Supply Chain Management Solutions are Easy to Find and Imbed with the Plant Wellness Way

The universal Plant and Equipment Wellness EAM methodology extends across the whole supply chain to let you build system-wide solutions of robust, anti-fragile processes

Project Designers, Design Engineers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Fabricators, Constructors, Maintenance Repair Shops can all gain productivity and profits from using the Plant Wellness Way

Discover new solutions; lower project costs; eliminate supply problems; get highly reliable assets; speed up supply-chain processes—the Plant Wellness Way methodology gives you more options than ever before

From the drawing board, through to the manufacture, to the installation, and the operation of your physical assets—the Plant Wellness Way lets you find new answers along your supply chain to save money, save time, and keep things simple.

The Plant Wellness Way is a life cycle asset management methodology that applies to every stage of plant and equipment life—including your assets’ supply chain. Use it as a supply chain management solution and you’ll stop supply process and production problems. You’ll find supplier and vendor process improvements. You’ll ensure you get plant and equipment with high reliability. And you’ll successfully imbed new answers into your procurement processes to streamline supply and delivery.

Plant and Equipment Wellness methodology does not replace codes of practice and industry standards, such as the ISO standards or the API standards. Rather, the codes of practice and standards you now have are used within the Plant Wellness Way framework. You open yourself up to a whole new world of risk reduction possibilities and risk elimination choices. You discover simpler and more successful implementation of vendor management strategies. You find alternatives to help you meet 100% compliance of project management plans.

The Plant Wellness Way life cycle EAM is effective for finding supply chain management solutions in any, and all, of these supply and logistics situations:

  • Capital Project Designers
  • Capital Project Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Equipment Designers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs
  • Installation Contractors
  • Maintenance Contractors
  • Shutdown and Turnaround Contractors
  • Industrial Maintenance and Repair Shops

Plant and Equipment Wellness Way analysis and solutions are useable for green-field projects and brown-field projects related to fixed plant, process plant, mobile plant, lifting equipment, static plant (like tanks), and pressure equipment (like vessels and piping).

You improve project management outcomes, imbed work quality assurance and controls, and remove supply chain and operating risks when Plant Wellness Way techniques are used on your supply chain.

When the Plant Wellness Way is used across the supply chain it lets you create a life cycle system that reduces risk to your assets during their operating phase. PWW lets you design and build supply chain management solutions that generate maximum operating profits. The range of issues considered in a PWW review is unconstrained. By using PWW you give yourself more choices across the life cycle to address operating risks.

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All the best to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliablity Solutions HQ