World class Industrial Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for High Reliability Training Courses Available Onsite and Online

We Offer Both Onsite and Live Streamed Online Maintenance Planning Courses in Australia Covering Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training

A 3-Day Maintenance Planner training covering vital topics for successful maintenance planning and scheduling that teaches how to deliver outstanding reliability in industrial operations

The material taught in these industrial maintenance planning courses in Australia is world class maintenance planner training content. Whether done onsite or online, students learn how to build maintenance work packs with content that gets the best from maintenance crews by helping them to perform better, to work smarter, and to make plant and equipment highly reliable.

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Description of Maintenance Planning Courses in Australia

The word is out that the LRS Maintenance Planning Course “talks to both those people who are beginning their journey in Maintenance Planning, and to the person with a solid maintenance background who just wants to master their maintenance planning skills”. Those who want to be a ‘top-gun’ maintenance planner will get top value for their money from these 3-day maintenance planner training courses.

The education and knowledge you get in an LRS maintenance planning and scheduling course takes three days to transfer to you. We need three days to teach you the wide range of important information used by a great maintenance planner and scheduler. A two day maintenance planning course is not long enough to teach and explain all that you need to know to be successful at doing industrial maintenance planning and scheduling properly.

Day 1 is full of vital maintenance and reliability foundation knowledge that other maintenance planner training courses do not explain. To do maintenance planning training well, so you get the most value for your operation and maintenance crews, you need to know the ‘business of maintenance’—how maintenance is done so that it produces the best maintenance and reliability results for your company. A Maintenance Planner course that does not teach you what a maintenance planner must know about doing great maintenance and reliability is poor maintenance planner training to do.

In Day 1 you learn how to measure your equipment operating risk using Equipment Criticality. You practise Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) so that you can identify how your plant and machinery fail. You get an introduction to precision maintenance and learn how maintenance crews get outstandingly reliable equipment. You are shown simple reliability engineering secrets (no other maintenance planning courses include this knowledge) that make you a far better maintenance planner. You are introduced to contingency planning and learn a powerful risk management control method.

Day 2 is completely devoted to maintenance planning training. You get a full explanation of the maintenance planning process and all the job planning steps you need to do to build a complete work pack for your technicians and artisans. You cover basic value stream mapping of maintenance processes and maintenance work so you can get maximum productivity from your people. You are shown how to use Inspection and Test Plans to greatly improve maintenance workmanship quality and reduce the chance of human error. You even cover basic Purchasing and Stores Management of parts and materials. You are introduced to important project planning and project management concepts, such as using Gantt charts, PERT charts and S-curves, that work brilliantly in planning and scheduling of maintenance work, especially for plant shutdowns and turn-arounds.

Day 3 continues with the final topics in the maintenance planning training portion of the course. Especially important to you is the use of maintenance work quality controls to help maintenance technicians do high quality work that improves reliability. You learn how to write world class maintenance procedures that include quality assurance tests. The final subject you learn is maintenance process performance monitoring and maintenance performance measurement with the use of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

The final content in our maintenance planner courses is a full explanation of maintenance scheduling and how to do it well. You discover what a good maintenance scheduling process contains and how each of its steps are done most effectively.

In Day 3 you learn the best job scheduling Gantt chart layout to use for maintenance crew job planning and work control. You are introduced to the scheduling tools to use for tracking materials and parts delivery so your orders are delivered to site on-time. You cover running and managing maintenance scheduling meetings with Production. You see how to use visual management principles to display the vital maintenance scheduling information needed for Production Planning. You cover backlog management and how to insure jobs are organised and done ‘on time and to schedule’.

Testimonials for the 3-Day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course:

These are typical testimonials from the maintenance planning training course Attendees giving unqualified support for the value-add they get from the 3-day maintenance planner course content.

  • “Very good – has changed the way I think about maintenance planning.”
  • “The course members from industry were very impressed with the content.”
  • “Usually I find if one thing of use is learnt per day then value is achieved; value has been achieved! Also good notes, CD and risk analysis template.”
  • “Some very good concepts to take back to work which could help our business.”
  • “Heaps of information put out.”
  • “Very interesting, more than enough information for a 3-day course.”
  • “Helped to give me confidence that I’m heading in the right direction in planning.”
  • “Being a planner for only three months, I found this course excellent and relevant to my position.”
  • “Excellent – will help with future job prospects.”
  • “Very informative. Eye-opener in some areas.”

This maintenance planning and scheduling course provides you with truly comprehensive maintenance planner training. The three days gives you all the information and the methods that you need to know to be a top maintenance planner and scheduler. You get a maintenance planning and scheduling certificate that lists all the vital learning’s you get at this world class maintenance planning and scheduling training course.

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