Maintenance Team and Work Management, Supervision and Motivation

How to get the best performance from your maintenance team and people by developing great attitudes. Motivate the maintenance team to continually strive to improve themselves and their work is what you learn in this one-day workshop.


You need simple techniques and principles to build a maintenance team with a great mix of people.

In the end it’s the people ‘on the shopfloor’ who have the task of making the products and keeping the machines going to produce the goods that the business sells. If you have the wrong people in the wrong places, if they are under trained and under motivated, then you will not turn the profits that the operation is capable of delivering. You may even have a disaster on your hands with people destroying economic value faster than they make it.

This Effective People Management Skills for Maintenance Crew training enhances the coping, supporting, development and management skills that your maintenance people need from you so that you can get your maintenance crew performing at its best and keep it there.


Managing Maintenance Team Motivation with Effective People Management Skills Training Course PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Managing Maintenance Team Motivation with Effective People Management Skills Training

1-Day Training Course PowerPoint PPT presentation with 125 Powerpoint slides and course book explaining successful ways to motivate and manage maintenance teams effectively. Includes Free Team Building PPT and materials

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The managing maintenance crew presentation PowerPoint slides are full of valuable team building material and workplace insights for the Operations Manager and Operations Supervisor, Production Manager, Production Engineer and Production Supervisor, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Engineer and Maintenance Supervisor, Reliability Manager and Reliability Engineer, Asset Manager and Human Resource Manager

  • Get the skills to effectively manage and support the people who look after your plant and equipment
  • Identify maintenance team problem triggers and early warning signs
  • Gain a deep understanding of what drives your maintenance people
  • Effectively utilise people management skills and your experiences to communicate powerfully with your maintenance crew
  • Improve and develop the important skills and capabilities of the people in your maintenance crew

Effective People Management Skills for Maintenance will provide you with hands-on training to develop skills to better manage workplace maintenance people. By attending, you will gain advice for the most effective methods to develop your people skills and how to use them to best support your staff. Better still, you will leave the training with practical skills for immediate use to feel more effective and confident to deal with any workplace and work crew situations.

There is no need to feel that you can’t cope or to allow yourself to be overwhelmed with disorder and stress in maintenance. Developing skills in people management for maintenance will allow you to feel more capable and ready to take on anything that happens in your day. For practical advice and helpful information to apply at your business, follow what’s in the Effective People Management Skills for Maintenance workshop presentation.

  • EXAMINE the causes of stress in maintenance activities
  • ANALYSE how to build working relationships
  • IDENTIFY early the skills and knowledge you must have in your maintenance crew
  • SEE a number of different behavioural strategies you can implement immediately to develop rapport with maintenance people
  • REALISE the ways in which you can better support your team and encourage skill development in them
  • UNDERSTAND the concept of encouragement management and the benefit of developing these skills in you
  • CONSIDER how your thinking patterns may be impacting negatively on your abilities to interact with your maintenance crew and develop skills to overcome this
  • INVESTIGATE common causes of maintenance problems and failures and the role people play in them
  • LEARN effective communication strategies to ensure your needs are being met in the workplace
  • DISCOVER how to be a more effective manager and support your people to be more effective

View a PDF document of sample PPT slides from the Maintenance Team Building presentation
Managing Maintenance Teams Effectively PPT Slides

View a PDF document listing the Maintenance Team Building Training Course Content
Managing Maintenance Teams Effectively PPT Content

View a PDF document of the Plant and Equipment Wellness Workbook Contents
Managing Maintenance Teams Effectively Workbook Content


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