5 Tips on Creating Fantastic Plant and Equipment Reliability the Plant Wellness Way

Manufactures and companies worldwide can cut wastes and lift productivity and return on investment with a guaranteed plant and equipment reliability improvement process.

With The Plant Wellness Way you will throw out your manuals, books and wrong thinking of your past production and maintenance methods. You replace them with a sure system and a whole new Game Plan for creating 100% guaranteed reliability improvement throughout your company and its operations.



Imagine your business without breakdowns, fewer spare parts in a smaller parts Store and lower operating costs everyday. All the while you enjoy world class reliability success that delivers outstanding plant availability in all of your operating plants. To get to this world you will need to Change the Game to one where you guarantee fantastic reliability success!

The Plant Wellness Way (PWW) to outstanding plant and equipment reliability is a game changing enterprise asset management methodology that shows you “How” to do the right work that brings lasting operational excellence. Companies can have fully documented operating systems and processes but still lose great fortunes to waste and losses. With PWW You discover and build the perfect design for your company asset management and maintenance management processes. You create a unique accuracy controlled Quality Management System to deliver you 100% guaranteed world class reliability results.



See three days of Plant Wellness Way training delivered in Charleston, USA. Discover how to ‘Change the Game’ of enterprise asset management and operational excellence.

The Day 1 videos are highly educational and provide a state-of-the-art understanding of what causes world class reliability and enterprise asset management success.

Day 2 and Day 3 contain the methods and explain exactly how you use the Plant Wellness Way to turn your company into a world class operation.

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You can also see 8 free short films on the Plant Wellness Way. These videos are only a few minutes long and give you the flavour of how PWW brings you lasting reliability and operational excellence success.


The Plant Wellness Way exposes years of traditional operational and maintenance practices that are wrong. The error prone procedures now used in companies have cost businesses fortunes year after year without their knowledge. It quickly adds up to a lot of lost money even if you lose a little here and a little there everywhere in your business. We invented The Plant Wellness Way to stop the financial bleeding in your operation by changing your world of reliability into an outstanding place where great plant and equipment availability is normal.

Below is list of five tips to get to the fortunes you can make with world class Plant Wellness reliability. These are the “How?” solutions that you use when you are a Plant Wellness Way site to get fantastic plant and equipment reliability.

1. “It’s the System, Stupid.”
The paraphrase of Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign theme, “It’s the economy, stupid.” is the right focus to take for reliability improvement. Everything belongs to many systems. Change one thing and you change numerous system performance and results. In the Plant Wellness Way system management and process control is vital. You build accuracy controlled processes so you know exactly what is going to happen with your business process behaviour.

Plant Wellness Way is a systems based solution

2. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
In the Plant Wellness Way you take a real close look at every process that you have and every activity in it to strip out all that is unnecessary. If a process step does not add value take it out. If there is anything in a process that adds time, cost or effort which can be made simpler, easier or faster, then do it. If you can combine many activities into fewer activities then do it. Cut, slash and burn all the rubbish and waste out of every single process step and work activity.

You do that because your business processes, your work processes, your machines and even your asset life cycles are long chains of steps. You cannot have successful outcomes if there are many opportunities for errors in every step of a process. Keep your processes short. Make your jobs simple. Keep control of your process step quality. It takes just one step to go wrong and the complete process fails!

Plant Wellness Way simplifies your business and work processes

3. Protect Your Processes from Human Beings

People make mistakes. We are error prone. The more complicated a task the greater the number of mistakes that must happen. Because we are an electrochemical machine made of flesh and bone we get sick, we tired, our muscles fatigue, we get distracted, we get angry, and as a consequence mistakes result. No one wants that to happen, errors are seldom done on purpose, but failure is still the result and consequential business-wide costs arise.

Human error is impossible to stop. You can minimise it with error proof techniques. But the best answer is to remove human beings from the opportunity to make mistakes. That is why modern commercial aircraft fly themselves—human pilots crash planes.

In Plant Wellness you identify where human beings are involved in your processes and protect your business from them. You use Visual Management. You use spoken audio procedures to replace written procedures and work instructions so people hear what they need to do. You use hand held computers with wireless connectivity to play video instructions and 3D animations so people can see the right way to do a task. You use computerisation to collect real time quality information and decision choices and compare it to acceptable standards so that your people have instant feedback on their performance. You use technology in smart ways to help your people do great work every time.

Plant Wellness Way protects you from the costs of mistakes and failure incidents

4. Get Your Machines into the Precision Domain
Precision Maintenance is used in the Plant Wellness Way to ensure plant and equipment is kept at the finest specifications so defects and failures are eliminated. Precision Maintenance rebuilds your machines and equipment to the high quality standards so that fewer problems occur during operation. Precision Maintenance is a matter of systematically ensuring the important things for equipment and machinery health are done right, and done rightly the first time.

There is no mystery as to why Precision Maintenance lets you make more, ship more, sell more and profit more, while doing it all at less cost—Precision Maintenance improves your machinery. That means that your machinery does not breakdown. It runs brilliantly for longer. Plant availability, throughput and productivity are maximised. You get more time to make more product, at less cost, to sell for more operating profit, using fewer people.

Plant Wellness Way need you to keep your machines in the precision domain


5. Demining Was Right—Control Process Results; Financial Results Follow
In the Plant Wellness Way you measure the important information. You use mostly leading indicators and only a few lagging indicators. You adopt the advice of the late quality expert, W. Edwards Deming, to measure and trend process behaviour. You make sure that your process inputs are right and your processes are in control. With the inputs right and the processes right what comes out at the end must be right too. In control and capable processes give you greatest operating profits.

The main business Key Performance Indicators collected in Plant Wellness are process distributions like the one below. You cannot hide the truth from outcome distribution plots. Everyone can see what is happening to your business once you plot its real performance.

Plant Wellness Way recovers your hidden factory and prevents a broken factory


The Plant Wellness Way is system of processes and tools for creating a 100% guaranteed reliability improvement throughout your whole company. Ask a Plant Wellness Licensed Consultant to show you how to collect the vast sums of money you are now leaving on the table. The Plant Wellness Way just CHANGED THE GAME of enterprise asset management because now you know exactly HOW to make great, new operating fortunes from your business.


My best regards to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ