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Free articles and white papers on Industrial and Plant Maintenance Engineering Problems and Solutions


  1. Air Mover and Air Amplifier Problems.
  2. Acid Sparge And Acid Sparging.
  3. Highly Reliable Cyclo-Drive Gearboxes With Grease Lubrication.
  4. Process Instruments For Difficult And Corrosive Environments.
  5. Bucket Elevator Shaft Seal Design Quadruples Bearing Life.
  6. Pressure Flange Seal For Liquid Filter Pressure Vessel.
  7. Split And Clamped Mounting Hub For Shaft Attachments.
  8. Two Methods Of Quick Mating Part Location And Alignment.
  9. How Mother Nature And Father Time Created Reliability And Availability.
  10. Use Of Iso-corrosion Curve Diagrams To Recognise High Corrosion Situations.
  11. Cheap Way To High Pumping Circuit Availability.
  12. Road Tanker Design For Fast Unloading And Onshore Pump Drain Tank.
  13. Pumping Abrasives With Progressive Cavity, Helical Rotor, Eccentric Screw Pumps.
  14. Getting High Electric Motor Reliability.
  15. When To Use Stainless And Alloy Steel In Place Of Plastic Or Carbon Steel.
  16. The Galvanic Corrosion Piping Trap!
  17. Screw Conveyor Auger Shaft Mid-Point Break.
  18. Screw Conveyor Auger Shaft Drive End Break.
  19. Extreme Wear on the Back Plate of Centrifugal Pumps.


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