A Lean Manufacturing Implementation Plan starts with an Introduction to Lean Manufacturing PPT Presentation given to Management and the Workforce

Use this 1-day Lean Manufacturing PPT Presentation to explain to Your Management and Workforce what Vital Changes are Required for Your Company to be a Lean Operation.

When you want to change and become a Lean Manufacturing Business this Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma PPT lets you simply and clearly describe what needs to be done to have a successful Lean manufacturing introduction.

Insightful Introduction to Lean Manufacturing PPT with one part being a Lean presentation showing fundamental Lean tools and methods. The other is Lean Six Sigma PPT presentation and 6 Sigma overview of the key Six Sigma concepts to drive improvement

You get insightful and descriptive Lean PPT slides explaining the foundation knowledge and key concepts needed for a successful Lean Manufacturing introduction. You can click the links further down the page to download PDF documents showing examples of the Lean PPT slides and Lean Manufacturing presentation content you receive when you buy these highly informative Lean Manufacturing PPT materials.

You will immediately be able to do a Lean Manufacturing presentation and a Lean Six Sigma PPT presentation with the Lean and Six Sigma PPT slides that you get after downloading the 1-day long Introduction to Lean Manufacturing PPT PowerPoint. For a few dollars you save yourself days of work and you get the right content for any future Lean presentation that you may need to do in your company.

To further assist you in your Lean Manufacturing implementation you also get a free copy of the ‘Change To Win’ team facilitation workbook that gives you a structured and practical tool to manage the complex interactions of Lean Improvement Teams. Once you view the Lean Manufacturing PPT you will easily be able to adapt the ‘Change To Win’ team management process to suit your needs for your own Lean improvement projects.


One-Day Lean And Six Sigma Introduction Training PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Comprehensive One-Day Introduction to Lean Manufacturing PPT covering Lean and Six Sigma Concepts in a professional looking Lean PPT Presentation

(Introducing Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma PowerPoint presentation with 105 Slides of important Lean Concepts
and fundamentals of Six Sigma methodology, plus a bonus team workbook to help with change management)
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The Lean PPT PowerPoint Presentation content covers the critically important Lean concepts and Lean tools that you need to know well, like 5S, TPM, Standardized Work and Value Stream Mapping. The Six Sigma Powerpoint Presentation content explains the big production benefits of using six sigma and the drive to eliminate process variation and defects. In addition the six sigma presentation coverage explains the influence of human error and the powerful way that work quality management systems solve human error problems.

You get the important Lean Manufacturing concepts and Lean methods covered simply and clearly in the more than 100 slides contained in the Lean Manufacturing PPT you get. You immediately download your Lean Manufacturing PPT once purchased using a dedicated download link in the confirmation email sent to you.

The Lean and Six Sigma PowerPoint PPT Presentation content is ideal for introducing the first Lean methods and tools to use in a Lean improvement program and for introducing 6 sigma fundamentals to managers and the workforce. The need for Management of Change is also highlighted for the successful implementation of Lean programmes and Six Sigma programs. You can see details of the Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Presentation PowerPoint PPT content by clicking the page links below.

View a PDF document of sample slides from the seminar
Lean Manufacturing PPT PowerPoint Presentation Slides

View a PDF document of the complete Lean and Six Sigma content covered in the Lean Manufacturing presentation you get
Introduction to Lean Manufacturing PPT Presentation Content

View a PDF document of the Change To Win Team workbook content
Change to Win Team Workbook Content

The Introduction to Lean Manufacuring PPT PowerPoint presentation content and slides are developed by industrial management experts who know the requirements for successful Lean implementation and Lean Six Sigma introduction. The Lean presentation PowerPoint slides were built to provide you with the means to get maximum focus on the important strategies to use from Lean and Six Sigma methods that give you the quickest and greatest payback in Lean Manufacturing.

You can change slides around as you wish and develop new presentation arrangements to create an alternate Lean Manufacturing training course PowerPoint presentation to suit your specific needs. You will save yourself days of development work with this Lean PowerPoint presentation and quickly create valuable content that gets the Lean message across to your people.

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