Asset Management Courses in Australia on How to Use Plant Wellness Way EAM for ISO 55001 Certification AND a World Class EAM System-of-Reliability

Enterprise asset management training for maximum reliability and productivity from your ISO 55001 asset management framework and strategic asset management plan (SAMP)

Onsite and online lifecycle asset management courses Australia in building a fully complying ISO 55001 asset management system for world class enterprise asset management success and ISO 55001 certification to the ISO 55001 standard framework

3-day EAM training delivered onsite or online teaches how to use Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to build an ISO 55001 compliant EAM system-of-reliability that gets world class operating asset performance.

The onsite and online asset management courses Australia teach how to build an effective enterprise asset management system to fully comply with the ISO 55001 standard, which produces a world class EAM system designed and built to get world class asset performance and profits.

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You come out of this 3-day asset management training course knowing how to make your operations and maintenance processes (and your production plant and equipment) highly reliable in ways that let you turn your organisation into a world-class industrial operation. Intentionally designed to twin with ISO 55001 asset management system requirements (also called the ISO 55001 Asset Management Standard) the Plant Wellness Way Life Cycle Asset Management Course is full of EAM training that gives you a complete, holistic solution for the care of physical assets in industrial operations.

You learn how to build an effective enterprise asset management system to easily comply with the ISO 55001 standard, which also addresses the right quality management principles and incorporates on-going continual improvement to drive world class asset performance. You learn to see and work with the holistic and interactive nature of a lifecycle asset management process, so you bring to your organization sustainable, world class plant availability and get the maximum utilisation of your physical assets.

Online or onsite asset management courses Australia cover three days of enterprise asset management training in order to really understand how Plant Wellness Way EAM satisfies and addresses the ISO 55001 standard requirements while getting you outstanding industrial and enterprise asset management success. To take your operation to world class asset management performance cannot be learnt in a one day or two day industrial asset management course. One day of asset management training is not even sufficient introduction to realise the complexity of a complying ISO 55001 asset management system. In a two day asset management training course you will barely learn of the business-wide implications and processes needed for world class asset management performance. A 2-day asset management training cannot teach how to implement what you learn. You need to attend a 3-day asset management course to get the complete understanding of fully complying to ISO55001 requirements and using the best solutions to get you a world class, life-cycle asset management system the Plant Wellness Way.

Plant Wellness Way stress-to-process model to build asset management systems


On Day 1 of these life cycle asset management courses you learn what it takes to build a world class enterprise asset management system where long, trouble-free equipment service life is normal. This enterprise asset management (EAM) course teaches you numerous ways to eliminate the need for maintenance by creating reliability. You learn how to get your machines and equipment to give you outstandingly reliable performance. What maintenance that remains uses diligent precision skills to reduce and remove stress in parts so that they never fail and you get zero breakdowns.

Your Day 1 asset management training includes teaching you how reliability reduces production risk. You learn how to put a reliability creation process into your enterprise asset management strategy. Though equipment risk is covered in the ISO55000 asset management standard, the Plant Wellness Way (PWW) asset management methodology lets you select exactly how low to reduce your operating risks. In this way Plant Wellness asset management strategy improves PAS 55 and ISO 55000 outcomes for users because they can design into their enterprise asset management plans whatever amount of reliability they need for their production.

Preventing risk is a major theme of your world class asset management training during the first day of the 3-day life cycle asset management course. You discover the reason some operations still have endless problems even after using ISO 55001, and why those that use the Plant Wellness Way (PWW) to build their ISO55001 framework do not. Day 1 ends with the understanding of how to easily introduce world class work quality assurance into your job procedures.

Plant Wellness Way to a world class enterprise asset management system


Day 2 of the enterprise asset management course takes you into the six processes of the Plant Wellness Way that bring sure life cycle asset management success to those people who combine PWW with ISO 55001 asset management. You discover how to identify every possible way your equipment can fail. You then target the most likely asset failure causes and prevent them happening to your assets. You learn the best ways to ensure your maintenance efforts create reliability, and you learn how to measure the effectiveness of your maintenance strategy and maintenance activities in getting you world class reliability.

Later in Day 2 of EAM training you learn the best organisation design to use to produce world class asset management results. You learn which key performance indicators (KPI’s) bring you the greatest value in running and tuning your organisation’s lifecycle asset management strategy. You learn how to use the best KPI’s to drive the right behaviours amongst your staff and employees. These vital aspects of successful life cycle asset management are not well covered in the ISO 55000 asset management framework, but by using the Plant Wellness asset management methodology they become a part of your asset management plans.

By the end of the second day of asset management training you have learnt Reliability Growth Cause Analysis (RGCA), you know the best root cause analysis process to follow, you know the critical seven equipment reliability standards to set for your machinery, and you know exactly how to create world class reliability in any machine that you have in your operation.

Getting ISO 55001 standard certification using Plant Wellness Way methodology


The last day of life cycle asset management courses Australia starts with giving you the best work quality management practises to use. You learn how to build accuracy control into work procedures to deliver statistically stable quality workmanship. You are taught how to map your lifecycle asset management processes to uncover their weaknesses and then fix them properly so that your reliability problems disappear. This is one of the greatest pieces of knowledge you will take away from your world class life cycle asset management training. This key knowledge to asset management success is not even mentioned in ISO 55001, but it is a most important fact in your plants future reliability growth. It is the core concept of the Plant Wellness Way asset management methodology and why with it any ISO 55001 certified system will have a huge chance of also being a world class asset management system.

Day 3 also gives you the most powerful life cycle asset management solution to use to maximise your operating profits during every year in the decades ahead—the DOCTOR (Design and Operating Cost Total Optimised Risk). You learn how to target your risk reduction strategy so you prevent failure and eliminate those defects that will later become failures. You are taught how to make the best economic maintenance decisions that get the most operating profit for your business.

As the end of the final day of your life cycle asset management training approaches to are given more tools to use to help train your shopfloor people in the best world class reliability practices. You learn how to create a line-of-sight map to take your operation to world class asset management performance in the quickest way possible. The lifecycle asset management course ends with a clear strategy to use the Plant Wellness Way to get the best results from your ISO 55001 asset management strategy development.

Go home with the right answers to how you make your plant and equipment run consistently at highest availability? How to produce at full capacity with 100% first-pass-quality? How do you generate the most operating profit and be sure to get it? This life cycle asset management course teaches you the specific details that reduce production costs and wastes, give the utmost throughput, and make high equipment reliability inevitable.

Discover the solutions you need to the life cycle asset management issues affecting your operating plant and equipment performance. You’ll learn simple, certain methods that produce the highest pay-offs from physical asset, plant and equipment.

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