Plant and Equipment Wellness EAM Training Course Videos Session 18: Operational Risk Reduction

Operational risk reduction benefits companies by improving plant uptime and maximizing throughput because they have highly reliable machines and equipment

Plant Wellness Way EAM gets massive operational risk reduction by ensure every opportunity throughout the life cycle to cause risk of equipment failure is identified and eliminated or controlled


Development of operational risk reduction strategy is done for each critical equipment. Taking one asset at a time you find all its threats to your operation’s success and eliminate them. Failure cause after failure cause is removed from critical assemblies and components.


PEW/PWW EAM Course Day 3 – Reliability Creation Session 18 – Operational Risk Reduction
Duration 1:45

Operational Risk Reduction
– Physics of Failure Factors Analysis
– Chance and Consequence Reduction on Risk Matrix
– Economic Maintenance Selection

Physics of Failure Analysis Guidewords
Duration 1:11

Physics of Failure Stress Factors Analysis | Physics of Failure Error Prevention
Duration 2:03

PEW/PWW Chance Reduction and Consequence Reduction Strategies for Operational Risk Reduction
Duration 1:08

Reliability and Restore or Replace Decisions | Restore or Replace Decisions
Duration 5:29

Maintenance Strategy is an Economic Decision
Duration 1:14


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