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Get presentation materials covering Reliability Engineering Training, Maintenance Management Training, Failure Data Analysis, Maintenance Strategy Selection, Equipment Criticality Analysis, and Cost Benefit Analysis—many with worked examples and answers

Includes basic optimization tools for Condition Monitoring Frequency Selection, Equipment Replacement Decisions, and Overhaul Scheduling Decisions. Plus a simple Reliability Growth Plotting Spreadsheet, and an introductory Weibull Distribution Modelling spreadsheet

Use these materials to learn and apply important plant reliability management methods and solutions to optimize operating plant and equipment reliability in industrial, utilities, processing, and manufacturing sites



Learn how to get higher operating plant and equipment reliability that lifts efficiency and output of operating assets, stops equipment failures and creates higher plant and equipment reliability. In this plant and equipment reliability management materials you learn to use powerful methods and key practices used to drive physical asset reliability improvement.

You get everything in our two-day Applied Reliability Engineering for Operating Plants training course. You get all presentation PowerPoint (PPT) slides to learn how to build high reliability into plant and equipment. The content explains the practices and methods that you use to deliver outstandingly reliable operating assets. The valuable content in the applied reliability course material covers the important reliability management concepts and reliability growth techniques used to create world class reliability performance from operational assets.

The reliability training you get covers foundation reliability engineering concepts, including reliability improvement processes, Physics of Failure, basic reliability maths, equipment risk analysis and risk management, failure data analysis, and maintenance optimization. You also get three Excel spreadsheet based maintenance optimization models with guidebooks. Includes answers to practice activities done in the course, plus useful reading materials and case studies.


Applied Reliability Engineering for Operating Plant Optimization Training Course PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Complete Applied Reliability Engineering and Plant Reliability Management for Operating Plant Training Materials

Two-day reliability engineering presentation course content with 279 PowerPoint slides,
including three Excel optimization models, worked examples, activities and answers
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You learn practical, effective methods and tools to boost equipment reliability, lift plant availability, and get higher production output. The theoretical background, including the math involved, is covered in a way that allows you to appreciate the basic concepts and apply the techniques without getting bogged down in theory. The focus of the course is on useful methods to use every day to improve operating and production performance through lower maintenance costs, less downtime, fewer failures and higher throughput.

If you want a highly effective maintenance program the reliability PPT and support materials aids your understanding of the cause and effect relationships of equipment and operational problems. Where the consequence of failure is important you need to put into place the right actions to prevent the failure. The reliability PPT presentation covers defect eliminating practices, timely overhauls of parts suffering usage-based failures, replacement of equipment when key parts approach end-of-life, and equipment redesign to remove failure modes. The extensive coverage of applied reliability engineering and operating plant reliability management is sure to help you make effective and good decisions for your future plant optimization choices. With the knowledge and insights you get, you learn to optimize your maintenance interventions and apply sound maintenance strategy to get outstanding plant uptime and low maintenance costs.

The reliability management and reliability engineering course content was developed by leading maintenance and reliability professionals with enviable track-records of reliability growth and equipment performance improvement. You learn from world-class maintenance and reliability experts that explain how to get outstanding operational plant and equipment reliability performance.

  1. Improve operating and maintenance methods and practices to get least life cycle cost (LCC) from your assets.
  2. Optimise and develop reliable, low LCC plant and equipment designs to give you higher plant and equipment availability.
  3. Identify how your equipment parts and systems fail so you can select the ideal maintenance strategies for your operation.
  4. Apply Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) modeling for production improvement.
  5. Improve reliability of equipment designs with data analyse of the historic failure patterns affecting your equipment.
  6. Understand the practical methods and useful features of Reliability Engineering and how they can help you.
  7. Know when to use reliability engineering to get the most benefit for your operation.
  8. Learn which reliability engineering techniques to use to improve your operating equipment performance and profits.
  9. Recognise how to use reliability professionals to deliver better operating outcomes and plant availability.
  10. Realise where reliability engineering can deliver simple and low-cost reliability improvements to you.

You get MS PowerPoint 2003 presentation slides that you can change around as you wish and develop new presentation arrangements to create an alternate reliability management training course PowerPoint presentation to suit your specific needs. The maintenance optimization modelling shreadsheets let you do ‘what-if’ analysis to come up with the best options to handle maintenance decisions.

View a PDF document of sample slides from the start of Day 1 of the course:

Reliability Engineering and Reliability Management for Operating Plant Training Course Day 1 Slides

View a PDF document of sample slides from Day 2 of the course
Reliability Engineering and Reliability Management for Operating Plant Training Course Day 2 Slides

View a PDF document of the training workshop content
Reliability Engineering and Reliability Management for Operating Plant Training Course Content


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