Equipment Reliability Improvement Training for Operating Plant Reliability Improvement Teams

Equipment Reliability Improvement Training for Operating Plant Reliability Improvement Teams

Reliability Improvement Team Training On The Reliability Requirements, Reliability Methods, Reliability Practices And Reliability Concepts For Rapid Reliability Growth

Applied Reliability Improvement Training PPT PowerPoint For Reliability Improvement Teams Working On Solving Industrial Plant And Equipment Reliability Problems

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Reliability Improvement Team PPT presentation with ten (10) modules of reliability training PowerPoint material focused on explaining and applying the vital reliability methods, reliability practices, reliability methodology and reliability concepts of plant and equipment reliability improvement in industrial organisations.

Learning involves review of the reliability training course PPT presentation materials, including viewing each PowerPoint slide, reading the PowerPoint presentation slide notes provided and reading the reliability training course book. The reliability training PowerPoint presentation is used to show key reliability concepts, reliability methods, reliability practices and a wide range of practical reliability methodology. Application of good reliability growth tools and concepts is driven home with activities in every reliability improvement PPT (PowerPoint) module.

The reliability training PPT presentations identify and develop each reliability concept and describe reliability methodology, reliability method application/use and important reliability requirements organisations must meet if they are to get sustained reliability improvement. Reliability improvement examples and case studies are provided throughout the ten modules of the reliability improvement team training course. Practice exercises and activities are included to reinforce good reliability process and imbed the correct reliability method. You use them to help impart a more complete knowledge and understanding by using the various reliability methods and the reliability tools and techniques introduced in the course.

Operating Plant Applied Reliability Improvement Training PPT PowerPoint and Course Materials for Reliability Improvement Teams 471 PowerPoint slides in a ten module introduction to the powerful reliability requirements for sure reliability improvement, including course book with activities and reading information, plus bonus Reliability Improvement Team ‘Change to Win’ project book. Addresses reliability method, reliability process, reliability concepts, risk and reliability methodology, reliability practice, and reliability principles that always work.

The reliability improvement course PPT presentation content and activities were developed by world class reliability and maintenance professionals with enviable track-records of industrial plant reliability growth and equipment reliability improvement. You learn from world-class reliability maintenance experts who explain how to get outstanding plant and equipment reliability performance and results.

To insure your reliability improvement teams are properly educated the reliability training they get includes only the truly useful reliability requirements addressing good reliability method, sound reliability process, the correct reliability concepts, risk and reliability methodology, best reliability practice, and the powerful reliability principles that always work.

The ten modules covered in reliability improvement team training for industrial plant reliability growth are described below.

  1. Science of Failure – Understand how components and machines fail and what situations cause equipment failure.
  2. Life Cycle Asset Management – Recognise lifecycle management implications and learn to make sensible and profitable life cycle asset choices.
  3. Operational Risk Reduction – Identify operational risk and apply effective risk mitigations.
  4. Introduction to Reliability Engineering – Identify the factors impacting reliability and apply means to monitor and trend reliability.
  5. 5 Human Error and its Management – Identify risk of human error in work process activities and implement suitable protection.
  6. Quality Control and Assurance – Identify quality standards and put measures in place to monitor quality assurance.
  7. Equipment Reliability Improvement – Make changes and introduce methods that improve plant and equipment reliability.
  8. Defect Elimination and Failure Prevention – Prevent failure causing defects and errors from occurring throughout the asset life cycle.
  9. Root Cause Failure Removal – Investigate and remove defects and failure causes from plant and equipment.
  10. Change to a Workplace Reliability Culture – Develop strategy and plans to help work teams implement reliability improvement change and habits.
  11. BONUS: Organisation Culture Change – Advice from Stephen J. Thomas in his book ‘The Journey to improved business performance’ about a manufacturing organisation introducing a reliability-culture into their operation.
  12. BONUS: Change to Win Reliability Improvement Team project guidebook.
  13. BONUS: A complete sample of using the reliability training materials for an in-house applied reliability improvement team training course.
  14. BONUS: Over 60 engineering and technical training fliers for maintenance and operations crews.

You get MS PowerPoint 2007 presentation slides that you can change around as you wish and develop new reliability PowerPoint presentation arrangements. You can use the Applied Reliability Improvement Pack to create alternate reliability improvement training suited to your specific reliability requirements and needs. The reliability improvement team training course book provides reading material and contains many reliability improvement practice activities.

View a PDF document of sample slides from the ten modules the reliability improvement team course
Applied Reliability Improvement for Operating Plant Training Course Slides

View a PDF document of reliability improvement team course content
Applied Reliability Improvement for Operating Plant Reliability Improvement Team Training Course Content

View a PDF document of the reliability improvement training workshop content
Applied Reliability Improvement for Operating Plant Training Course Book Content


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