Get Extra Income From Your Specialist Knowledge and Expertise

Make Monthly Extra Income and Cash Flow from Your Reliability, Maintenance and Enterprise Asset Management Expertise

Build an extra income stream by selling your own publications, presentations, and specialist training courses world-wide.

Get monthly extra income by selling your reliability, maintenance or enterprise asset management (EAM) publications, presentations and online training courses at our website


Since November 2010 we’ve been successfully selling niche books, PowerPoint presentations, and online distance education courses related to reliability, maintenance and EAM. You’re welcome to sell your authored publications and training courses at this website too.

In time, your income can reach several $1,000’s a month if you have multiple products on offer. You can build an annual income of over $25,000 per year with a strategy of selling a few publications, presentations, and delivering online distance education (correspondence courses done over the Web). That’s equivalent to having $1,000,000 in your bank paying out at 2.5% interest per year, year after year.

Your expert knowledge is valuable and you can use it to generate on-going income stream. Selling your own authored publications, presentations, and training courses is a simple way to use your existing specialist knowledge and expertise to build a long-term cash flow for yourself.

You get money for each online store sale of your publications, presentations, and course modules. Payment is made monthly into your PayPal account.

Please contact us at Head Office by email or telephone if you have questions, or require more information, on this monthly extra income making opportunity. Our contact details are on the Contact Us webpage.


Get a Monthly Extra Income Payment from Your Products’ Sales, and from Teaching and Tutoring the People doing Your Training Courses.


You know valuable solutions, skills, techniques, and you have the expertise that others are searching for. Make your insights, know-how, and hard-won abilities available to other people to buy and use.

Earn monthly extra income by writing books and publications, developing presentations, and creating specialist training courses you deliver by online distance education.

You can write your publications and distance education training courses in any language.

The amount you receive from each sale is matched to the product and its market size. Request our schedule-of-rates to find out how much you make from each sale.


Requirements for Online Distance Education Training in English and Other Languages


  1. Training courses are provided fully complete by you for delivered by online distance education.
  2. You must have full proprietary ownership and copyright to provide your courses and all their content.
  3. You will be the course tutor and manage, monitor, and correspond with all your students to assist them to successfully complete their training.
  4. Your course can be in any language.
  5. We have the right to get the course content reviewed by competent other parties.
  6. All courses are to be modular, with a minimum of five modules, and up to a maximum of ten modules.
  7. A learning plan is to be provided mapping the knowledge content and the training outcomes for each module.
  8. Every module must have at least one assignment, and no more than three assignments per module, that students complete and send to their course tutor for review and assessment.
  9. Course content is to be in PowerPoint slides. Your slides must use visual content, such as images, diagrams, graphs, charts, etc. and not only be text. We expect a ratio of two-thirds visual information and one-third text. Where detailed written explanations are required, they are to be included in the slide’s notes section.
  10. All assignments will be described in a course workbook provided in the Module 1 download. All supplementary reading materials are also provided by you, as necessary.
  11. You can provide additional information in audio and video files downloaded by your students.
  12. You will provide all marketing and sales information and content to be used on the webpages promoting your course.
  13. We have the right to refuse a course without explanation for our decision.
  14. You indemnify us from all consequences of using or misusing the materials and contents in your training course.
  15. We will discuss issues and concerns with the aim to find mutually acceptable resolutions, but in the end, our decision is final.