A Tremendously Effective Strategy and Plan for Maintenance Department Performance Improvement

A Generic Maintenance Performance Improvement Strategy for any Maintenance Department

Extremely effective approach to investigate and propose how to get utmost maintenance performance improvement for any maintenance group



“I have been tasked with getting maintenance performance improvement and delivering top class results from our Maintenance Department.

We are a road transport authority with a range of infrastructure types, like buildings, bus depots, warehouses, bus shelters, etc.

I am seeking guidance to provide our management with a maintenance performance improvement plan showing the way forward for our organisation.

It is necessary that I make a small presentation showing how maintenance performance improvement will be achieved.

There needs to be clear and indisputable benefits of applying the strategy so our management willingly assign the resources and finance to improve the maintenance department.”



Dear Mohamed,

We happily provide the following generic set of PowerPoint slides explaining how LRS Consultants improve a maintenance organization’s performance.

You are welcome to use them to show your senior managers how to go about lifting your Maintenance Department’s performance. It requires a complete review of the Maintenance Department and how it now operates so we can provide the right suite of solutions for maintenance performance improvement.

Only after we visit the Maintenance Department and trace through all its various activities can we give you the right answers for improving it. First we must analyze the current state situation and then we can develop a future state solution, including addressing its successful implementation.

Typically, organizations of your size require two of our people onsite for ten working days to collect all the information we need. Following the site visit they require a further 10-15 working days to analyze the information. Finally, they need 10-12 workdays to write a comprehensive report explaining the findings and advising what to do to get the performance required from your Maintenance Department.

In order to determine the full scope-of-work and give you a reliable costing we need to visit your organization for three days to do a preliminary review. After which we provide a full proposal to address the total scope of work.

For all the Maintenance Department process analyses, maintenance strategy development, and maintenance performance improvement solutions we only use the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. We do not use the traditional approaches offered by other consultants since they do not work for the long-term. I’m sure your organization already uses and does what everyone else in your industry uses and does. To change and become a top class success you must start using only truly effective answers and methods. That is what the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology always delivers.

Please let me know if you have any questions with regards the above.

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