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Gain the skills to prevent equipment failures, optimise maintenance strategies, and boost plant reliability.

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Discover the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) world through our online RCM course!

This tutored and certified program empowers you to prevent equipment problems, choose the right maintenance strategy, leverage maintenance history for operational improvement, and effectively implement strategies and plans.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Master the essentials of RCM methodology
  • Develop maintenance strategies with confidence
  • Benefit from personalised guidance with a human tutor

Join us on this educational journey, and earn your certificate upon graduation!

Increased Equipment Reliability


Reduced Maintenance Costs


Enhanced Safety


Improved Operational Efficiency


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Boost in Plant Availability

Key Outcomes of the RCM Online Training Course

  • Prevent Equipment Issues: Acquire skills to identify and prevent equipment problems proactively.
  • Choose Optimal Maintenance Strategies: Learn to select the right maintenance strategy for different equipment types.
  • Use Maintenance History Effectively: Utilise maintenance history data to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Implement Sustainable Plans: Develop and implement effective strategies aligned with RCM principles.
  • Master Comprehensive RCM Methodology: Understand and apply the complete RCM process and risk analysis tools.
  • Hands-On Training Activities: Engage in practical RCM activities for real-world application.
  • Risk-Based Maintenance Selection: Expertise in selecting maintenance strategies based on risk assessment.
  • Reliability Improvement: Improve the reliability and availability of plant and equipment assets.

Who Should Attend and Benefit:

This RCM online training course is ideal for:

  • Professionals responsible for RCM strategy development.
  • Individuals involved in RCM program implementation.
  • RCM Team Facilitators seeking comprehensive training.
  • Members of an RCM team involved in maintenance decision-making.
  • Those accountable for plant and equipment reliability and performance.
  • Maintenance and reliability personnel looking to improve operational efficiency.
  • Individuals seeking to enhance skills in risk-based maintenance strategy selection.
  • Anyone interested in adopting the Reliability Centered Maintenance methodology for improved outcomes.

This RCM online course teaches you a powerful RCM methodology. You’re provided with a sound understanding of the vital RCM process steps to be followed and how to do them well. 

You follow logical content and work with your tutor to ensure your RCM analysis knowledge is successfully applied. The program you follow in our RCM online course includes training in a range of sound risk-based maintenance strategy selection methods.

The RCM methodology training you get guides you to make excellent maintenance strategy choices using run-to-failure when the risk permits, to do preventive maintenance and replace aged parts, to do predictive maintenance and look for parts’ failure initiation, or to redesign the equipment to remove failure causes. 

RCM replaces time-based maintenance with on-condition maintenance wherever possible.

Not sure that this is the right online RCM training for you? Contact Us and tell us what you want to achieve from the course, and we’ll advise you.

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The Many Benefits You Get in This Reliability Centered Maintenance Training Online Course

  1. You get to work with a human Tutor who will guide you and teach you the best RCM methods and practices to use for your operation. 
  2. There is no better RCM online training you can get than to work with an expert who challenges you to reach new levels of understanding. Your tutor ensures that you learn the right ways, and works with you through any problems that you confront during the RCM online training course. 
  3. Working with an RCM specialist in a distance education course is a far better way for you to learn the correct ways of RCM analysis and program development than sitting at a screen doing computer-based training or sitting in a class-room getting a lecture with no practical tasks to do.


The Great Value of Online Distance Learning Training

Online distance learning training is like a correspondence training course done using email communication. You contact your tutor by email, and they respond by email. Contact can also be made by telephone or in online meetings.

Online distance learning means you can complete your training course as quickly as you submit assignments to your tutor. If you did an assignment each day you will finish the course very fast. As the course is self-paced, you set your own schedule to do the work needed to complete each assignment and gain a certificate of training. We recommend you study the information you get and submit an assignment each week so you quickly complete the course and can put your new knowledge to work to start boosting your career prospects.

Doing your training by distance learning brings lots of value that Employers like:

  1. It shows you have grit, determination, and dedication to complete your commitments, even if hard going gets difficult.
  2. It proves you have time management skills and follow good time management practices.
  3. You got the positive encouragement of your family and friends to improve your career opportunities and they made time and effort to support you to complete your training.
  4. Unlike doing two- or three-day class-based training, where you sit there listing to a lecturer, distance learning makes you use and practice important content by getting you to research and submit assignments.
  5. Because your training is thorough, and you are well practiced and proven capable through doing your assignments, you can immediately take on new and higher duties in your Employer’s operation.
  6. You receive a Certificate of Training proving you have reached a good standard of knowledge and ability, whereas doing training by class-based lecturing gets you a Certificate of Attendance which provides no proof that you have learnt to
    do anything of value.


After this training you will be able to:

  • Make your operating plant and equipment more reliable and available for use,
  • Audit your operational and maintenance performance to identify improvement opportunities,
  • Design optimum maintenance strategies for in-the-field plant and equipment,
  • Make proper use of RCM results to deliver the higher maintenance performance that your management wants.
  • Identify a clear approach to reliability improvement for both fixed plant and mobile equipment.
  • Select applicable technologies for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance,
  • Appreciate how to use failure data and industry failure databases and standards,
  • Introduce reliability growth principles on new, existing, or old equipment,
  • Make sound risk-based decisions and spare holding selection,
  • Address failure modes with the correct selection of primary and secondary maintenance actions.
  • You get an RCM training certificate upon successful completion of the whole course and all its assignments. The contents of the RCM online course will train you in the best RCM methodology practices. Your RCM certificate is real proof that you are trained in proper and sound RCM methodology.


Read more details about this RCM online training course via distance education by downloading the PDF flyers and documents below.

Online RCM Training Course Content

Sample of the RCM Training Course Modules 1 and 2 Screens

Contents of the RCM Training Course Workbook

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Cost for World Class Reliability Centered Maintenance Training Online

Module Cost: Each of the 2 comprehensive modules is priced at an accessible USD $199.99.

Total Investment: Avail the entire RCM online training, including course materials, at a budget-friendly total of under USD $400 per student.

It’s excellent value RCM education when compared to the cost and time spent attending an in-class RCM training course of equal content. 

If it is easier for your company to process a single credit card payment for the entire online RCM course you can buy both training modules at once.

Secure your RCM training modules effortlessly through our ecommerce store at. Upon purchase, receive an automated email containing a convenient link to download your course materials. 

Please note, that all materials, including PowerPoint slides and associated documents, are exclusively provided as online downloads.

Starting Your Reliability Centered Maintenance Online Training

You start your registration for the RCM online training by sending an email advising us of your interest. You can get our email address from the Contact Us Page and send an email now.

In our reply, you’ll also get more information on how the course is run and details about completing your course registration. Once registered, you are advised of your RCM online course tutor. You then start your RCM training. You do each Reliability Centred Maintenance online training module one at a time until each module is complete. You review the module content and complete each assignment, which you send to your Tutor for them to review and comment.

Your Tutor checks your submission and, when necessary, they give you feedback and advice on how to complete the activity well. After you complete all RCM online training modules and assignments you receive your RCM training certificate.

If you have any questions about the Reliability Centered Maintenance online training course by distance education, please Contact Us by email and we’ll respond to you.