Truly successful maintenance audits show you where your maintenance performance lets you down and why.

Discover new solutions to your problems and maximize your maintenance performance with comprehensive, insightful Maintenance Audits and Maintenance Management Audits of your maintenance system, processes and practices

Stop Operations and Maintenance Problems. LRS Global combines Reliability Maintenance Consultant, Lean Consultant, ISO 9001 Quality Consulting into powerful new solutions.

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Our maintenance audits and maintenance reviews are different to every other maintenance consultants audit because we provide process capability information on your maintenance processes.
Maintenance Audits are a huge waste of your time and money if they do not help you to clearly improve your maintenance performance.
Unless your maintenance audit finds your true maintenance system problems AND THEIR ROOT CAUSES your maintenance audit will sit on the shelf because it is useless for maintenance process improvement.
Click this link to read about the LRS Maintenance Audit and Maintenance Review philosophy.
You do a maintenance audit when you need to improve key aspects of your maintenance performance. The results of the maintenance audit are a vital part of your plans for improving your future maintenance performance. Your maintenance audit must reveal valuable details about the causes of your current maintenance results. Otherwise how do you know what changes are important to make to improve your maintenance performance and maintenance outcomes?
Your maintenance audit MUST identify the problems in your asset management systems and maintenance processes, and it must identify their causes, so that you know exactly what to change in your maintenance processes, and you know exactly the right maintenance solutions to use to fix your maintenance problems.
A maintenance audit or maintenance management audit that does not give your the causes of your maintenance process problems is a total waste of time and deserves to be put in the bin, not on the shelf.

A maintenance audit that will not sit on the shelf collecting dust because it is a road map to your lasting maintenance success

We apply Lean Six Sigma analysis to your maintenance process results and give you powerful insights on why you get the maintenance performance that you do. From us you get more than just a maintenance audit highlighting your maintenance problems; you get the details on the causes and the information to plan and chart a clear path to better maintenance performance and results in your operation.
When conducting your maintenance audit or maintenance management audit we use a systematic approach to develop a thorough audit questionnaire and checklist so that no detail is missed. Your plant maintenance audit is done to best-practice auditing standards following internationally recognised auditing practices.
See an example of the insightful report and process capability content that your maintenance audit report contains by clicking this link Example of a LRS Maintenance Audit Report.
You get a thorough investigation of your maintenance systems, processes and practices. You are thoroughly briefed about all the options available to you that will improve your operation’s maintenance performance. From this in-depth analysis and sound maintenance review you draw together a practical and believable strategy with good plans to improve your maintenance process results.
You get all the important information you need to lift your maintenance performance. You will see new ways to use your existing resources to improve your maintenance processes. You get a maintenance audit document that not only compares your maintenance system against best practice, but provides you with powerful answers to move your operation towards world class maintenance performance.

A maintenance audit used to develop maintenance strategy and maintenance plans for reliable maintenance processes to rapidly take you to world class maintenance performance

here will be no unrealistic proposals: we will not do that to you. We will not leave you with a maintenance audit full of suggestions that will not work for you in your situation.
Our maintenance audit will let you refocus your maintenance system and process development with concrete data and facts that makes it clear where you have opportunity to rapidly improve.
At the completion of your plant maintenance audit or maintenance management audit you get a complete audit report indicating your current standing against best maintenance requirements. Your maintenance process problems will be clearly shown. You will have all the information you need to identify the correct maintenance management systems process changes and the necessary methods, disciplines and skills that your operation needs to get the maintenance performance you want.
With the maintenance audit results you can chart line-of-sight plans to take your operation to higher level of maintenance performance. You will be in a sound position to confidently decide which changes to make in operational and maintenance practices that will surely lift maintenance performance.
We can audit to a range of maintenance management standards and/or risk management standards and models, such as: PAS 55, with its 21-point requirements specification for optimised and whole-life asset management systems – your own industry’s best practices models – our own Plant and Equipment Wellness ‘People, Processes, Culture, Capital’ engineering asset management model – AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management – ISO 9001 Quality Management System – OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System – or to particular requirements you have for your operation.

A maintenance audit you use to lower maintenance costs, reduce breakdowns, and introduce the best maintenance practices that stop your maintenance problems

You will have all the information and facts from your maintenance audit to adopt proactive, best-practice maintenance management and deliver lower maintenance costs, higher equipment reliability, and produce maximum plant availability and uptime that makes more operating profit.
If you have problems with your maintenance system, processes or practices ask us to do a maintenance audit or maintenance management audit. Call us now to help you map a clear path to from where you are today to the higher maintenance performance that you want in future.
Move quickly so you can have great answers to improve your maintenance results soon. Get our details from the Contact Us page and ring or email now. Call us do a maintenance audit immediately so you get all the information you need to develop powerful plans that are guaranteed to move your operation toward world class maintenance performance.
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