A simple, successful 5S training workshop 5S presentation with a 5S simulation to help explain what a great 5S program needs

A 5S basics, interesting, fun 1-day Introduce to 5S Workplace Management for Shopfloor People, Supervision and Managers.

You get 5S training workshop material containing a 5S PPT PowerPoint Presentation of foundational 5S knowledge, and a 5S game people play that puts them into a 5S Simulation where they continually improve and learn the value of 5S.

The 1-day 5S training workshop comes complete with the 5S PPT presentation, a 5S training course workbook with 5S activities, and a powerful 5S simulation that your people play, and wins them over to wanting 5S workplace management.



In these 5s training workshop materials, you get useful and insightful 5S PPT training presentation slides and all the simulation workshop documents. This 5S training workshop package provide you with the ability to put understanding and awareness of the 5S method of workplace organization into your peoples’ heads and hearts. You do that with a fun and enlightening table-top 5S training simulation where 5S thinking and practices are used to make the simulated workplace run better.

Start a Successful 5S Implementation with a great 5S Introduction

The secret to the success of the 5S training workshop is getting your people to experience and measure the effects of their 5S improvement decisions. In the 5S Training Course Presenter Notes you get a table with several ways to measure the positive impact of 5S practices and prove to your people the benefits of using 5S workplace management. When each of your teams apply 5S workplace management practices during the 5S simulation your people immediately get feedback on how well an idea worked through their measurements, and by seeing the effectiveness of their 5S improvement efforts for themselves. Beginning with disorganized work (provided in a kit you prepare before starting the training), your people apply each of the 5S steps to turn an activity that starts as a mess into a highly efficient and effective operation.

Another valuable aid you get when you buy the 5S training presentation and workshop package is the 5S implementation planning sheets and tables that you use to involve your people in preparing for the changes needed to successfully introduce 5S into their workplace.

This Lean 5S PPT presentation and 5S workplace training course and simulation workshop has been used by:

Lifetime Reliability manufacturing consultants did lean manufacturing improvements at Imdex workshops, Perth, Western Australia

One-Day 5S Training Course PowerPoint PPT Presentation and Powerful 5S Simulation Workshop


One-Day 5S Training Course PowerPoint PPT Presentation
and Powerful 5S Simulation Workshop

(49 PowerPoint Slide 5S Introduction, a 5S Workbook, and the Presenter’s Guide Notes
with explanation of the mind-changing 5S Simulation Workshop Exercises)

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Creates a mindset change in your people about the value of 5S

Especially valuable for you is being able to work with your people during the 5S training presentation and in the 5S workshop to get positive, open discussions going with them about what they can do to make the 5S implementation successful in their workplace. You can see in the photo at the bottom of the page a team 5S training simulation underway.

Buy and download the 5S training PPT presentation now and learn the important issues that you need to know and teach to your managers and your people in preparation for a successful 5S introduction.

You can cut the 5S training to a half-day seminar if you don’t want to do the full one-day 5S training course. Included with the 5S PowerPoint presentation is the 5S training workbook with 5S reading materials, 5S simulation exercises where people work in teams to understand the power of 5S, plus the 5S Training Course Presenter’s Notes with details of how to run the 5S training workshop. As a bonus you get a team workbook that you can use to plan and engage your people in the introduction of 5S practices into your operation.

The 5S presentation content and slides are developed by industrial management experts who understand the requirements for successful 5S implementation. The 5S PPT presentation slides are built to provide maximum focus on the important strategies you need when introducing 5S so that your 5S training can deliver quick and valuable payback with improved production rates and higher quality product.

You can change the 5S PPT slides around as you wish and develop new presentation arrangements to create an alternate 5S PowerPoint presentation to suit your specific needs. You will save yourself days of development work with these 5S PowerPoint presentation slides and workshop simulation. You get truly valuable 5S training content but most importantly you get powerful training that gets the message across to your people to start using the power of 5S workplace management immediately.

View a PDF document of sample slides from the course
5S Training Course PowerPoint PPT Presentation Slides

View a PDF document of the complete 5S PowerPoint presentation content you get
5S Training Presentation Content

View a PDF document of the Course Presenter’s Notes Content
5S Training Course Presenter’s Notes Content

View a PDF document of the Change To Win Team workbook content
Change to Win Team Workbook Content


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