A successful failure elimination methodology uses a root cause analysis problem solving process that prevents troubles and failures recurring

In this 2-Day Root Cause Analysis Training PPT presentation used world-wide you learn to apply the RCA problem solving process properly.

You get a RCA PPT with full details, explanations and activities with easy to follow Root Cause Analysis PPT slides, RCA problem solving training content and RCA training activities

Learn and teach the RCA problem solving process with this Root Cause Analyse PPT and RCA Training Course Content. As well as the problem solving RCA PPT, you get eight root cause analysis training activities to build your RCA problem solving skills.


“To find mistakes is not enough. It is necessary to find the cause behind the mistake and build a system that minimises future mistakes.” W. Edwards Deming


You can immediately download a complete RCA training presentation solution with a world best practice RCA training PowerPoint PPT and all course materials.

You learn all the ins-and-outs of the RCA process and its problem solving investigative and RCA analysis tools. You learn successful and permanent root cause failure resolution in this Root Cause Analysis PPT training presentation. All the information and explanations you need to introduce a powerful and adaptable RCA method into your operation comes with the Root Cause Analysis PPT training course materials. Full details of RCA problem solving are explained in the Root Cause Analysis PowerPoint presentation, the RCA training course book and the Root Cause Analysis training activity handouts.


The 2-day RCA training PPT PowerPoint presentation and RCA training materials is already used by:


Lifetime Reliability provided root cause analysis training for Qatar Petrochemical Company, Qatar


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“I was one of those privileged to have attended your course on RCFA presented in Kuala Lumpur. The course has given me some very useful RCFA knowledge and tools to use back in my workplace. I highly commend your presentation and would not hesitate to recommend this course to others.”

KK, Mill Engineer, Papua New Guinea


Another Testimonial for this great RCFA Training Course:

“Thanks Mike, actually I am preparing a presentation for both RCA & FMEA. I brought your 2-Day RCFA course. It’s really worth it! Thanks again for your kind attention and cooperation.”

Said Mosalami, Union Fenosa Gas, Egypt


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Root Cause Analysis RCA Training


Root Cause Analysis Training PPT PowerPoint Presentation and RCA Training Course Workbook for RCA Problem Solving Training

Two-Day RCFA Training Course PowerPoint PPT Presentation
(131 Color PowerPoint slides, 8 RCA Training Team Activities,
two with videos, and a 67 Page Workbook)

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“You come to really understanding what a successful RCA requires.”

The 2-day Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) training course takes your people through a simple and adaptable 8-step process to find and solve plant and equipment failures. As well as learning how to develop an accurate Cause and Effect Tree, the course includes practicing the basic tools of root cause analysis and investigation—the ‘fishbone’ diagram, the 5-Why worksheet and the ‘Is-Is Not’ Table. The RCFA training course gives your people the additional tool of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for investigating equipment failures. This RCA training PPT delivers you a powerful, easy-to-use way to help your people solve operational problems and to fix the defects in your plant, processes and machinery.


Use the same Root Cause Analysis training throughout the company

This universal, standardised RCA process fits all people, departments and situations; from problems that affect the operation to problems that affect the company. The one RCA methodology is used by everyone in the business. The same RCA training is given to everyone. It means people understand the same methodology and everyone applies the same RCA approach. This leads to common language and your people can go into any RCA teams and fit-right-in completely comfortably.



Use an RCA process that adapts to the circumstances

This RCA methodoloy is adaptable to the situation. You make it as big as you need to go. The Root Cause Analysis process is flexible and you take from it what you need. You pick the right tool for the job-at-hand. The one RCA methodology is used in every failure situation throughout the operation and the business.

Also covered in the course is the ideal ‘5 Why’ root cause analysis methodology, incorporating the additional requirement to use actual evidence to prove the ‘why tree’ is correct. This prevents the common mistake of assuming that just because someone says an answer to a 5-Why question, that the answer is actually right. The RCFA course coverage includes RCA team facilitation and RCA report writing, including prioritising recommendations by their ease of implementation and value to the operation.



The RCA PPT (PowerPoint) presentation is a key part of the plan to address the barriers to using RCA in your company

The Root Cause Analysis PPT presentation becomes a key part of your plan to introduce the proper use of RCA to people in your company. You use it to get the same important messages across to all personnel. The RCA PPT and training materials is well respected by users around the world. You can be sure that you have got a very powerful and persuasive RCA training presentation.

The content is especially useful for management, engineers and supervision to view. Your management get a fuller understanding to the scale of the changes, and an appreciation of the implications, in using an RCA methodology. The information you get lets you make it clear to key company people the necessary commitment required to make root cause analysis a successful normal business practice.

Get all that you need for a standardised, evidence-based RCA process that everyone uses and follows when problem solving

You receive the RCA Training PowerPoint presentation for the two-day course, and a comprehensive workbook with information and the activities covered during the root cause analysis training. The range of activities is extensive and takes attendees through the practical use of valuable root cause investigation and analysis tools that they become comfortable to use. This root cause analysis training contains all the right content and explanations. You get a complete Root Cause Analysis PPT presentation and save a huge amount of time and effort preparing the training materials from scratch. Buy the RCA training presentation now and start people solving problems once-and-for-all.

View a PDF document of sample slides from Day 1 of the course
Root Cause Failure Analysis Two-Day Training Course Day 1 Slides

View a PDF document of sample slides from Day 2 of the course
Root Cause Failure Analysis Two-Day Training Course Day 2 Slides

View a PDF document of the complete course content covered
RCFA 2-Day Training Course Content

View a PDF document of the RFCA Course Workbook Content
RCFA Training Course 67-Page Workbook Content


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