Industrial Maintenance Training Course for High Operating Plant and Equipment Reliability Using Plant Wellness Way EAM

Onsite and Online Maintenance Management Courses Australia with All the Vital Knowledge and Methods to Create Plant and Equipment Wellness Success and profits In Your Operation

A 3-day industrial maintenance course full of reliability and maintenance training on exactly how to deliver outstanding equipment reliability using the Plant Wellness Way EAM System-of-Reliability Methodology

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When maintenance management is done properly your maintenance strategies and practices deliver the six purposes of maintenance—1) equipment reliability, 2) failure avoidance, 3) defect elimination, 4) least operating costs, 5) operating risk reduction and 6) highest sustainable production. Fail to maximise one of these maintenance outcomes and your maintenance efforts will not get the big operating profit pay-offs that you should get.

Attend this world class industrial maintenance course and learn how world class maintenance managers, maintenance engineers and maintenance supervisors master operating equipment reliability and plant maintenance costs. In this best practise maintenance course you learn how to get the best performance from your maintenance processes and resource. You discover how to make your plant and equipment highly reliable for the least maintenance cost.


Description of Mastering Maintenance Course Content

Whether delivered onsite or online, the maintenance management courses Australia provide the most successful industrial plant maintenance training in how to create and improve plant and equipment reliability. Maintenance management courses that only teach about maintenance processes and computerised maintenance systems do not reduce your maintenance costs. You might learn about maintenance and its management, but you need a maintenance course where you learn the maintenance training that makes your equipment highly reliable and your operation highly profitable. This 3-day industrial maintenance course is full of the best practise maintenance training and maintenance management course content you will use to become a world class operation.

It takes a three-day long maintenance management course to get across all that you need to know in sufficient detail to understand world class maintenance. It takes 3-days to learn how to apply the comprehensive maintenance training content in LRS ‘Maintenance Management Courses for World Class Reliability’ properly in your operation so that you can create outstanding reliability. Two-day long maintenance management courses barely have time to explain maintenance management processes. One-day long maintenance training courses can at best give you an overview of maintenance—it is doubtful that you would learn much in one-day maintenance courses that will improve your maintenance performance.

To get to the point where you know all the right information that you need in order to gain mastery over your maintenance results needs three days of reliability maintenance training. It is impossible to learn anything of practical value in a one-day maintenance course. Even two days of industrial maintenance training is only an introduction of what you need to know and use to get maintenance success. The 3-day Lifetime Reliability Solutions ‘Maintenance Management Mastery for High Reliability and Maintenance Performance’ maintenance course gives you all the vital reliability and maintenance knowledge and information that you need to know to totally master your maintenance management.

Day 1 of the maintenance course explains vitally important equipment reliability concepts. You learn how materials of construction stresses cause equipment component failure that then lead to equipment failures—and you learn what you can do to prevent the stresses in the first place so that you create outstanding reliability. You see where condition monitoring, also known as Predictive Maintenance, fits into reliability creation. You learn when Preventive Maintenance becomes a great operating risk reduction strategy. You get taken through simple reliability analysis to help you understand the right maintenance strategy to select for your plant and equipment.

Also in Day 1 of your mastering maintenance training you are introduced to component failure curves and how they are developed from your parts replacement history. Equipment reliability improvement strategies are introduced and you discover ‘Physics of Failure’ and its vital importance in maintenance management mastery. You practise identify failure modes often seen in equipment and machinery failure causes.

Day 2 in the LRS maintenance management courses immediately starts with a diagram of what is current best practice maintenance and why it is not good enough to create world class reliability. In your maintenance training you learn how and why companies suffer equipment breakdowns because of work quality variations. The connection between operating risk and the choice of maintenance strategy to manage risk is fully explained. Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) strategy selection is overviewed so you understand the use of RCM.

Later in Day 2 of the Maintenance Management Mastery course human error is explained and practical solutions to reduce human error are introduced. You learn about Equipment Criticality, including how to measure it and how to use it to prioritise your maintenance work. The day includes a Failure Mode Effects Analysis activity so you can see how to use FMEA to improve your equipment reliability. Ways to investigate your maintenance history data and extract powerful insights about your maintenance and reliability practises is explained. The day ends with a brief introduction to Root Cause Analysis and its role in reliability continuous improvement.

Discussion of how to move from a repair focused culture to a reliability focused culture starts Day 3 maintenance management courses. The need to price the total business-wide costs of failure and the tools to do defect and failure total costing are explained. You see how the world leaders in maintenance management use their maintenance processes to remove defects, stop failures and create reliability. The use of Reliability Teams and the introduction of cascaded reliability goals to drive reliability improvement are clarified. The value of precision maintenance and how to set up a precision maintenance program provide insight in the very latest techniques used by best practise maintenance crews to make machinery reliable.

Day 3 in this world class maintenance training shows you how to use Accuracy Controlled Enterprise concepts to drive maintenance work quality up to world class reliability standards. You are shown how to use maintenance quality management systems to increase operating profits and create outstanding equipment reliability.

LRS maintenance management courses take you deep into the design and use of maintenance management systems and process. Most importantly, you get maintenance training that fully explains how to get world class maintenance happening in your operation.

The information, skills and techniques you learn at these industrial maintenance courses, along with the maintenance management training you receive, are at the forefront of modern operations, maintenance and reliability best practices. You get the best and the right maintenance training that brings more operating profits and lasting reliability successes.

My best regards to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
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