Now get the right knowledge maintenance technicians and mechanics need to greatly improve your plant reliability and reduced maintenance costs

The best practice industrial maintenance training and knowledge every mechanical maintenance technician and mechanic needs to know to get maximum plant uptime and long, trouble-free mechanical equipment life

20 of the most important maintenance and reliability topics you need to master to become a world class maintainer of industrial plant and mechanical equipment

The ideal education, information and training materials for Maintenance Technicians, Mechanics, and New Plant Maintenance Engineers responsible for machinery, mechanical plant, and rotating equipment

Get the right knowledge for your maintenance technicians and new engineers to improve plant reliability and maintenance costs through use of precision trade skills, understanding condition based maintenance, and knowing the causes of mechanical plant and equipment failures



Now get the training and resources you need to realize the full potential of your maintenance technicians, maintenance mechanics, the plant operators, and their supervisors.

The topics in these mechanical maintenance training seminars provide practical assistance to operations and maintenance managers who want to transfer the right knowledge and practices in plant reliability reliability to their maintenance crews and operators so they eliminate defects through the best practice Management of their Physical Assets.

Get the original MS PowerPoint slides, many with complete MS Word documents explaining the industrial maintenance training content, and use them as they are, or you can modify the presentation slides and include specific information about your own plant maintenance and operation.


Maintenance Engineers, Technicians, Mechanics, Craftsmen, Artisans and Trades Training Courses

Reliability and Equipment Maintenance Training for Maintenance Technicians, Mechanics and Plant Engineers to Greatly Improve Plant Reliability and Eliminate Defects

Show and teach your plant operators and maintenance trades how to deliver the maintenance objectives of your operation with training in the understanding of condition monitoring and improving reliability of operating plant by conducting maintenance work to higher standards of care and precision.

  • OVER 672 UNIQUE POWERPOINT SLIDES – Highly comprehensive coverage of industrial equipment maintenance training ideally suited for maintenance technician, maintenance mechanic and maintenance fitter training.
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These best practice industrial maintenance training courses contain the elements that characterize the relatively few successful maintenance training programs where the results show in improved equipment reliability and lower maintenance budget. Regardless of the maintenance management policies and maintenance program put forward from Top Management, the workplace results can only be as good and effective as the maintenance technicians, mechanics and trades who do the work on the plant. It is their maintenance skills and reliability improvement knowledge that must be top class.

The people at these maintenance training courses get introduced to a range of important knowledge and understanding about effective equipment maintenance practices, and how they are best implemented to achieve the maintenance objective of getting “the optimum balance between plant availability and reliability with the lowest maintenance costs.”

The concepts of maintenance and reliability must not be seen in isolation as being the responsibility of the Maintenance Department. The optimization of maintenance can only be realised when Operations and Maintenance groups work with a shared and common responsibility toward this goal. Using maintenance crews effectively means knowing and practicing the best precision maintenance methods and skills. The right information and knowledge is what you give your maintainers and equipment operators in these industrial maintenance training courses. They are ideal for maintenance technician training, maintenance mechanic training and maintenance fitter training in industrial maintenance best practices.

This maintenance training material is for Maintenance and Operations/Production teams who want to find new reliability solutions and new ways of co-operation in delivering the world class maiantenance which leads to increased production by optimizing the uptime and reliability of your company’s physical assets.

The series of seminars is structured to provide an awareness of the concepts of condition monitoring, reliability and precision skills for Maintenance and Engineering Staff, and the Maintenance Workforce.

  1. Session 1 – The Path Toward Reliability – an Overview
  2. Session 2 – Condition Monitoring in the Context of Reliability
  3. Session 3 – Principal Causes of Failure in Machinery
  4. Session 4 – Detection of the Need for Maintenance
  5. Session 5 – The Language of Vibrations
  6. Session 6 – Vibration Measurement for Condition Monitoring
  7. Session 7 – Rolling Element Bearing Testing
  8. Session 8 – Workshop – Estimating Remaining Safe Bearing Life
  9. Session 9 – Condition Monitoring Using Thermography
  10. Session 10 – Condition Monitoring Using Oil Analysis
  11. Session 11 – Other Condition Monitoring Methods
  12. Session 12 – Maintenance Planning from Condition Monitoring (CM) Reports
  13. Session 13 – Workshop – Using CM for Reliability Improvement
  14. Session 14 – Precision Maintenance – An Overview
  15. Session 15 – The Justification for Precision Maintenance
  16. Session 16 – Root Cause Analysis – Creative Disassembly
  17. Session 17 – Machine Overhaul – Fits and Tolerances
  18. Session 18 – Rolling Element Bearings – Handling, Storage & Installation
  19. Session 19 – Machine Installation – Alignment
  20. Session 20 – A Quality System in the Workshop

Follow this link to download a PDF document describing the Contents of the Industrial Maintenance Training Courses for Maintenance Technicians, Mechanics and Engineers


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