Business Opportunity to Start an Industrial Training Business Providing Our World Class Industrial Training Courses

Be approved to deliver our Industrial Plant and Equipment Maintenance, Asset Management, and Reliability training courses and make extra income presenting world-class, best-practice training content.

You can also translate our training presentations and materials into a language other than English and offer them through your industrial training business.

You can present the courses as in-class public training and onsite training. We’ll provide you with the course presentation materials, along with initial marketing content that you can then tailor the copy to suit your marketplace.


Hello and welcome,

You can use our world renown industrial training presentations and course materials to start your own industrial training business. Run your own courses in your part of the world. Use the training materials to create new courses and open up new opportunities for you and your business.

Build your own industrial training business around the discipline and experiences you know well and make extra income presenting to diverse groups of people. You can provide a wide range of maintenance management, equipment reliability and engineering asset management training courses for both public and on-site industrial training.

You license the use of our proven training topics to present in your own training courses. Your license gives you access and use of the training course PowerPoint presentations, workbooks and marketing materials. The license fee is a 10% share to us of the course income (i.e. the gross sales, not net profit) from each course that you deliver.

With our courses materials you’ll provide world class training content and save yourself months of research and development time. You get the very latest versions of the best practice courses that you present. You know with confidence that the training presentations you deliver are most relevant and have highly valuable and worthwhile content.

People interested in becoming industrial trainers and presenters can use our training courses under license

You can run your own public training courses in your local geographic region and even internationally. You can use your own people who are knowledgable in a topic to deliver courses, or subcontract the training delivery to other competent presenters. Plus, we will also send you inquires that we receive from major industrial training providers who want to market training topics you can deliver in your region of the world. If you do not mind travelling away for a few days at a time you can run on-site and public training courses for clients in any location around the Globe that you wish.

View the current list of courses you can pick from to licence at Training Presentations Available to License.

Inquire about licensing the use of our industrial training products for your industrial training business by sending us an email. Our details are in the Contact Us page.

You get the latest content and new updates for the courses that you present so your material stays current and valuable

The course materials you receive are always the very latest version. When we update the course content you then get a copy of the newest presentation. If you want particular changes to suit your market and clients you have our permission to do so. We only request that you provide us a copy of the changes you make.

To give you the maximum opportunity to satisfy your clients and your markets, we allow you great flexibility in using our presentation materials. The slides and course workbooks become your library of training content to use. Use the materials to create new courses that your business can offer and market. We will help you to chose the most approriate content and be your reviewer and coach.

Though some courses are available for purchase at our online store, their content is limited compared to what you will get to use for your training presentations. You will always have the most resent version with new content not available from anywhere else.

Enquire now to get the training courses you want to present in your area

Send us a list of the courses you are interested in delivering. All our training courses are licensed for a year and renewed annually. You are sent the full training agreement to review and we’ll answer all your questions.

The license agreement lists the terms of the license and the courses you will deliver. The terms address issues to do with use of our materials, payment from courses, ownership of copyright, continual improvement of content, legal indemnity between parties, authority for us to monitor the use of the training materials, and any mutually acceptable decisions you want to include into our arrangement.

When we complete our negotiations you take on your license and you get access to the course materials you want via an Internet link to download them. You have started your industrial training business.

General information on our approach to training course presentations

We find that a good day-length presentation needs a minimum of 80 to 90 slides and 2-3 interactive sessions. Attendees like it when you incorporate your own enlightening activities and exemplary case-studies. It makes the day interesting and practical. You need a minimum 60 to 40 ratio of images to text respectively in a good industrial presentation. We provide greater than 60% content of images, graphics, tables, graphs, etc. Less than 60% content of graphics and images requires you to add more interactive sessions into the day, such as questions and answers or prepared activities.

During the course you explain the content in each slide. There is useful suggestions and information for you in many of the slide note pages. The slides and notes have sufficient clarity and information to allow you to understand what the slide is about. You will quickly grasp and understand the knowledge you want to impart to course Attendees. We are also available to explain all presentation materials to you and can provide you with additional information, assistance and feedback.

You will need to provide your own laptop for presentations, and be prepared for the electrical power supply voltage and current available in the training locality. If you do training overseas your passport will need to be valid for at least six months following the date you leave the country after your training assignment. In some countries you can only enter by request. An invitation letter will need to be provided to you by the requesting party from that country. You can get an entry visa to visit the country from its Embassy nearest to where you live. Fees will be payable and they are normally reimbursed by the client on evidence of receipt.

To start your own industrial training business delivering quality presentations and imparting useful knowledge to Attendees, please get our details from the Contact Us page. Send an email requesting to use our training presentations and materials in your training courses.

All the best to you,
Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ