Practical Reliability Engineering Training for Getting Highly Reliable Operating Plant and Equipment

Get successful problem-solving and real-world reliability training in this Applied Reliability Engineering course

Full of knowledge and tools you use to improves plant and equipment reliability in industrial, manufacturing, and process operations

The content in this Applied Reliability Engineering Course is focused on real plant and equipment reliability improvement

This practical reliability engineering training takes the mystery out of reliability engineering for operations and maintenance practitioners.

Download the PDF brochure describing the Applied Reliability Engineering Training Courses for Industrial Plants and Operations by clicking this link Applied Reliability Engineering Course for Industrial Operations Training.

Practical reliability training for operating plant and equipment needs to produce practical results. The content in this applied reliability engineering course is developed by reliability and maintenance specialists who have solved countless reliability problems on industrial plant and equipment. In this applied reliability training you get all their practical knowledge and experience in reliability analysis and reliability improvement. It is a 3-day reliability training course that teaches you how to solve reliability problems and prevent reliability failures in your operation.

This practical reliability engineering course gives you sound coverage and in-depth knowledge of reliability improvement methods, techniques and investigative tools. You learn what you must do to get equipment reliability growth in industrial operations. You are taught practical ways to use the reliability principles of industrial reliability engineering to get high plant and equipment reliability.


Description of this Practical Reliability Engineering Course Content

The first day of your applied reliability training course covers the fundamentals of Reliability Engineering. Difficult reliability and risk concepts are made simple. You learn how they apply in industry. Examples are provided and explained throughout the reliability training course that relate important reliability concepts to real workplace situations.

The most important learnings from Day 1 of this practical reliability engineering course includes understanding how series systems perform, plotting component failure distribution curves, determining component failure rate curves, doing operating equipment risk analysis, and applying the risk matrix to quickly cost the gains from reliability improvements.

In Day 2 your reliability training focuses on operating plant and equipment reliability improvement. You learn why machines fail and how to prevent equipment and machinery failure. You learn how to create a successful failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system (FRACAS) for your operation. You get to see and use good failure investigation methodology.

Day 2 continues with vital site reliability engineering training in component failure plotting using the failure data from your maintenance and operations history. You see how to use a spread sheet to simply analyse and plot information, so you can read the reliability story contained within your maintenance records. You are shown the latest methods and techniques for monitoring reliability growth to use in reliability improvement projects.

The final day of the applied reliability engineering course takes you into reliability creation. You learn what you need to do to bring reliability success to your operation. Starting with failure data, you are shown how to use methods and techniques that get higher plant and equipment reliability performance. You learn to use costing and financial analysis to show people how much money will be gained from a reliability improvement activity.

Day 3 includes developing preventive and predictive maintenance strategy using reliability principles. You are introduced to the most useful way to do Reliability Centered Maintenance using risk analysis to test if the selected maintenance strategy will actually bring reliability growth and save your operation maintenance costs.

This practical reliability engineering course gives you best practise reliability improvement methods that you’ll use every day on site. You return to work with new answers and reliability methods that solve equipment reliability problems.

We will deliver this practical reliability engineering course onsite or live online if you have 4 or more people who want best practise, applied reliability training. Your people learn from specialists in industrial maintenance and reliability. They get training, coaching, and reliability improvement knowledge that is sure to make operating plant and equipment highly reliable.

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