Get lowest maintenance cost, outstanding reliability and world class production from lifecycle Enterprise Asset Management

Highly reliable plant and equipment result from integrated life cycle enterprise asset management processes—you’ll guarantee low operating costs and high production success.

LRS EAM Consultants solve operations and maintenance problems and bring you high reliability. LRS Global combines Lean Consulting, Business System Improvement Consulting, and Reliability Maintenance Consulting into sure operational success for you.

A successful enterprise asset management solution must deliver you world class production and operational asset performance.
It must bring you integrated business processes that deliver maximum life cycle profits from your operational assets.
A truly successful enterprise asset management solution gets greater operational equipment efficiency and maximum productivity by

  1. Optimising Life Cycle Profits and Minimising Life Cycle Costs
  2. Applying proactive Enterprise Asset Management Processes during Project Design
  3. Using Defect Elimination Systems that Protect Your Industrial Plant Assets
  4. Removing Production, Operational and Equipment Risk
  5. Introducing Continuous Improvement in Equipment Reliability Growth
  6. Making World Best Enterprise Asset Management the Standard Practice in Your Operation

You want greatly improved productivity from your existing enterprise asset management processes, and so do we. Great productivity improvements are possible in your operation without spending money on more capital.
By working to improve your enterprise asset management and maintenance processes you ensure that you get phenomenal returns on investment. Smart, simple solutions that rapidly create operational excellence and higher productivity from your operating plant and equipment is what you want.
With us as your Enterprise Asset Management Consultants that is exactly what you will get. You gain all our extensive, expert industry and industrial business improvement experience for your operation.

Get the Best, Most Successful Industry and Enterprise Asset Management Solutions into Your Business

As your specialist industrial asset management consultants our expertise is totally focused on improving the performance of your business. When you use LRS Enterprise Asset Management Consulting services we pour all our world class industry asset management knowledge and deep understanding of enterprise asset maintenance processes into your company.
Our job is to guarantee you get a powerful, fully integrated, life cycle asset management solution. To be sure to do that, your LRS Enterprise Asset Management Consultants uses the unique and innovative Plant and Equipment Wellness approach to identify opportunities to bring new production successes into your operation.
Expect greatly improved business asset management processes. The Plant Wellness Way asset management methodology allows us to spot a vast range of valuable improvements. The better business processes you get include improved operational risk management, maintenance management, supply chain management, total quality management, employee and management skills development, statistical process control, information technology and reliability engineering. With the Plant Wellness Way you get the best business-wide enterprise asset management methodology that shows you how to maximises your life cycle profits.
Increasing your operating asset productivity and achieving high operational equipment efficiency and production performance is what LRS Enterprise Asset Management Consultants do for you. Your engineering asset management performance will clearly improve. You get tailored proposals specific to your business needs—you can even ask us to take your operation to world class engineering asset management performance.

You Will Collect All the Operational Fortunes that are Now Hidden in Your Business—Guaranteed!

Like you, we know that WORDS ARE CHEAP; IT IS RESULTS THAT MATTER. We guarantee that if you do not see a lift in operational performance up to the levels you asked us to deliver; if you are not content with the results after your enterprise asset management improvement project is completed, we will continue free of charge until you are fully satisfied.
Change your enterprise asset management processes and deliver certain world-class asset maintenance management and operational performance improvement. Use LRS Enterprise Asset Management Consultants expertise and you will assure those results.
Find-out how you build a big competitive advantage with the best enterprise asset and maintenance management processes that always deliver world-class operational excellence from your business. Follow this link and Contact Us today by phone or email.

My best regards to you,
Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ