The powerful Plant Wellness Way industrial enterprise asset management solution lets you make staggering profits from your operation.

Discover how to make all your production more profitably than you ever dreamed was possible.


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The production and maintenance strategies and techniques most people use today have not kept pace with the times. They still use methods based on concepts and practices that were around in the 1980’s and 1990’s, but which now fail miserably.
The worst losses in manufacturing businesses and production operations are in their production plants.
You need to quickly and easily get rid of those painful production and maintenance stumbling blocks that hold you back from delivering record production results.
The reason industrial operations get such horrible results is directly connected to the asset management strategy they use and how they run and maintain the plant and equipment.
One thing that is a sure bet! If what you are doing now is not producing the kind of profits and results you need; you surely will not do any better in future until you change to a better system of business.

Discover the Most Powerful Industrial Operations, Maintenance and Reliability Success Strategies to Use

See what more CEOs, Executives and Managers can do to improve maintenance and operating processes and get Operational Excellence performance.
Read Enterprise Asset Management Success the Plant Wellness Way for CEOs and Executives and learn of the reliability improvement strategies that LRS Global Maintenance Consultants bring to your business. (2.2 MB PDF document)



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This is where a Maximum Profit Production System comes in. This system-of-operation is a direct ticket to restructuring your production for maximum profit—the type of restructuring that will produce astounding jumps in your production performance and make record operating profits in record time.
The new initiatives you adopt improve plant uptime. Such successes as reducing roller bearing failures by 1200% per year on bulk materials handling equipment. Pump mechanical seal failures dropping 667% per year. Production equipment availability up from 85% to 95% in six months are normal outcomes.
You could enjoy similar, or even better results. Maximum Profit Production will give you the new tools you need to get ahead now and stay ahead in the future.

Start Boosting Your Production Performance Right Away

Most production systems use old, rehashed operations management techniques from twenty years ago, and older. They were written by academics based on classroom teaching and theories never proven to work. What is so different with Maximum Profit Production is it consists completely of tested and proven production strategies and techniques proven extremely profitable in the workplace!
Maximum Profit Production has been designed to make sure you increase your production results and profits in the shortest time possible. Every strategy and method can be put into action immediately. This system will show you the ‘why, what and how to do’ without wasting a minute of valuable production time.
Here is a list of just some of the powerful advantages you’ll gain from using this lifecycle system solution:

  1. Profit from using key secrets of Maximum Profit Production. These are high-value, proven ‘new rules’ of highly cost-effective production you can start using immediately to boost productivity and profitability. Once you kick them into gear you’ll have so much production, your competitors won’t know what happened!
  2. Imbed powerful techniques to get more output than you have ever had. For most manufacturers maintaining high plant availability and 100% rated throughput for long is nearly impossible. You’ll put an end to that in short order. Find out how to turn maintenance into an extremely lucrative profit centre. Plus, you get a powerful method for identifying your most costly problems and getting the money to get rid of them.
  3. Get regular, consistent production with an ingenious yet simple way to do your maintenance. This could easily be the most exciting, proven-in-the-trenches technique you will ever discover. You will use fully documented details of several methods that produce outrageously profitable production performance using a powerful, little known way to maximise the value from your plant and equipment maintenance. This system will show you precisely how to consistently make the most profit possible from every production dollar spent.
  4. The closely guarded secrets for planning production so that all the maintenance is successfully done. This is a simple, low-cost, money-saving method for slotting maintenance work into production plans seamlessly. A number of highly skilled and able production people who have used these methods were shocked to find out how little they knew about the power of well planned maintenance. Some have said this one point alone was the catalyst for a major restructure in their production planning practices.
  5. Gain a 10-minute method that will boost performance to record heights. This ingenious technique uses a new twist on key performance indicators to totally focus effort.
  6. The secret of making big profits from production by developing the ideal operating procedure. This practical, inexpensive method shows you how to develop ridiculously sound and accurate procedures. This sure-fire process guarantees that you will get phenomenal performance from every person and turn them into winners!
  7. Find out precisely how to get all the information you’ll ever need to run your production equipment perfectly and outperform all your competitors. Discover simple, quick and easy ways to get the right answers to all your production plant questions. You’ll find out how to simply determine how much production you can really put through in a day. And how to use that information to kick your profits into overdrive.
  8. Boost your production profits with the ‘Asset Management Cycle’. Studies have shown that organisations miss out on continual high production performance over the life of their operation. That’s because most companies work their plant without thinking long-term. If you produce your products this way you’re missing out n an immense, untapped resource. ‘Asset Management Cycle’ is a simple, inexpensive way to guide your operation up the performance ladder from being reactive to proactive. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how disarmingly simple and non-intrusive this method is. Your potential to increase profits from this technique alone is staggering.
  9. Prevent the horrendous truth about maintenance work quality that most maintenance jobs drain the cash out of your business. There are dirty tricks maintainers do to sucker you into thinking your equipment is fine. You’ll discover how to turn this around and reap enormous profits from the maintenance you do. Plus you’ll find out how to get enormously profitable by doing what the best maintainers do.
  10. You will avoid huge financial disasters. WARNING: One seemingly innocent decision can floor your production plans and put you out of business very quickly. Learn how to identify it and make the one crucial change that will make all the difference to production success.
  11. Discover how to maximise your profits and production through using Precision Maintenance skills. The real money in production comes from simple, right-first-time systems you use over and over to get predictable, highly reliable equipment. This is one of the least understood aspects of having incredibly high production performance. You’ll gain a complete understanding of how and why these systems produce exceptional equipment performance day in day out.
  12. You’ll get all the details of the highly effective maintenance management methods. Plus, you’ll get complete instructions on how to set-up the system-of-maintenance management you need to produce automatic top performance 24 hours a day from your maintenance crews—whether you are at work, away on vacation, or at home asleep.
  13. Avoid costly mistakes and make your production tremendously more profitable by stopping the 15 worst errors companies make in production. Make sure these mistakes don’t rob you of all the operating profits you’re entitled to.
  14. Gain more profit from your problems and troubles. You master a simple, fast-acting technique that turns customer complaints and lost production into big profits for your business. Plus get crucial information on how you can ‘fail successfully’. Anyone in production and maintenance who tells you they don’t make mistakes is either an amateur or a liar. The key is to learn from your failures and apply that knowledge to turning out winners. You will learn how.
  15. Use the ‘Maximum Profit Power Principle’. Most operations don’t perform well not because they don’t understand how to make their product, they perform poorly because they don’t understand where their money is really going. This proven technique shows where the profits are really disappearing and how to precisely stop the losses and get them back straight away.
  16. You will be taught how to boost your operating profits in record time with a ‘4-Step Production Turn-Around’. This has to be the fastest, easiest way to turn any company’s production performance around. This formula is so simple and foolproof, most business managers can’t believe they never thought of it themselves.
  17. Stop the single most damaging myth everyone still believes about production. Huge sums of money are being lost every day in businesses. This incredibly dangerous myth can put you out of business in short order. But if you recognise it and understand a few simple steps for turning it around, the profits is nearly unlimited.
  18. Double your success rate with an ingenious ‘right-first-time’ technique. You’ll get a simple, foolproof way to predetermine whether any changes you’re considering will be a failure in the making or a success—before you ever invest a cent in it!
  19. Learn how to make certain your operators and maintenance crews immediately work at their top performance rate. There are dozens of human resources claims telling you how to get the most out of your employees. Only 3 of them really work! This information alone can put thousands of dollars of extra profit into the coffers every day.
  20. Reap huge profit from an auto-pilot maintenance system that delivers uptime like crazy. Discover a simple, dignified way to get support from everyone in the department that swamps you with more sound, money-saving ideas for improvement than you can handle.
  21. Win big with this instant operating profit generator. A simple, five-minute change in your production performance measurement can result in delivering hidden windfall profits. Once you know exactly how and when to make this change, the sky’s the limit
  22. Gain credibility and use the crucial factor in making successful changes in your production and maintenance practises. How to effectively present your ideas to get all the credibility you need. Plus how to use other company’s successes to sell people on your production improvement ideas.
  23. Get a war-chest of ingenious physical asset management ‘trade secrets’. These are the best, most closely guarded secrets of master industrial asset managers. Used to vastly outperform their competition time and time again. Once you see these powerful techniques, you’ll wonder why production departments don’t instruct their people to use them all the time. (The answer to that is simple. Only people who master enterprise asset management know these techniques exist!)

With this complete operational excellence system you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running and start racking up staggering successes one after the other. The production profit boosts you will deliver, and deliver, and deliver, will catch everyone’s attention.
If you’re serious about finding new ways to boost operating profits from your production and maintenance efforts take action now. Take giant steps forward in improving your production plant productivity.
Take control of you productivity and profit with a production boosting Plant Wellness Way Maximum Profit Production System. It’s an easy system to put into action. You will shortly be making the most operating profits for the least production effort and expense. Once new profits start rolling-in there will be no turning back! Your only regret will be that you didn’t discover this system many years ago!
Get new, lasting operations successes and high production profit margins with a phone call or an email. Find your nearest LRS Global Industrial Operations and Maintenance Consultant and ask them what you can do to get world class production results.

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