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Welcome and thank you for viewing our replies to questions on our industrial asset maintenance management training courses full of world class maintenance and reliability content.

You are welcome to email us your questions about any of the maintenance management training, maintenance planning training, or equipment reliability improvement training courses we offer. Follow this link to our Head Office contact details. Replies will be posted in the FAQs pages.


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The costs noted below are the course prices as at the time of writing this page. Prices will change over time but we work hard to keep costs down so people can get a good, solid, correct education at a reasonable price.


1. The cost and duration of this training?


At this time the cost for maintenance management training topics is $199.99 per module. Preventive Maintenance has 3 modules and Predictive Maintenance has 2 modules, for a total of under $1,000 per student to get their maintenance management training certificate.

Cost for Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training is $99.99 per module. This course has 10 modules plus final submission review, for a total under $1,000 per student to get a maintenance planning training certificate.

If you want to do only maintenance planning training or maintenance scheduling training seperate from the other part of the course we will allow you to do so. Your training certificate will indicate the course you complete.

You can go as quick as you wish through the courses. You will need to pass all Module assignments and your Tutor has final say on that. I recommend that you set a goal to complete one module per fortnight.


2. Course content?


See our online Web pages for materials and information that answer this question. Follow the links below to the relevant Web pages and click the course content links listed on the screen to see PDF pages of the course content.

Maintenance Planning training at Maintenance Planning Course Details.

Preventive Maintenance training at Developing Planned Preventive Maintenance Course Details.

Predictive Maintenance training at Developing Planned Predictive Maintenance Course Details.

Root Cause Failure Analysis at Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Training Course.


3. Practical applicability of these course since they are purely by distance learning?


All the maintenance training courses educational materials are world class content. Each Module contains assignments to be completed and submitted to your Tutor. The Tutor’s role is to ensure that you learn what is vital and important to know. You will put the training course module content to use during the Module assignments. The very best approach to learn the Module content is to do your assignments using your actual workplace as the examples that you apply the Module learning too.


4. What type of professional assistance is rendered during the training?


You are provided with a human Tutor for the duration of your course. The Tutor is there for you to get guidance, have discussion and answer your questions. They also review all your assignments and provide feedback. A Module payment includes payment for 30 minutes Tutor time per Module.

You start immediately learning each Module after downloading by going through each slide and becoming familiar with its message and reading any notes with the PowerPoint slide. You will also be advised by separate email of a range of internet and text book information sources on the Module content. You will need to do your own research to gain deeper awareness of a topic. The PowerPoint slides will not be enough to learn all that you need to know. They can only ever provide direction and focus about what is important for you to know.

When you arrive at an assignment you do it and submit it to your Tutor. Your Tutor will provide you with feedback and advice. When necessary you continue to refine the assignment submission until your Tutor accepts it.


5. Can I apply confidently for higher positions at the end of this training?


The course content and coverage is world class, and you will be exposed to it and trained in it. When you apply for a higher role or position you will be able to competently and comfortably apply the learning. You will be trained on the topics covered in the Module content and you will be able to use the methods and practices you learn to solve the demanding real-life scenarios within your company.

That is why I recommend that all your assignments be based on your actual workplace situations. In that way you will gain experience and knowledge of applying the new learning to the equipment and maintenance processes in your company. The people about you will see you developing and improving. You will then build a portfolio of successful applications in your company of the course knowledge to show when you seek higher positions.


6. Method of payment?


You buy each module online after which you get a link to download that module. Purchasing the first Module completes the course registration process. Credit card payment is with MasterCard or Visa via PayPal.


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