Introduce the processes and system to deliver Operational Excellence and World Class Operational Results the Plant Wellness Way

Businesses wanting to improve asset management and maintenance management performance should immediately adopt Operational Excellence best-practice to recover the most value from their facilities, equipment and infrastructure.

Successful Operational Excellence requires a business-wide discipline full of powerful life cycle asset management methods that focus your efforts on doing what brings high productivity and lasting performance improvements to your operation.



What exactly is Operational Excellence?

There are a few critically valuable processes and practices you need to have in-place to get the best equipment uptime and high operating profit from physical assets. It requires a business-wide discipline covering the whole asset management life cycle if you want to surely get continuous high productivity improvement and world class operational performance in a company.

Operational Excellence is the name given for that level of outstanding business performance.

Once you focus your maintenance methods and operating practices on defect removal and failure elimination in every phase of your plant and equipment life-cycle, you intentionally make your business processes and production equipment more and more reliable in ways that turn organisations into world-class operations.


Get Operational Excellence the Plant Wellness Way


Your company needs to discover how to build the business processes and practices that keep your operating costs low and the productivity high from your operating assets. You want to build a life cycle asset management system that:

  1. makes plant and equipment run consistently at highest availability,
  2. produces at full capacity with 100% first-pass-quality,
  3. delivers the most operating profit and ensures you will get it,
  4. reduces production costs and wastes,
  5. gets utmost throughput from existing production plant, and
  6. ensures high productivity is inevitable.



See three days of Plant Wellness Way (PWW) training delivered in Charleston, USA. Discover how to ‘Change the Game’ of enterprise asset management and operational excellence.

The Day 1 videos are highly educational and provide a state-of-the-art understanding of what causes world class reliability and enterprise asset management success.

Day 2 and Day 3 contain the methods and explain exactly how you use the Plant Wellness Way to turn your company into a world class operation.

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You can also see 8 free short films on the Plant Wellness Way. These videos are only a few minutes long and give you the flavour of how PWW brings you lasting reliability and operational excellence success.


It is vital that you focus clearly on doing those activities that really create a world class enterprise asset management system and that drive world class plant and equipment performance. Understanding how you intentionally make your business processes and production equipment more and more reliable turns average organisations into world-class organisations.

You need to find out how to deliver lower production costs and higher profit margins by:

  • controlling the inherent variability in both business and operating processes to within designated limits,
  • managing risk by reducing the likelihood of adverse incidents, along with minimising their consequences,
  • using failure preventing quality standards throughout your plant and equipment lifetime, including capital equipment acquisition and installation,
  • stopping human error by ensuring the accuracy and precision of human activity and intervention, and
  • minimising total life cycle costs with proactive spreadsheet modelling of what robs your operating profit.

Your Operational Excellence solution will need to encompass key elements of systems engineering, reliability engineering, maintenance management, operational management, risk management, industrial engineering and be soundly guided by sound financial management practices. The three areas to focus on that surely improve production plant and equipment performance are:

  1. Equipment Reliability: The fundamentals and understandings of what drives machine reliability. You must include the critical concepts that get the most out of your operating plant’s performance. Important issues, such as maximising series process reliability, reducing operating risk with chance reduction strategies and not only focusing on consequence reduction strategies, grasping the implications of the ‘Physics of Failure’ when considering parts replacement and equipment purchases, and when to proactively apply reliability engineering on your equipment.
  2. Parts Level Maintenance Strategy:/ Knowledge on the quality standards, component risk strategies and right methods to use to sustain high reliability of your operating equipment is vital. You need to apply a proactive, life cycle operational risk management model in your business. You want to build holistic, business system-wide maintenance plans containing the fewest actions, the simplest equipment monitoring and the most powerful continual improvement strategies necessary to create the safe, sure, high reliability, low maintenance costs and full production you want. (This holistic, business-wide plan is perhaps the most important document that you will create in the life of your operation.)
  3. Asset Life-Cycle Management: Core factors critical to successfully build and run operations for high reliability and availability must be built into your company DNA. Including the best way to maximise life cycle profits, identifying and using the systems and practices that produce most benefit for your operation, and powerful ways to involve and motivate your workforce to produce great results. You want to combine the best reliability and maintenance knowledge into a lifetime strategy for your plant and equipment that moves your business toward top-class performance and keeps it there. You want to create Operational Excellence.

You want to know exactly how to ensure that your machines last longer, that production quality is maintained and that delivery schedules are surely met. In short, you want to know how to get Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence requires the best enterprise asset management and maintenance management processes that prevent equipment failure. Design your business systems and business processes to produce the right reliability and operational outcomes. Use the right principles and the proper practices of successful operational asset maintenance and reliability so that you bring best practice life cycle asset and maintenance management solutions into your organisation. Do that and you will naturally deliver healthy plant and equipment forevermore—you will become an Operational Excellence company too.

To get to Operational Excellence performance fast your company needs the correct guidance to build the most effective financial, operational and maintenance processes. Get our advice with a quick phone call to our office, or send an email to me. Be sure you start down the right path to world class operational performance and then stay on it.


My best regards to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ