Online FMEA Training Course Using World-Leading Physics-of-Failure Science based FMEA Methodology

Be at the Forefront of Proactive Failure Prevention and Learn to Use the Powerful Plant Wellness Way EAM Physics-of-Failure FMEA Methodology

The FMEA online training where you master an amazingly insightful and extensive Physics-of-Failure science based Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) methodology

It is powerful failure cause identification method for engineering design, maintenance strategy, reliability improvement, root cause analysis, and Reliability Centered Maintenance

This FMEA online training course teaches the new Physics-of-Failure FMEA methodology. Use it throughout your company for engineering design, maintenance strategy, plant and equipment failure elimination, green-field and brown-field projects, in the workshop, and by the service workforce.

FMEA Online Training Course by distance education

Your FMEA online training is done via distance education with a human Tutor who helps you with answers to questions and reviews and accepts your assignments. They make sure you know the correct FMEA information you need and guide you through this world-leading Plant Wellness Way EAM FMEA online training. Their role is to ensure you properly learn this powerful and insightful Plant Wellness Way Physics-of-Failure based FMEA methodology.

This online distance education FMEA training is developed by professional engineers and industrial trainers competent in the Plant Wellness Way EAM Physics-of-Failure FMEA methodology. It is of the highest standard, with world-class quality content. You learn how to proactively prevent failure modes and failure causes so that each of the parts in your equipment and machines are highly reliable. When you do that you automatically ensure your operating plant is also highly reliable.

Once you successfully complete all assignments you get a Certificate of Training confirming you graduated the FMEA online training course.

Graduate Testimonial on Our Online Course Teaching Method

“Dear Mike,

I really would like to appreciate your courses’ level, which I did not expect from an online course with interaction and assignment submissions to a tutor. I have done many online courses, but your methodology is amazing.

Best wishes,”

Torki I. | Yanbu Cement Company | Saudi Arabia

Note: Torki completed the Physics-of-Failure based FMEA course by tutored online distance education.

A Question and Answer on the FMEA Online Training Course


“Hello Mr. Sondalini,

I would like to take FMEA online course. But, I am not sure it would be useful for me or not. Because, I already finished RCM training 4 months ago. And I am afraid of getting the same knowledge and experience.

Will I be able to get a new knowledge from the training?

Best regards,”

Maksim Sedov, Leningrad, Russia


Dear Maksim,

You wonder if our Physics-of-Failure based FMEA distance education course will give you new knowledge in FMEA above that taught to you in your recent RCM training?

In our Physics-of-Failure based FMEA distance education course you will learn a world-leading FMEA methodology based on the science of failure. You’ll get new knowledge and understanding to fix the terrible shortcoming in standard the FMEA approach used in RCM methodology.

The typical FMEA methodology taught in Reliability Centered Maintenance courses has a severe weakness. It requires the RCM team members to generate lists of failure modes from their memories and experiences. It is impossible for the people in the RCM team to know all the failure modes that could breakdown your equipment. You will complete the RCM analysis and develop maintenance strategy thinking you have protected your plant and machinery. In truth, you will be fortunate if you listed 50% of the failure modes active in your operation.

All the very best to you,

Mike Sondalini
LRS Consultants Global

Joining the Physics-of-Failure FMEA Online Training Course

To register and start the online FMEA training course you need to purchase and pay for at our online store. You’ll get an automated email with the download link in it. When you buy the FMEA online training your address details are required and these also confirm your registration onto the course. All your details are private and no else will ever see them.

The course is in the PowerPoint presentation you get via the file download. Read the PowerPoint slides which introduce you to FMEA and how FMEA the Plant Wellness Way is done. There are three activity noted in the PowerPoint slides for you to do. The workbook you get contains examples of layouts to use for assignments and also has content useful for information and guidance.

Students in the course come from many companies and countries around the world, including:

Hunt LNG Peru put people onto the physics-of-failure based online FMEA training course

Yanbu Cement Saudi Arabia put people onto the physics-of-failure based FMEA online training course

Maaden Aluminium Saudi Arabia put people onto the physics-of-failure based online FMEA training course

Start the leading-edge Physics-of-Failure FMEA training by getting the online FMEA training presentation and course materials at the online store. Click this link to go to the store Plant Wellness Way Physics of Failure FMEA training course by online distance education.


Doing and Completing the Online FMEA Training Course Content

The FMEA online training course can be done at your own pace. The assignments are straight forward to complete and you can finish them within a week if you have the time. You’ll learn to proactively identify likely root cause issues and problems and come up with good, preventive answers to stop your plant and equipment failures.

You can discuss the FMEA training material and assignments with your company’s supervisory people, engineers and department managers To get the greatest value from your FMEA online training, the work you submit must be your own work containing your own thinking, understanding and effort.

You can substitute a work related situation in an assignment instead of doing the prescribed FMEA practice activity. It is important when you do the FMEA online training to practice the concepts covered in each assignment. You may need ask your supervisory people and department management to give you the time needed to do the three activities.

You need to hand-in all the assignments required in the FMEA online training curriculum. Attach your assignments to an email sent to your Tutor. When you do assignments please provide the amount of evidence noted in the FMEA training presentation slides. That will prove to your Tutor that you can comfortably do the required work.

Not sure that this online distance education FMEA training is right for you? Contact Us and tell us what you want to achieve from the course, and we’ll advise you.

When assignments are graded, your Tutor does not look to grade them out of 10, or give them an A, B, C, etc. They look for two things in your FMEA online training assignment submissions. First, is to see if your submissions have the necessary content (in sufficient quantity) to satisfy the assignment question. Second, is to see if you have displayed a sufficient understanding of the topic covered in the Assignment to call that understanding a Certificate level of knowledge. Provided your assignments meet your Tutor’s two acceptance standards, it is all you are required to do to pass an assignment.

The FMEA online course costs $199.99 for the complete course. Purchases are made with a MasterCard, Visa credit card or PayPal at our online store. Exchange rate conversion is done by the payment software.


Leading-Edge Online FMEA Training Makes FMEA and RCM Outstandingly Successful

You’re welcome to download a PDF document overviewing the training topics in the course by clicking on this link, Physics-of-Failure based Failure Mode Effects Analysis Online Course Presentation Content.

You register and start the course by getting and paying for the FMEA online training at our online store. You will get an email with a web-link to download the complete set of PowerPoint presentation slides. You can see the first 15 sample slides in the online FMEA training course by downloading the PDF document Sample Online FMEA Course Presentation PowerPoint Slides.

You also get a course book with assignment details, examples and reading materials. To view a PDF document of the course book contents download the Plant Wellness Way Physics-of-Failure Based FMEA Course Book Contents.

To send us questions, or to get more information, email your queries and we will answer them. Our details are at the Contact Us webpage.

All the best to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ