1 Day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Effective Maintenance Planning and Maintenance Scheduling System, Processes, and Practices Overview PPT Presentation

World-Class Maintenance Planning And Scheduling Results Start With World-Class Maintenance Planning Knowledge And Training

1-Day Seminar Presentation PowerPoint And Materials Giving An Overview Of The Maintenance Work Planning And Maintenance Job Scheduling System And Processes

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A 1-day Seminar Presentation on Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling System, Processes, and Practices for Utmost Maintenance Crew Tool Time

From maintenance strategy selection, through to populating the CMMS, and onto explaining how to effectively control maintenance work and crew performance

Get all PowerPoint slides and support materials in the Overview of Maintenance Planning and Maintenance Scheduling Requirements 1-day seminar presentation and support materials. Learn what you need to ensure so that you get a best-practice system, processes and methods used in your operation that deliver the right maintenance crew performance and results

The PowerPoint (PPT) slide set is the complete one-day introductory seminar content on effective industrial maintenance planning and scheduling. The overview presentation includes 101 color slides, along with explanatory supporting materials. It provides an informative overview indicating the critical requirements for success of the maintenance planning process and the scheduling process. It is ideal for understanding and teaching the basics to management, the operations and maintenance supervision, and the maintenance workforce. It is especially important to people interested in becoming a maintenance planner and scheduler.

The seminar highlights what maintenance planning is how it is different to maintenance scheduling. It explains the importance of the maintenance planner in planning and preparing the jobs for the maintenance crew. It introduces the necessary planning process and scheduling process design and content that maximises the maintenance group’s effectiveness. The emphasis is that the more planning and preparation done in developing the Work Pack, the easier and safer the job becomes. Where not enough planning is performed, the job becomes unnecessarily tricky and cumbersome.

Developing a planned preventive maintenance work schedule is explained. It involves turning the maintenance strategy, the production requirements and the improvement plans of the business, into a list of work to be performed by certain dates and times using the available resources. Scheduling maintenance jobs is deciding with Production when a job will be done. Scheduling aims to make efficient use of resources and time. It requires coordination of outsourcing, warehousing, man-power, services, and the certainty of safe access to equipment.

The seminar content also covers the necessary maintenance office systems to plan and schedule well; the information a Maintenance Planner needs; the way in which the Scheduler organizes and coordinates resources; and the information a maintenance planner must provide to others in the operation; especially the operations group and the maintenance scheduler. The 1-day Seminar coverage ends with a comprehensive overview of the scheduling process and how the Production and Maintenance Groups work together to get work orders done safely and on schedule.

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Example PowerPoint Slides in 1-Day Overview Seminar

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