Draft Maintenance Management Process Documentation used in the Maintenance Planning Training Course

Maintenance Work Management Processes and Procedures in 9 Comprehensive Draft MS Word Document Templates

9 Maintenance Processes Individually Documented In Draft To Use In Developing Your Standardised Maintenance Management Process Suite

Pre-Written, Thorough Maintenance Work Management Process Documents For You To Adopt And Adapt In Your Operation.

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Draft Maintenance Management Procedural Documents To Use in Developing Standardised Maintenance Work Management Processes

Make use of the extensive content and coverage in the 9 draft documents as templates developed by top class, professional maintenance consultants

Get comprehensive content in these Draft Maintenance Work Management Process Documents. The download contains 9 Best Practice Maintenance Procedures written in MS Word 2003 format for the following maintenance management processes: work order planning (48 pages), job scheduling (26 pages), setting job priorities (10 pages), work identification (12 pages), work execution (19 pages), work order close-out (16 pages), unscheduled work (10 pages), weekly work management (16 pages), and shutdown work management (54 pages).

Click the following link to view a PDF document listing the 9 draft maintenance processes and maintenance work management procedures documents available to use to write your own procedures for your operation: List of Maintenance Work Management Processes draft documents

The documents are formatted to a standard template and written in sections arranged in the order of Purpose, Scope, Definitions, Responsibilities, Procedures, References, and Appendices. Within the Procedures section is the fully described sequence of steps to follow to complete a particular procedure.

Within the Purpose section is an overview description of the process and procedure along with relevant performance measures and performance indicators. Explanatory diagrams are used when necessary and a detailed procedural process flow chart is included in the Appendix of each document.

The Definition section has a table listing explanations of the meanings of important words, terms and phrases used in the document.

Responsibilities are tabulated for each role involved in doing work needed to accomplish the related processes and procedures described in the document.

The Procedure section is typically the longest portion of a document. It lists any sub-procedures related to completing the main procedure. It contains each procedural step in sequence of completion with a full description of the work to be done in the individual steps.

Reference holds a list of external sources, like codes of conduct, commercial publications, international standards, etc., and internal references, like corporate policies, manuals, work instructions, etc. that are quoted in the procedure or called up for use when procedural tasks and steps are done.

The last section is the Appendices containing flowcharts, forms, and templates used to conduct the procedure.


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