94% of your operational performance depends totally on your business process design

Design new life cycle and business processes so your operation flows easier, simpler, faster, and much more profitably

Get the competitive business you want with an effective, efficient, powerful business process design streamlined for outstanding productivity

There are hugely profitable opportunities to improve your business results by changing your business process design.


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To get maximum operating profits month-after-month, year-in-and-year-out, an industrial operation has to have life-cycle and business processes that are the most effective and efficient.
Such business performance needs organizational processes and methods properly designed and built to make the operation run brilliantly and continually improve its performance.
The errors, wastes and excesses you see in your business result from your business system design. The late quality guru, W. Edwards Deming saw the problem. He said, “Your business is perfectly designed to deliver the results that you get.” Deming was warning us that all your business, operational and maintenance problems are caused by the design of your company systems and its business processes.
Your business process design ought to naturally lower operating risk, reduce maintenance costs, increase production throughput, lift plant and equipment uptime, and boost your operating profits.

Stop Your Industrial Business Production Problems and Create a Simple, Highly Efficient and Effective Business by Design

Get successful business solutions incorporating world class business management processes and performance into your business. Streamline and simplify your organisation and its operation. Lock new operational success into your business DNA and ensure new operating triumphs are sustained forevermore. Put the best answers into your operation with world class business process design solutions that eliminate your business process problems.
We use the Plant Wellness Way to rapidly improve an enterprise’s processes and system. The image below shows you the business benefits of using the Plant Wellness Way to generate maximum operating profits.

How the Plant Wellness Way generates new profits now hidden in your business

The outside distribution curve in the image represents the current range of outputs from a business. Dead centre is optimal quality and cost. It’s the quality you need for the least cost—nothing more and nothing less. To the right is money spent unnecessarily on excess quality, such as using complicated procedures when there are lower-cost options. To the left is poor and bad quality, like scrap and rework. Outlier results way-out on either side would be terribly expensive outcomes for your business.
What the Plant Wellness Way does for your company is drive the existing performance closer and closer to the optimal. More and more of your production is ideal. Your operational performance becomes the red distribution curve hugging the Optimal result. Because all your production is now just-right, the moneys that were wasted and lost to problems and excess quality immediately become new operating profits.

The Closer You Get to Your Optimal Business Process Design the More Operating Profit You Must Make

There are huge operating fortunes waiting for you to collect simply by getting your business process design right!
Using the Plant Wellness Way to change your business process design quickly increases your operational profit. It slashes your maintenance costs. It stops your work quality problems. Iit ensures that you get much more productivity from your operation. Its secret is in how it puts the best world class life cycle, business, operational and reliability processes into your company. The methodology lets you design a business that is highly productive and delivers maximum operating profits.
Use the Plant Wellness Way and you’ll create the optimal business process design that:

  1. Maximizes each business process step profit contribution
  2. Reduces operational costs and losses in every production step
  3. Uses defect elimination and failure prevention systems and processes
  4. Removes Production, Operational and Equipment risk from your business
  5. Imbeds continuous improvement in your business practices
  6. Introduces effective business process improvement methods and tools into your operation

Your business is designed to lower operating risk, reduce its maintenance costs, increase production throughput, lift plant and equipment uptime, and consequently boosts its operating profits.
You can now quickly get improved productivity and new operating profits by using the Plant Wellness Way. The methodology gets you developing a powerful business process design that maximizes the success of your business life cycle and the organization. Telephone or email us to start improving your future and get the higher efficiency and productivity you want. Follow this link to the Contact Us page.
All the best to you,
Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ


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