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See the ‘game changing’ Plant Wellness Way Charleston Videos

You are welcome to view the 20 videos of the Plant Wellness Way (PWW) training delivered in Charleston SC, USA to new regional consultants.
The first day provides you with best practice knowledge and content covering key industrial asset management, maintenance and reliability concepts you must apply to create outstanding equipment reliability. Day 2 and Day 3 introduces and explains how the Plant Wellness Way methodology creates world class reliability, maintenance and operational excellence.
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Day 1: Foundations of Plant and Equipment Wellness

1. Physics of Failure: The science and engineering of equipment failure. (1 hr 00 min 16 sec)
2. Reliability: The probability of future success is your reliability. (38 min 14 sec)
3. Operational Risk: Create better chance and opportunity for great reliability. (31 min 43 sec)
4. Cost of Failure: Your business always pays every cent for all that is wrong. (18 min 30 sec)
5. Series Arrangements: In a series arrangement failure can be anywhere. (35 min 14 sec)
6. Human Error: Human error is inevitable, but you can do better. (51 min 55 sec)
7. Asset Life Cycle: Physical asset reliability depends on its past life. (27 min 25 sec)
8. Reliability Improvement: Reliability is malleable by policy and practice. (1 hr 36 min 15 sec)

When you want to create world class reliability and operational excellence in your company see Day 2 and 3 videos.

Day 2 and Day 3 contain the methods and explain exactly how LRS Consultants use the Plant Wellness Way tools and techniques to turn your company into a world class operation fast.
You can also get answers to all your questions by emailing us and we will explain the details of how you create outstanding reliability and enterprise asset management success in your operation.
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Day 2: The Six PWW ‘IONICS’ Processes

9. IDENTIFY – Risk Identification: Measure all business risk from failure. (57 min 42 sec)
10. ORDER – Risk Selection: Risk and reliability are inversely connected. (1 hr 09 min 09 sec)
11. NUMERATE – Risk Control Planning: Do activities that cause reliability. (27 min 15 sec)
12. INTRODUCE – Risk Control Introduction: Do right actions and skills. (1 hr 13 min 58 sec)
13. CONTROL – Risk Monitoring: Check the right things are being done. (31 min 44 sec)
14. SYNTHESIZE – Risk Elimination: Learn how to get high reliability. (1 hr 02 min 25 sec)

Day 3: Reliability Creation by Intent

15. Business Risk Reduction: See business risks that need control. (1 hr 08 min 33 sec)
16. Stress to Process Model: Only healthy parts give reliable assets. (19 min 18 sec)
17. Life Cycle Risk Reduction: You create reliability on the drawing board. (11 min 30 sec)
18. Operational Risk Reduction: In operation, reliability must be sure. (12 min 56 sec)
19. Machinery Risk Reduction: Remove the cause of parts failure. (5 min 26 sec)
20. Making Changes: Win your people over to operations success. (44 min 49 sec)

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Secrets of the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way to Outstanding Reliability

You are also welcome to freely view 8 short films snipped from the three day presentation on the Plant Wellness Way (PWW) enterprise asset management methodology delivered to USA affiliates in Charleston SC.
These videos are each only a few minutes long and will give you a taste of the unique PWW.
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