The Plant Wellness Way to Success Puts World Class Maintenance, Reliability and Operational Excellence into Companies

The Plant Wellness Way puts targeted, robust, system-of-reliability processes in your company. Workflows and practices are to focused on exactly what to do to get world class maintenance, reliability and operational excellence success

What new fortunes are waiting in your company’s operating and maintenance systems and processes? You can make your company vastly more successful, very easily, with the right production and maintenance process and system changes.

There is one key cause of all poor operating profits, all low productivity, and all weak ROI—your business processes have failed! Take the Plant Wellness Way to success and consistently get outstanding operating profits, best-in-class productivity, world class maintenance, and ROI in the hundreds of percent on your invested capital.

Low production throughput, unreliable plant, out-of-spec raw materials, waste and scrap, equipment failures, and the like are not the real cause of poor production performance and low productivity. All those events are just symptoms of the true problem.

It’s surprising how deep process design defects, failures and problem causes can go into your company’s business system. But once you fix your failed processes you’ll make huge, new operating FORTUNES, FOREVER.

The honest, true cause of nearly every operating profit and ROI problem is your business system suffers from multiple process failures. This was recognised by the late quality guru W. Edwards Deming who discovered the cause of 94% of all operational problems (which includes almost all of your production and maintenance troubles) are due to defective and faulty business processes. Every weak and fragile process you have severely limits your production performance and destroys all chance of getting maximum operating profits.

The causes of business system failures can be anywhere, including your capital project management, operational management, human resource management, knowledge management, financial management, engineering asset management and maintenance management processes. Business system failure causes and weaknesses are only solved successfully by holistic business-wide process redesign. That is followed by business-wide implementation of the right system design and solutions along with doing retraining of your people focused on mastering the new processes. The Plant Wellness Way to success gives you the quickest, most certain way to make an operation into a world class performer.

Making sound, successful business system and process improvements are the easiest operating profit growth opportunities, by far, that you will ever get in your management life.

It’s astounding what new opportunities you’ll find when you look into your company’s current operational and maintenance processes and practices. It takes our breath-away how often we discover simple system changes that are exceptionally profitable.

“Your system is perfectly designed to give the results that you get.” is probably the most famous quote by the late quality guru W. Edwards Deming.

His teaching of statistical techniques to Japanese businesses in the 1950’s helped create their great quality successes of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s (and they continue to dominate today). Deming saw that business success resulted from using properly designed and implemented business systems and processes—to a very great extent your success is an engineered and programmable outcome.

Change your business focus and you can make you huge fortunes; whereas fixing business problems only gives you small profits. There is nothing wrong with making small profits, but for the same effort a production or maintenance system change will make you amazingly more operating profit year after year.

Here’s an example of getting stuck trying to fix your production troubles when you should be building a better operational and maintenance systems and processes.

This business is a renowned medium sized company in its home country. It is well respected and profitable enough. But it can easily be so much wealthier. There are vast fortunes already sitting in the business, but they are not seen by its owners and managers. They are too busy each day trying to make the current maintenance processes and system work properly. It really needs for their maintenance processes to be completely redesigned and rebuilt so there are no problems to fix.

The two charts below cover a period of ten years of operation (we’ve disguised the dates and company). The upper run chart shows the dates and durations of all their production downtime outages. The bottom plot is the uptime frequency distribution curve derived from the run chart (I call it a ‘chance-of-success’ chart). This business is profitable but missing a lot of free, extra operating profits that would be banked if they had high uptime (worth several million dollars a year to this company). See how the frequency distribution curve turns the splatter of events in the run chart into a clear message about this company’s chance of uptime success. This is an example of using ‘Big Data analysis’ to find new opportunities already sitting and waiting in your business.

uptime frequency distribution curves are used in the Plant Wellness Way to success


The shape of the uptime frequency distribution curve tells you a lot about why this operation is suffering from high maintenance costs and poor availability. Distribution curves are often used in the Plant Wellness Way to success to measure process performance and make truly effective changes.

The clustering of results along a definable downward curve tells us there is a destructive process at work within this company. This company has an in-built outage-causing process, surely unintentionally introduced, that produces these poor Uptime results. The early failure peak is an indicator of poor business process quality control—there are lots of defects sitting in their business waiting for the chance to go wrong. The negative slope of the curve means their current designed and intended processes can never get them to the production performance they want, which is 60 days uninterrupted production Uptime between outages. That’s happened only 5 times in ten years. Those 5 successes were all down to luck. You know that since the 60-day Uptime events are clearly unrepeatable, meaning those outcomes are random events. The only sure thing in this business is that Uptime has a very great chance of being less than 20 days, some chance of being up to 30 days, and they will be very lucky if they get near to or more than 60 days (less than a 10% chance).

The maintenance and operational processes they use can only deliver the current Uptime results you see in the plots. Remember, this is ten years of real production data—this performance is what they actually get from their business. Until they change to reliability creation processes that guarantee the success they want, their future operating performance and losses will be the same as the past.

If this was your company, and you used the Plant Wellness Way to success you would redesign and rebuild business-wide, life-cycle long, holistic reliability creating processes. You would move the production Uptime chance curve to a high certainty of getting 60 days uninterrupted production. The Plant Wellness Way methodology gives you unique ‘big data’ analysis and process modelling methods and software to use. With those proprietary solutions you can design the simplest, least-cost ‘system-for-success’ that delivers the world class maintenance, reliability and operational excellence results you want from your business. With such change comes commensurate increased operating profits and new competitive successes. You would make you an astounding return on your investment in us.

There are some secrets which we keep and only pass to licensed Plant Wellness Way sites. Contact us by telephone or email if you want to know more about licensing Plant Wellness Way success for your operation.

To be successful in industrial operations you need your business system to be designed to get world class equipment reliability and maximum Uptime success. You want the utmost availability, throughput and productivity at least costs. It needs your business processes to be designed and run to give you the utmost uptime, throughput and productivity at least costs.

Building a business and operation that always delivers world class performance is a purposely designed intent: such a result is not a matter of chance and luck. The Plant Wellness Way to success ensures that you first design your operation as a ‘system-of-reliability’ built to reach the heights of success.

What is a ‘system-of-reliability’?

Reliability is most simply defined as ‘the chance of success’. When your business is a ‘system-of-reliability’ it uses the best methods and practices guaranteed to maximize your operating performance. When your company is a ‘system-of-reliability’ you select the optimal ways to make the most operating profit and engineer them into your business processes—you literally will build a ‘business-system-designed-for-utmost-success’. But you must build a system. It cannot be done in any other way.

It’s why we advise not to adopt Lean or Six Sigma unless they are first proven to be the right answers to your problems. If you use them as point solutions Lean and Six Sigma initiatives always fail to bring lasting success. Point solutions are totally ineffective for creating operational excellence and operating profits that last forevermore.

As a ‘system-of-reliability’ there is no limitation on your company reaching world class maintenance, reliability and operational performance. Your day-to-day struggles disappear in just a few months as you turn your company into a set of processes that creates the world class reliability you need for world class operating performance. It is the natural outcome of becoming a ‘system-of-reliability’.

You can rate your chance of success using our one-minute test: Can your operation reach Maintenance and Reliability Excellence?

Your operational excellence success is a realistic goal that can be surely achieved by building a business-wide, life-cycle long, proactive, ‘system-of-reliability’.

We use lifecycle and system-wide solutions to fix the causes of your problems; not point solutions that just address the symptoms. You get simple, quick to implement, effective system-wide answers.

The exceptional Return on Investment (ROI) you receive comes from your new ability to:

  1. Measure the important factors that really drive successful reliability, maintenance and operational performance
  2. Make work error-free and defect-free so only right-first-time quality is achieved
  3. Eliminate 9 out of 10 of your equipment breakdowns
  4. Keep your plant and equipment always operating at 100% capacity during scheduled production
  5. Deliver record high Plant Availability and Uptime never seen before in your operation
  6. Get your production plant processes totally in statistical control and 100% capable all the time
  7. Improve your workplace safety results to world class safety performance
  8. Drive maintenance costs down rapidly to world class ratios
  9. Eradicate your production waste, quality losses and scrapped work
  10. Produce the lowest unit cost of production possible from your operation
  11. Sustain lasting world class maintenance and reliability performance

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All the very best to you and your company’s future,

Mike Sondalini
Lifetime Reliability Solutions Global

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