Planning Module 4 of the Lifetime Reliability Solutions Online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course

Maintenance Planning Training Course Module 4 Powerpoint Presentation slides with audio commentary

Planning Module 4 In The Maintenance Planning And Scheduling For Reliability 10 Module Online Training Course

Module 4 Covers The Identification, Specification And Confirmation Of The Job Details And Technical Information Needed To Do The Planning For A Maintenance Job

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This Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course by online distance education teaches you how to do best practice Industrial Maintenance Planning and Scheduling.

The Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course is specifically focused on teaching you world class industrial maintenance planning and scheduling knowledge and skills. No matter where you are in the world you will learn the very best maintenance planning training and scheduling available. You are personally coached by world class maintenance planners and schedulers.

The course has 10 modules, six modules on maintenance planning training and four modules on maintenance scheduling training. You get a Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Certificate at the end of the course once you pass the course assignments and show us how you applied the learning and knowledge when building your maintenance work packs.

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Planning Module 4 introduces the necessary activities required of the Maintenance Planner to identify, specify and confirm the maintenance job requirements. The Maintenance Planner must understand the complexity of the work needing to be done so they can collect together all the necessary information and technical details needed for the job to be done well and done safely.

There are two interesting assignments. One involves adding work quality specifications into maintenance job plans. The second assignment gets you doing a risk analysis of two work orders and finding good ideas to address any issues identified.

Planning Module 4 of the Online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reliability Training Course 250MB zipped file containing PowerPoint Presentation covering Identify, Specify and Confirm Maintenance Job Requirements, with audio commentary and notes page on every slide

View a PDF document of the slides from the module
Maintenance Planning Module 4 PowerPoint Presentation Slides

View a PDF document of the Maintenance Planning Modules 1 to 6 Learning Plan
Plan and Prepare Maintenance Work Activities Learning Plan Modules 1 to 6

View a PDF document listing the draft maintenance process documents available
Draft Maintenance Process Documents List

Provided separately for purchase at the Online MPS Training Course Store are Example Maintenance Process Documents that you can use as templates to help develop your documented maintenance processes and write their procedure.

Registration and Payment Information

You register for the course by emailing us to let us know of your interest and to answer any of your questions. You can get our office email address from the Contact Us Page. You will receive a reply email with information about doing the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course.

You purchase each Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training course module online by selecting the module you want from the table above.

If it is preferred, you can pay for the complete Online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course by Distance Education in one payment. Contact us and we will provide you with an invoice and our banking details for a Funds Telegraphic Transfer. Our policy is that you can only receive the next Module once you have successfully completed the prior Module’s assignments.

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