Turn the Maintenance Rat-Race Into Outstandingly Reliable Operating Assets

Quickly re-engineer your operation for world class maintenance and reliability success with a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability

Companies end rat-race problems fast and get world class reliability by using the simple Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to slash operational risk and make your plant and equipment world class reliable


How you get a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability that ends your Production and Maintenance rat race is shown in the image below. It’s a simple strategy and plan for building a truly effective life cycle asset management system that purposely replaces old production and maintenance rat-race causing systems.


How to Stop the Production and Maintenance Rat Race with a Plant Wellness Way EAM System


Your company’s maintenance and production performance are the results of the systems and processes you use. Organizations with rat race behaviors are that way, because their systems and processes make them work like that. Breaking-out of the production and maintenance rat race needs new processes that never allow rat race behaviors to start.

Using Plant Wellness Way EAM strategy changes your enterprise asset management system and its maintenance sub-processes into world class solutions. You will only use those methods and practices that bring the greatest production and maintenance successes.

Introducing the changes that stop the maintenance rat race and bring world class maintenance and reliability success into your company

All successful change management needs belief that the change is truly worthwhile, and its achievement is a certainty. In a Plant Wellness Way EAM transition, you start with one equipment item and make it world class reliable. You change the asset management system and processes that impact just that item of plant. Once you get the first operating asset up to world class performance you do the same to another asset, and then all the rest.

Because you designed and proof-tested the Plant Wellness Way EAM system on individual items of plant until they were all world class reliable equipment, everyone knows that you have a highly successful solution.

Once your people and senior management see how straight-forward, practical, and fast Plant Wellness Way EAM is, you’ll be able to ramp-up the speed and get the rest of your operation changed into a Plant Wellness Way EAM site super fast.

Your system and process focus is changed from maintenance rat race to world class asset health and wellness

Changing from rat race maintenance behaviour to world class reliability one asset at a time is done by focusing the power of Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology on all the systems and processes acting on each asset. For just that asset, you select and embed into each phase of the life cycle those actions and activities that maximize operating asset reliability.

Because the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology demands a life cycle perspective, it ensures you build a business-wide, life cycle long “asset wellness system” for your first chosen equipment. Having done all the hard work with establishing design engineering, supply chain, operating, and maintenance strategy and practices for maximize reliability on the first asset, it’s much simpler to do that for the second asset.

Step by step, one asset after the other, you begin slowly to change your company. Soon you build a track record of great success with Plant Wellness Way EAM. Your evidence is your own equipment performance changing from unsatisfactory at the start to world class at the end of the Plant Wellness Way EAM transition.

To learn how Plant Wellness Way EAM can get utmost reliability in your operation—simply ask an approved consultant. Our office details are noted in the Contact Us webpage.

All the very best to you,

Mike Sondalini | Lifetime Reliability Solutions | World Class Life Cycle Asset Management