Discover what is important to focus on when making organizational changes for world class enterprise asset management that drives world class plant and equipment reliability

Leaders will be making organisational changes to introduce Plant Wellness Way EAM strategy and solutions into a company. They need means and methods to guide and positively help their people do the improvements in productivity and performance that will create a world class operation

Making organizational changes hardly ever works when forced onto people. We need the opportunity to accept it for ourselves. You have to work with human nature, not against it. Folks don’t respond positively to being pushed around. That means letting people discover new ways for themselves. Once they find-out how to do a thing better, and are encouraged by their supervisors, they are highly likely to adopt the change and make it a natural part of doing their work. It needs a workplace change management process where people welcome innovation and positively support it.

PEW/PWW EAM Course Day 3 – Reliability Creation Session 20 – Making Organizational Changes
Duration 2:15

Eight Stages of Organizational Change
Duration 6:34

1 Push urgency up… world is changed… vital to change with it
2 Put together a guiding team… able, trustworthy, with formal authority
3 Create the vision and strategies… simple, clear, uplifting vision
4 Effectively communicate the vision and strategies… heartfelt, simple messages through many channels
5 Remove barriers to action… take away any stumbling blocks
6 Accomplish short-term wins… start with what will be successful
7 Keep pushing for wave after wave of change until the work is done… keep the momentum going with more successes
8 Create a new culture to make new behaviour stick… new norms, shared values and lasting organisational support

Quotes from … Solomon Maintenance Practice Analyses
Duration 3:56

Solomon Associates conduct international benchmark studies for various industries. These quotations are from a study conducted into the oil refinery business at the start of the 21st century.

The quotes support the value and importance of having a ‘reliability culture’ as part of the normal way business is done in your company.

Developing the Plant Wellness Mindset
Duration 3:58

If the future is to be one where teams of experts work together, the old ways will need to be left behind The ‘Change to Win Cycle’ program brings people together to work-out what they need to do in their workplace to change it for the better. Though the culture does not immediately change, the ‘best practice’ is still put into use and people are trained in it. As people use it, and see for themselves that it produces better results, their mind accepts that the new way is better, and so they come to believe in the change. That process of first proving, and then believing, is called ‘cognitive dissonance’.

Need to Develop Your Change Route Map
Duration 2:07

The making organizational changes ‘map’ will provide direction for the project and be used to explain the project to people in the organization, but the details will need to be in another document.

Planning Change: Change Management Matrix
Duration 3:23

Use this matrix to work-out where your starting point is. You want to take the operation to the top of the top row in each column using two or three stages. Each stage becomes part of the ‘route map’ that first needs to be developed and guides the preparations performed prior to making changes in the workplace.

Change Management Requirements
Duration 2:24

The bullet points from the ‘Change Management Matrix’ become the requirements and actions to be undertaken and achieved as the plan unfolds when making organizational changes to ‘normal business practice’.

Taking Plant Wellness into the Organization
Duration 3:12

‘Change To Win’ is a structured change management program used to introduce needed changes, best practices and innovative improvements into an organisation. A ‘Change To Win’ team consisting of managers, supervisors and people from the workplace is assembled to implement the changes and is responsible to plan how the organisation will adopt the changes, to trial them and then implement them into standard practice.

The ‘Change To Win’ process is not used for problem solving, though it can be adapted to do so. It is a behaviour change process that improves business performance by introducing and integrating higher standards of performance into business processes. It is used for making organizational changes in the way things are done in a company by introducing better practices into the workplace. You would use the ‘Change To Win’ program to bring your industry’s, or other industry’s, best practices into your organisation. Examples are introducing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) into Operations; introducing Lean Manufacturing into a manufacturer; introducing a new software system into a business; introducing an ISO9001 quality system into a company and introducing a 5S good workplace habits program into a factory or office.

Processes – Culture – People – Capital
Duration 2:06

Steps to becoming the best of the best…
Duration 0:55

PEW/PWW Identifies What to Do, How to Do It and Where to Embed Right Actions to Sustain Reliability Forevermore | The Plant and Equipment Wellness Way
Duration 3:36

Asset Maintenance Management the PWW – Profit-Focused, Ultra-High Reliability
Duration 10:21

Your maintenance methodology and practices need to progress to including the additional stages shown in the slide, if you want to get ultra-high reliability from your plant and equipment. Risk management and Quality Management needs to be woven into everything done in maintenance.

The added boxes are the natural requirements for the progressive businesses of the future. Costs are continually driven-out of the business by people with a passion for mastery over their operating equipment and their duties. They are ‘continual learning and doing’ experts in their field. They push the limits by using and improving world best practices in risk control and work quality. They monitor how the methodology and practices they use affect the business They support and encourage those approaches that deliver the most value to the business.

This is the world of zero failure!

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