Applied Reliability Engineering for Operating Plant Training Course by Online Distance Education

Use Reliability Engineering Basics to Improve Operating Plant and Equipment online course teaches practical methods, techniques and skills to improve operating plant, machinery and equipment reliability

Learn how to use basic reliability engineering knowledge and tools to lift production uptime by getting highly reliable machinery and operating assets

Solve recurring equipment maintenance problems, stop production breakdowns, get maximum plant uptime, reduce maintenance costs, get highest throughput, and error proof maintenance work activities

The Applied Reliability Engineering for Operating Plant explains how to do reliability improvement in a 10-module reliability training course by online distance education. It is full of powerful, practical reliability engineering training. It teaches you to lift equipment reliability in industrial operations and production sites.



Learn successful, effective ways to stop equipment reliability problems and lift plant uptime. You get access to PowerPoint reliability training presentations, world class reading materials, and online reliability and maintenance training videos about the best equipment reliability improvement and plant maintenance practices.

An applied reliability improvement course for maintenance, engineering and quality management people who work with physical plant, equipment or machines and need them to be more reliable. This online reliability improvement training course is suitable for industrial sites, process plants, resources companies, freight transporters, marine and shipping, aero-space, power and water utilities, etc. What you learn can be used anywhere there is an equipment reliability problem to solve.


Graduate Student Testimonial for Our Applied Reliability Improvement Training Course

“I’d like to express my gratitude for the training on reliability. In this course I learnt techniques that broadened my mind and skills. I thank you a lot.

It was a great pleasure to have you as a Tutor. I learned many things that will help me all my professional life.”

David Luyadisa, KBR Inc, Texas, USA

Applied Reliability Improvement Training Course Student Testimonial

“I have come to greatly appreciate the concepts you have introduced in your books and in your training content.

I modestly think you have hit the nail on the head! I have never considered reliability from this perspective before. Although what you are advocating is now making absolute perfect sense to me!

Many thanks for the wisdom and knowledge you are sharing through your work. Will always remain grateful.”

Mayez Chikhany, Petrofac Engineering & Production Services, UAE

In each module you learn and practice important, effective reliability improvement solutions. You can even use examples from your own workplace in assignments and start solving real reliability and maintenance problems. The assignment activities you do get you using reliability engineering methods, tools and strategy that work in every business and operation.

Once you complete the course you get a certificate that recognises your new skills, knowledge and reliability problem solving abilities.

Many Benefits and Insights in this Practical Reliability Engineering Training Course

You work with a human Tutor who guides you and teaches you sound reliability engineering methods and reliability improvement solutions for. By working with a reliability specialist you get focused reliability training that helps you to rapidly understanding and learn topics and techniques. During the applied reliability training course your Tutor teaches you the right ways to work through plant and equipment reliability problems. Having you own reliability professional to work with whenever you need them is a great way for you to quickly learn the right methods and tools of reliability improvement.

The applied reliability engineering and maintenance training you learn gives you new abilities and skills to:

  • Make operating plant and equipment more reliable and available for productive use,
  • Audit operational and maintenance performance to identify reliability improvement opportunities,
  • Design optimum maintenance strategies to increase in-the-field plant and equipment reliability,
  • Make proper use failure history to deliver the maintenance strategy that improves reliability,
  • Identify reliability improvement solutions to lift availability both fixed plant and mobile equipment,
  • Select applicable tools and techniques to investigate maintenance problems and production plant breakdowns,
  • Set-up equipment failure databases and track operating asset failure history,
  • Introduce reliability improvement principles and practices on new, existing and old equipment,
  • Make sound financial Cost Benefit Decisions and spare parts holding selection,
  • Solve failure modes with correct selection of primary and secondary maintenance activities and schedules.

Get more details and information about this practical reliability engineering training course via distance education by downloading these PDF documents.

Applied Reliability Improvement for Operating Plant Training Course Content

Sample Screens from Applied Reliability Course Modules 1 to 10

Contents of the Applied Reliability Course Book

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Purchase Information on this Practical Reliability Improvement Training Course

The course is self-paced and you start your training as soon as you get the first module.

Each module costs AUD $99.99. The total cost of the 10-module Applied Reliability Improvement training course by online distance education is under AUD $1,000 per student. Modules are purchased one-at-a-time as you need them. Following the purchase you receive an automated email with a link to download the module over the Web.

You can buy the entire course at once if it is easier for your company to process a single payment rather than handle ten separate payments.

Purchase each of the ten training modules at the online store by following this link to Applied Reliability Engineering for Operating Plant Improvement Training Course.

The training course materials are not available by postal mail. We provide only online downloads of our training course contents.

Register Now and Start the Applied Reliability Improvement Training Course

Inquire about registering for the training course via online distance education by sending an email to us requesting registration information. You can also go to the online store and buy Module 1 to immediately start your training. We get notified that you started the course. We contact you by email to give you all the information you need on how to complete the course. Get our email address from the Contact Us Page.

We response to you by return email containing information about the course and enrollment. To register and start your training you buy Module 1 of the applied reliability course at the online store and download it. You review the module content, watch the applicable online reliability and maintenance training videos, then complete the assignments and send each assignment to your Tutor.

You do each applied reliability training module one at a time, including its assignments, until each module is complete. As you do a module your Tutor reviews the assignments that you submit and gives you feedback and advice on how to complete them well. Once you pass Module 1 assignments you then purchase the next module and continue with learning more best practice reliability training. After you complete all modules you receive your Applied Reliability Improvement Course training certificate.

If you have questions about the online distance education Applied Reliability Training Course please Contact Us by email.


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