Pressure Flange Seal For Liquid Filter Pressure Vessel


Pressure Flange Seal For Liquid Filter Pressure Vessel. When a leak occurs between pressure flanges and the arrangement cannot be successfully sealed, it is necessary to change the sealing design. This article explains a successful modification done to the lid and body flanges of a vertical pressure leaf filter used to remove particulate from a liquid stream. It incorporates a ‘tongue and groove’ sealing arrangement, with the ‘tongue’ in the lid flange and the recess in the filter body flange.

Keywords: pressurised filter vessel seal, tongue & groove seal, no leakage flange seal, pressure actuated seal

Below is a sketch of a pressure flange arrangement that stopped product leaking from the lid to body seal of a vertical pressure leaf filter. The flange seal design originally used was a pressure actuated seal, which incorperated a flap projecting from the seal that was supposedly pushed against the lid by the filter pressure. Unfortunately the liquid got under the flap and equalised the pressure on both sides and the flap no longer acted to seal.

This design was chosen because it is so simple and reliable. The ‘tongue’ pushes the seal to the bottom of the groove recess and the seal is made by compression of the sealing material. The seal material is a simple shape, and not a proprietary design. It can be brought from numerous suppliers and so purchase costs are low and supply is plentiful.

Its method of operation is easily understood by operators and maintainers and no special knowledge is required for its successful use.


Pressure Flange Seal For Liquid Filter Pressure Vessel


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