asset performance. We help organisations instil right-practice life cycle asset management that creates competitive sites who maximise productivity for least maintenance and operational costs.

We work together with you and your people at a site to develop a strategy and complete plan (the ‘road map’) to get the plant and equipment reliability performance you want. We’ll address all the necessary life cycle practices, process performance measures, action steps, resources, and costs required to get the lifetime operational and profit improvements you want.

Training in Best Reliability Creating Strategies, Processes, and Methods
To help your company reach its full capabilities we use unique and special training content for the development of you and your people. The training is designed to raise peoples’ knowledge and expertise to world-class levels of performance. They get the education, skills and know-how of world-class performers. We teach your people and show them how to excel and progressively master the necessary skills and knowledge needed to reach expert levels of competency. The training brings you the following benefits:

Driven by the Mission and Values of World Class Life Cycle Asset Management Excellence
From the start-up in 2004, our vision has been to maximise life cycle profits by stopping and preventing operating problems in industrial and manufacturing businesses. We do that by helping organisations develop sustainable excellence in life cycle asset management; achieve world-class operational performance; use best-practice risk based maintenance management methods; and applying expert skills to get maximum equipment reliability and service life.

The Eight Values that Guide Us

In all that we do strive to:

Measures of How Successfully We Help You Reach Your Goals

Our Key Performance Indicators are totally customer satisfaction focused.
We know that our success results from your success.

Consulting And Training Services To Put World Class Maintenance, Reliability And Life Cycle Asset Management Performance Into Your Business DNA

Our Mission Is To Give Our Clients The Best EAM System And Life-Cycle Processes To Get World Class Reliability And Operating Success

Quickly improve your maintenance and reliability results with powerful life cycle asset management, maintenance excellence, and world class reliability solutions that work

Our commitment is to give you the most successful maintenance, reliability and life cycle asset management outcomes for your company

Benefit from our professional knowledge and deep experiences improving industrial plant and equipment reliability, and delivering world class operational and maintenance excellence results.

When you need an Industrial Maintenance Consultant, a Life Cycle Asset Management Consultant, or an Equipment Reliability Consultant, we have experts for you to work with who will boost operational performance.

To World Class Life Cycle Asset Management, Maintenance & Reliability
Our suite of consulting services cover industrial plant maintenance, life cycle asset management, maintenance management, and equipment reliability. You get professionals with the best knowledge and the right information to build great operational and maintenance processes.

Only here, at Lifetime Reliability Solutions, can you access Plant Wellness Way Consultants to introduce the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way into your company. This proprietary enterprise asset management methodology is specifically designed to create the reliability needed for lasting operational excellence success.

Learn Knowledge and Success with Public, Onsite, and Online Training
Your people learn the best ways to build world class industrial operations with outstandingly reliable plant and equipment. Our courses included enterprise asset management training, industrial plant maintenance training, and equipment reliability training. The courses provide the insights needed to set-up truly effective business-wide processes for your operational and maintenance success.

As an alternative to our class-based courses, you can put your people into our online training courses in life cycle asset management, best practise maintenance, and world class reliability. From anywhere on the planet you and your workforce can learn how to do successful physical asset management, master maintenance, and get equipment reliability improvement. Bring the correct engineering asset maintenance, work quality assurance knowledge and practises into your operation through our distance education training and development opportunities. There are a range of online courses suited to managers, supervisors, engineers, and MRO employees.

Get New Operating Profits with Our Consultant and Training Services
You can talk to us about how to make a higher operating profit margin for your company from new asset management strategies. Simply follow this link to the Contact Us page and let us know what you want to achieve with your business.

If you want to take your site to world class operating performance, then talk with the consultants who can teach you the Plant Wellness Way to change your business into a world class operation with world class operating profit margins.
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