Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for World-Class Reliability 10-Module Maintenance Planner and Scheduler Online Distance Learning Training Course

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for World-Class Reliability 10-Module Maintenance Planner and Scheduler Online Distance Learning Training Course

Learn world-class methods, vital skills, and career building knowledge in a tutored Maintenance Planner and Scheduler Course by Online Distance Learning

Complete 6 Maintenance Planning Training Modules and 4 Maintenance Scheduling Modules and Get Your Maintenance Planner and Scheduler Certification

“Helps you to create top class maintenance work packs and gives you the foundation to build a successful maintenance planning career.”

This tutored and certificated maintenance planner course by online distance education delivers maintenance planning and scheduling training, knowledge, insights, and skills to be a top-class maintenance planner and scheduler. Read of the benefits and value that graduates gained from this online maintenance planner and scheduler course in the many graduate testimonials below.

Join this maintenance planner and scheduler course and get access to world class maintenance planning and scheduling methods and skills, along with coaching, support, and advice from an expert tutor. Your career prospects and income earning potential improve greatly when you are a certificated maintenance planner and scheduler.

This training teaches you maintenance planning and scheduling that surely increases maintenance job quality, lifts operating and maintenance performance, gets highly reliable components and equipment, lowers maintenance costs, and raises plant availability with the world class maintenance planning and scheduling skills you learn. Those capabilities are greatly valued by organizations and it is why our graduates regularly fast-track their careers after completing the course.

Training in the maintenance planner course by online distance learning involves viewing all 10 PowerPoint modules with their audio presentations and slide notes. There’s a course book with information on the assignments that you need to complete. You will work with a friendly tutor who coaches and guides you. You do the assignments in each module and pass them to your Tutor for feedback. They help you learn and apply the best practices of maintenance planning and scheduling. They guide and coach you to pass the training course and get your maintenance planning and scheduling certificate.

An Exceptional Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course Delivering Top Class Maintenance Planners and Schedulers Since November 2010

Introduction Video Clip to the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course Online by Tutored Distance Education

Read Graduate Testimonials about Our Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course by Online Distance Learning

How this Maintenance Planner Course Online Secured Me a Better Job and Pay

“I would like to thank Lifetime Reliability, you and especially Mike, for helping me gain in-depth knowledge about maintenance planning and scheduling concepts like FMEA, Criticality Analysis, Equipment life-cycle, 3T work quality assurance, Work scheduling, and KPIs.

I would like to share one good thing that happened to me, and the reasons, because of doing this course. I applied for a post of Technical Planner in my current company, but due to my knowledge in planning, I was offered the position of Planning Supervisor (two grades high). A big thank you.

Kate, as my mentor, always extended support for my learning by reminding me about module status, replying to my queries, reviewing my assessments, giving feedback (in 1 case, asking me to redo an assignment) and ensuring I understood the concepts. Thanks to you too Kate for being available all the time.

Best regards,”

Vivek Chhabra, Amec Blackcat, Qatar

Testimonial on the Maintenance Planning Online Training Course:

“I must say I am really proud of this achievement (First Class Maintenance Planner Certificate). Although I have been at Hitachi for nearly seventeen years my background was in the parts area. Reman pumps was started five years ago to service our excavators in the mining industry. Three years ago Hitachi could really see the value in Reman pumps and motors, so hired a full time manager purely to see Reman nurtured to its potential. I don’t know what this manager saw in me, but he convinced me to come on board as the only non trades person at Reman to organise stores, paint and package units, control core returns and slowly develop a system to run the Reman operations. At that stage we were producing about thirty units a month. Three years later we are now producing 130 units a month. With further expansion of Reman underway at the moment, we will ramp-up production gradually to produce 500 units per month within the next two years (as I say one hell of an expansion happening).

So, long story short, the manager had the basics in place but knew we needed to improve on all our processes, procedures, safety, training, stores holding, available resources and improved subcontract work. This is where I come back in, Reman needed a component planner and scheduler. I applied, the manager gave me the position and set me to task, but 12 months in I needed to understand more about the when, where and why of planning and scheduling to achieve our goal. So I started your online planning and scheduling course.

Each time I learnt something new from you I would implement it or suggest we change something for the better. Once the boss got suspicious about what I was doing and he started making sense of what I was changing, I finally told him about you and and the course (sometime into Module 3 I think) So finally, we needed to improve all our processes and procedures, as well as manage job time to a greater level. We are achieving this. We have put into place a parts system to ensure jobs will be built on schedule; better communication with the boys on the shop floor (I run a daily Production meeting) and our jobs’ status has a more visual impact than ever before. We will constantly continue to improve and evolve.

A by product from working with you is the improvement in my IT skills. Who’d a thought it at 55 YO. Thanks again Mike for everything you’ve done. Will be happily recommending Lifetime Reliability Solution.”

Peter Thompson, Reman Pumps, Australia

Testimonial for the online Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Training Course:

“I am so grateful to you for my successful completion of this maintenance planner course. It has really improved my understanding of my job requirements. I started this course just after I was given a maintenance planner position. I just had the basics of planning and scheduling. Going through each module and completing each assignment was both challenging and interesting.

Now I know that with accurate planning and on-time scheduling, my crew can perform maintenance tasks safely and greatly improve the equipment availability and reliability.

Thank you so much for your patience and knowledge imparted to me.”

Justine Boampong, Golden Star Resources, Ghana, Africa

Testimonial for the Maintenance Planner Course online:

“Dear Mike,

I have found the course content interesting, particularly when I was able to apply the concepts and processes in my work as an Asset Management Technical Officer.

The competencies I have gained from the maintenance planner course are already helping to improve the quality of our routine maintenance planning.

We are also developing better prepared work packs for our refurbishment and enhancement projects. Feedback from our project managers and supervisors is positive.”

Doug Collier, Irrigation & Drainage Asset Management, Sunwater Ltd, Australia

Testimonial for the online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course:

“Hi Mike,

Thank you for all your help. I have found this maintenance planning training course of major benefit to me.

Little did I think at 53 years of age that I would be still learning at this level.

The amount of information, graphs, etc. that were in the course content were fantastic.

The course and its delivery were perfect for me and I would have great pleasure in recommending you to anybody.”

Kieran Griffin, Technical Services, DePuy Orthopaedics Worldwide, Ireland

Testimonial of the online Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Training Course:

“Thanks very much Mike,

The course was very useful to my work that I’m doing now, the presentation is clear as well as the 10 Modules Course book which included the sample or the guide for completed assignment.

I’ve gained lots from the maintenance planner course. I can say the training helped to clarified many confusing questions which I had in the past years since started to be Maintenance Planner and now I realise what will be the effect if we’re not Planning and Scheduling proper!!!

I enjoyed training with you and doing MPS Online course as well.”

Ohnouma Soukhaphon, Maintenance Planner – Outages, MMG LXML Sepon, Laos PDR

Testimonial of the online Maintenance Planning Training Course:

“Hi Mike,

May I kindly appreciate your effort and assistance for the online maintenance planner course you are currently offering. I am happy as I have learnt something which will help me in my daily Planning and Scheduling. I thought what I knew was enough as a maintenance planner, but I came to realise afterwards that I would have missed an opportunity to know what I have archived so far.

I’ve gained lots from the online maintenance planning training course. I can say the course helped to clarified many confusing questions which I had in the past years since I started to be Maintenance Planner, and now I realise what will be the effect if we’re not Planning and Scheduling properly!!!

I enjoyed training with you and the maintenance planning and scheduling online course as well.”

Estack Siyanda, Maintenance Planner, FQML Mining, Zambia

Testimonial on the online Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Training Course:

“I’m so pumped to take this maintenance planner course Mike. You have no idea.

I’ve been looking into different schools for months now and I have always been drawn back to your website and courses, even though it was not a college or university. Plus I was reluctant because it was based out of Australia. But at the end of the day the courses are exactly what I am looking for and geared directly towards my job.

The course outline seems to be exactly what I need to make the department more efficient. I have no maintenance planning and scheduling training behind me—I went from working as an underground construction miner to a senior maintenance coordinator. I know the industry and I know the process, and this kind of training would be an asset.

Thank you again for your time.”

Jody O’Keefe, First Nickel Inc., Canada

Testimonial on the online Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Training Course:

“I’d like to begin by thanking you for putting forward a course that has been extremely effective at bettering the way we approach our maintenance planning. The benefits have been immediately rewarding by helping us look at preventative maintenance in a strategic and cost effective manner.

The maintenance planner course has helped me immensely by giving me the tools I need to help build a data capture system and move forward in a productive and cost effective manner. I am already seeing return on the work that I have been able to complete, and am in the process of creating a safer and more efficient maintenance program. I believe strongly that the experience gained from the online planner course will benefit me far in all my endeavours.

Thank you very much for your time and effort.”

Matt Garossino, Fireside Minerals LTD, Canada

“A Million thank you” Testimonial for the Online Maintenance Planning Course

“Dear Sir,

I wish to take this time to thank you for all the support you gave me.

No words can explain how thankful I am for the light you have given me with this well tailored course. I salute you Sir!

Thank You!”

Kefalotse K., Tati Nickel Mining Company, Botswana

Maintenance Planning Course Online Testimonial

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. Many of the techniques in the lessons were completely new to me, and helped greatly with my understanding of this type of work.

Kate, my tutor, was very helpful in explaining what was needed through the course when I was a bit off track. She helped clarify things for me a couple times.

I would most definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to learn the field!”

Wesley W., Maintenance Mechanic, Litehouse Inc., USA

Online Maintenance Planning Course Graduate Testimonial

“It is a very important course. You learn the best methodologies and practices to develop the planning and programming to increase the availability and reliability of plant equipment.

Because I work in a camp, training by distance and the support of the tutor is very appropriate for me, as it is difficult for me to attend to regular classes. The online training is a great option to continue my studying.

About my job, I’ve applied several of the knowledge learned, for example, improve the maintenance procedures using ACE 3T, increase the availability of the teams, improve the reliability of some control systems, optimize the use of resources according to the risk analysis, and there is more improvements to develop with all the knowledge learned.

Kate is a great tutor, and very kind. She always tracks your progress, and she quickly responded to questions or concerns.

I give a high recommendation to this course. I always commented to my colleagues about the course and the benefits of the new knowledge acquired.”

Fernando R., Instruments and Control Supervisor, Pluspetrol, Peru

How to Start Your Maintenance Planner Training Course and Learn to Do Top Class Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Enquire today about boosting your planning skills and career with training in best maintenance planning and scheduling practices and methods. Learn the practices and secrets of highly successful maintenance planning and scheduling. Doing this course improves your career prospects with valuable knowledge and skills highly valued by organizations. You learn the most effective and useful planning and scheduling tools via hands-on, practical exercises that help you to become a top class maintenance planner and scheduler. You’ll surprise your managers and supervisors with the knowledge and insights you bring from this maintenance planner course and by the improvement you achieve in your job performance and results.

Make a Great Investment in Your Future and become a Student in this World Class Maintenance Planner Course

You buy the maintenance planning and maintenance scheduling course with all its ten modules at the Online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Store.

The complete course costs $1,000 per student, including all training presentation materials, course workbook, maintenance processes documents, and your assignment assessments and feedback.

The maintenance planning and scheduling training modules are downloaded after completing the purchase at the online store. Following the purchase you receive an automated order confirmation email with links to download the zipped modules over the Web. Modules range in size from 400MB to 200MB zipped files. The large file size is due to the audio content in each PowerPoint presentation slide. With Module 1 you get the course workbook along with the presentation slides. In the second module a set of draft maintenance procedures are also provided in the download.

You will need a fast Broadband Internet connection and stable transmission. You may need to arrange for someone else to download the Modules for you and then have them sent to you on a CD or USB drive. We provide only online downloads of the maintenance planning and scheduling training course PowerPoint slides (with audio) and the associated documented materials.

You can send any questions you have about this Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course by getting our email address from the Contact Us Page or

Following payment and registration you receive a ‘Welcome to the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course by Online Distance Learning’ email with details about your Tutor. You can begin your maintenance planning training immediately.

You do each of the six maintenance planning course modules one at a time, including its assignments, until each module is complete. As you do a module you send the assignments to your Tutor who reviews the submission and gives you feedback and advice on how to complete them well.

After you complete all six maintenance planner course modules you then do the four maintenance scheduler modules. Upon completing the training you receive your maintenance planning and scheduling certificate.

The maintenance planning training portion of the course covers the vital skills and important insights a Maintenance Planner needs in order to plan, prepare and deliver world class maintenance and reliability results. In the maintenance scheduling training modules you learn how a Maintenance Scheduler properly organizes and coordinates maintenance work so it runs to schedule. You get best practice knowledge and sound understanding as you learn the important details of top class maintenance planning and scheduling in this tutored maintenance planning training course.

If you have any questions about the online Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course please Contact Us by sending an email or filling in the form.

Our graduates’ experience is that this maintenance planner course by online distance education is a great way to do maintenance planning and scheduling training. You do planner and scheduler training activities that teach how to use your new knowledge and skills straight away in the workplace.

You can buy the course by following this link to the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course Online Store Webpages.

Not sure that this is the right maintenance planner course for you? Contact Us and tell us what you want to achieve from the course, and we’ll advise you.

Here are more testimonials for students about the online maintenance planning and scheduling training course:

  • From a mature aged Maintenance Fitter wanting Maintenance Planning training:
    “With all the kids grown it gives me more time to work on the assignments. I am enjoying the challenge immensely.”
  • From a Maintenance Planner working at a Maintenance Contractor:
    “I have worked through Module 1. I love the content. I look forward to doing this course.”
  • From another experienced Maintenance Planner who wants a recognised Industrial Maintenance Planning certificate:
    “Thank you, I found the module excellent. I am also watching the YouTube video links on your website. I will purchase the second module soon.”
  • From a Maintenance Planner who completed the online maintenance planning course:
    “I’d just like to say that I have enjoyed the course and it has definitely shown me how proper planning and scheduling of tasks can greatly enhance the final outcome of the work being performed.”
  • This comes from an African student in the maintenance planning role:
    “I just completed Module 4. Let me comment on the Unit. It is very nice in terms of the content of the material. I went through Job Plan Process, then Work Standard required as per OEM, and finally Risk Treatment at our workplace and the job which we are doing. Prior to this module I didn’t know that Planners are key players in safety, but through this module I learnt that you can’t plan any job without putting first priority in Safety.”
  • Here are comments from a young technician wanting a maintenance planning career:
    “Thank you very much, yes I enjoy the course and find it very good. It relates very well to my work and it is great content.”
  • A comment from a young woman new to the maintenance planning role:
    “Once again thank you and I look forward to starting the next module. I am finding the course very interesting and it will certainly help with my role here at MG.”
  • The learning you gain from the maintenance planning training can be put to immediate use. This comment from a woman made responsible for maintenance planning:
    “This assignment has become extremely beneficial for my department, as previously there was nothing at all in place and nothing in the system. Now we are using this spreadsheet on a daily basis, and stocking parts into our store etc. It is great.”
  • From one of the first African students on the maintenance planning course:
    “Thanks a lot, the material you are teaching makes me change daily. Not only that, but you teach me to be innovative rather than complaining. You are making my life easier than before.”
  • This Canadian industrial operation wants to make the online maintenance planning course standard in their company:
    “I will be giving a presentation to our Superintendent/Manager group in about two weeks with the intention of introducing completion of your on-line Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course as a mandatory qualification for our Maintenance Planners.”

Change your career for the better and increase your income by enrolling in this world class maintenance planning training and scheduling training course. Do this 10 module coached industrial maintenance planning and scheduling training and expand your maintenance career options.

The maintenance planner course materials comply to the appropriate Australian National Training Information Service (NTIS) units related to maintenance planning. The same applies for maintenance scheduling. Read more details about the maintenance planning and scheduling course content and assessment by downloading the PDF flyers and brochures below.

6 Module Online Maintenance Planning Training Course Learning Plan

4 Module Online Maintenance Scheduling Training Course Learning Plan

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Content and Assessment

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course Assessment Explained

Students doing the maintenance planning and scheduling courses online come from many companies and countries around the world, including:

African Barrick Gold people do the maintenance planner course

Tenke Fungurume Mining Une Filiale Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold do the maintenance planner course

Modec Consultants people do the maintenance planner course

Newcrest Mining people do the LRS maintenance planning and scheduling training course

Teranga Gold Corporation, Africa people do the LRS maintenance planning course

BHP Billiton people do the LRS distance education maintenance planning and scheduling training course

HWE, Australia people do the maintenance planner course

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation, Canada people do the LRS maintenance planning course

Onesteel, Australia people do the LRS online maintenance planner training course

Xstrata people

Murray Goulburn Co-operative, Australia

Birla Nifty, Australia

Golden Star Bogoso/Prestea Limited, Africa

Westrac, Australia

RCR, Australia

CFP Hydraulics, Australia

Wornick Company

Adelaide Isuzu, Australia

How to Complete the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reliability Online Training Course

You do the course at your own pace; one module at a time. Past students have completed the tutored online maintenance planning and scheduling course within four (4) months. The usual time to complete the maintenance planning training course by distance education is around twelve (12) months.

Our recommendation is to complete the course within 10-12 months of starting it. The way to get through the course most quickly is to set aside a 3-4 hour period every week to work through each maintenance planning and scheduling training module. Pick the best part of the day for you to concentrate and start viewing the PowerPoint slides and listening to the audio. Do the assignments once the slide presentation ends. Send your Tutor each assignment once you are done. During the following week your Tutor will give you feedback on the assignment. If you need to make changes do so in your next scheduled training session and resubmit your work. Then start on the next module in your maintenance planning and scheduling training course until you complete them all.

From the very first module they study, our Maintenance Planner course students discover better maintenance planning solutions and start using better maintenance planning practices. The maintenance planning and scheduling training course gets great support from managers and supervisor as they soon see the benefits that their student’s new knowledge and education brings to the company.

Doing maintenance planning and scheduling training by distance education provides powerful benefits not available in class-based training courses. You have time to think, investigate and understand the key concepts taught in the course. You also have a dedicated Tutor helping you on a one-on-one basis who aids you to learn all that you need to know about world class maintenance planning and scheduling best practices.

Our Students find that learning maintenance planning with an expert personal coach is the best way to master maintenance planning and scheduling training. You learn the right things to do and how to do them in the right way. You practice what you learn and see your maintenance planning skills and knowledge growing. You will see the planning and scheduling training improve your maintenance crew work quality and job performance. With your best practice maintenance planning and maintenance scheduling know-how you will help your crew get highly reliable plant and equipment.

You can communicate with us and your Tutor by whatever means works best for the situation—email, Facebook, Skype, telephone, etc. We are always available for questions and will reply to them in good time to keep you on your learning schedule.

Maintenance Planner Online Course Prerequisites and Prior Experience

Having technical qualifications is not a necessity to do the maintenance planner course, but you will need to learn and understand some basic technical and engineering topics. Those with less technical and equipment knowledge will need to do more background reading and research than those people who have a mechanical or electrical trade or higher qualifications. What is important is to have access to manufacturers information on the machines and equipment in your operation. You will do your own research and reading on the Internet for the topics covered in the course. Your allocated Tutor can also help you by answering questions.

This maintenance planner course online gives you training in the best practice methods that make maintenance planning most effective. You learn to use unique risk assessment tools that help maintenance planners and schedulers correctly allocate work priorities. The course provides you with powerful work quality assurance techniques that let you write world class maintenance procedures. You learn all the leading edge job planning and job task control practices to help you keep maintenance work on-schedule and on-budget.

It is vitally important to practice the maintenance planning and scheduling concepts covered in each module. You will need support from your supervisory people and department management to spend time doing and refining what you learn in the course.

More Information on Our Maintenance Planner Course and How to Complete It

The course requires students to do ten (10) modules plus complete all assignments as evidence of applying the training. All ten modules must be completed to pass the training course. Once all modules and assignments are complete you get your maintenance planning and scheduling training certificate sent to you electronically.

Each maintenance planner course module requires you to view and listen to a PowerPoint presentation on the module topic. Each presentation slide has notes that also contain added description of the slide content. Students read the notes as well as view and listen to the slide. The content of a module explains a range of vital aspects for doing maintenance planning and scheduling well. The slides with their images, audio and text in the notes provide explanations, discussion and examples to teach students.

A module presentation takes an hour or so to view and read, depending on its length. When necessary you do additional research using the Internet to learn more on any content you need to better understand. The research may involve finding relevant articles and websites that address the topic of interest and reading-up on the additional information that you want to know.

Each module also requires you to do its assignments. You send completed assignment to your Tutor to review and they provide feedback to help you do the assignment successfully. Your Tutor is also there to provide advice and guidance when you request it.

We monitor each student as they progress through the course and liaise with them when necessary. We aim to help them complete the training so they can quickly advance their career.

Industry Support and Recognition for our World Class Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course

The 10-module maintenance planning and scheduling course covers the same content as our renown 3-day Industrial Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reliability training course. The 3-day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training course is highly acclaimed throughout Australian industry and continually receives praise from companies. You can view the many favourable comments of course participants by following this link to the 3-Day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reliability training course webpage.

This online maintenance planner course is specifically focused on the needs of people doing the maintenance planning and scheduling function. The course content is selected from relevant accredited Australian National Training Information Service (NTIS) training units to ensure the maintenance planning and scheduling training you undertake meets industry training requirements. Upon finishing the course you receive a PDF certificate of training as evidence of its completion.

When you do this distance education maintenance planning and scheduling course you will become a highly valuable maintenance planner and scheduler; it will open up new career opportunities and new career growth.

All the best to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ