When You Use Plant Wellness Way EAM Methodology You Get World Class Reliable Assets While Developing a Fully Compliant ISO 55001 Asset Management System

We are your consultant, coach, guide and teacher in enterprise asset management systems designed and built the Plant Wellness Way

Executives and Managers work with Lifetime Reliability Solutions Consultants to design a world class EAM system that profits your business and gets certification to ISO 55001

The EAM Consultants who deliver World Class Plant and Equipment Reliability and an ISO 55001 Asset Management System for ISO 55001 Certification


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Developing a world class enterprise asset management system for your company is a difficult and demanding process.
Selecting an asset management consultant with the competence, insights and skills to design and build your enterprise asset management system is confusing and worrying. But it’s a vitally important decision to get right. The size of your company’s future success and profits depend on it.
The complexity and confusion is removed by working with an enterprise asset management specialist. The best EAM specialists leave nothing to chance and follow a simple, effective enterprise asset management methodology to design, develop and build outstanding life cycle asset management systems. As they construct your EAM system they also ensure it is fully ISO 55001 compliant and will get ISO 55001 certification.
Team-up with us and you get a successful, highly effective enterprise asset management system put into use in your company. It’ll ensure you make more operating profits, while being totally ISO 55001 asset management compliant.
When you want a world class EAM system the biggest advantage you get from us is certainty of a successful result. You will have a world class enertprise asset management system in your company. You achieve ISO 55001 certification most quickly with the least effort. You get a comprehensive, highly effective, ISO 55001 compliant enterprise asset management (EAM) system guaranteed.
If you’re doing a ISO 55001 certification project our asset management specialists will help you complete it in less than half the time it takes your own people working alone. It is your least cost option because there won’t be any wasted time, no dead-end attempts, no pointless documents written with no value, no running about in circles because ISO 55001 standard clauses were misinterpreted. Work with an LRS Consultants enterprise asset management expert and you get expert EAM solutions.
When you get our expert EAM Consultants you save time and money. We use a structured EAM methodology and proven asset management system design techniques. Every clause of the ISO 55001 asset management standard is thoroughly addressed. You get a world class enterprise asset management system that easily achieves ISO 55001 certification.
Every EAM system we build, or we help you to design and develop, makes more money and profit. That’s because we use the world class Plant Wellness Way asset management methodology to design and develop your asset management system. Since you adopt and follow a world class asset management methodology you naturally get world class EAM solutions used in your operation.
If you already have highly knowledgable asset management specialists in your ISO 55001 EAM system development team then we teach and guide them in the Plant Wellness Way asset management methodology. Later we work with them as their coach and mentor so they use the EAM methodology correctly without wasting time and effort.
When you don’t have asset management specialists in your company you can get us to run and manage the whole ISO 55001 certification project for you. We include your people into our team so they learn the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. They will know how to maintain your new ISO 55001 asset management system and continually improve it in future with the Plant Wellness Way methods they master.
By chosing to consult with us you automatically get our world class enterprise asset management consultant solutions. You use our successful proprietary maintenance, reliability and asset management process design methods and tools in your company. You and your people are coached and taught to use a world class EAM methodology by a Plant Wellness Way asset management specialist.
You’re welcome to read an overview and explanation of the Plant Wellness Way at this webpage: Explanation of Plant and Equipment Wellness method for enterprise asset management design, development and construction. You can also download a free PDF copy of the Plant and Equipment Wellness book to read by completing the form at this webpage: Request a free Plant and Equipment Wellness PDF book.
When the time arrives to chose an enterprise asset management specialist remember LRS Consultants. We are far more than EAM experts, we are also a coach, guide and teacher for you and your people. We have a renown EAM methodology that delivers both world class asset management results and a ISO 55001 asset management system ready for ISO 55001 certification.
You are bound to have many questions about using us as your enterprise asset management consultants. You may have questions about the Plant Wellness Way asset management methodology. You are welcome to email or phone us with your questions. Follow this link and select an LRS Consultant from the Contact Us webpage.
All the best to you,
Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ