Learn to Develop a Planned Predictive Maintenance Program and Predictive Maintenance Schedule for High Equipment Reliability and Uptime

Develop powerful Predicative Maintenance Strategy to Build a World Class Predictive Maintenance Program

An online distance education training course explaining the best practices to produce a Condition Based Maintenance Program that safeguards your plant and equipment against failure

You learn to select great strategy and the right condition monitoring techniques to spot embryonic failures before they become a breakdown

Learn how to develop the right Predictive Maintenance strategy that applies correct Condition Based Maintenance and condition monitoring technology to minimize your maintenance costs.

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), also called Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a maintenance strategy used on operating plant and equipment. It involves monitoring and testing vital machine and equipment parameters for their state of health. This is done in order to predict machine failures and to do restoration to avoid hazards which could otherwise occur.

The Predictive Maintenance methodology you learn is universally applicable to select the right predictive maintenance strategy and condition monitoring inspections for any operating equipment and physical asset. The same PdM methodology is used in all industries, including in your own operation.

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Predictive Maintenance Program Development Online Training Course by Distance Education

With around 80% of equipment failures being totally unpredictable based only on the equipment age, you must have a condition-based maintenance strategy and predictive maintenance program to deal with them. The remaining 20% usage and time based repetitive failures are addressed by doing preventive maintenance and planned replacement maintenance.

Non-time related failures cannot be addressed by renewal-based maintenance strategies, they require different solutions. If you apply renewal based maintenance strategies to non-time related failures you will waste a lot of your money and effort!

You can buy each of the two PdM program distance education training modules at the online store by following this link Predictive Maintenance Program and CBM Strategy Development Training Course by Online Distance Education.

With time-random failures the simplest management strategy to use is to inspect your equipment and look for evidence of degraded conditions. You can use a continuous means of monitoring condition by trending an equipment’s performance graphically (e.g. power use verses throughput), or you can introduce periodic inspections of equipment condition through observation and data measurement (e.g. lubrication sampling, temperature measurement, etc.).

Implementing Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) cuts plant maintenance costs. It greatly improves on the traditional planned machinery maintenance approach, achieving maximum flexibility whilst enhancing plant safety, improving efficiency and reducing emissions. This predictive maintenance training course covers CBM and will deliver you new insights into how decision makers take full advantage of an optimized condition based maintenance programme to boost profits.

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When done well your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Program will contain the correct predictive maintenance strategies and plant maintenance schedule to deliver the six purposes of maintenance – equipment reliability, failure avoidance, defect elimination, least operating costs, risk reduction and maximum production. Fail to achieve one of them and your maintenance efforts will not get the big pay-offs that they should. Planned Predictive Maintenance strategy that does not make you more production and profit is a poor sort of condition based maintenance program. Modern predictive maintenance focuses on maximising operating profit by driving reliability growth throughout your plant and equipment lifetime.


Why you should take this PdM Program Development Training Course by Online Distance Education

You get to work with a Tutor who will guide you and teach you the best methods and practices to develop a plant maintenance program with the proper PdM strategies so that you can build an ideal planned predictive maintenance schedule full of powerful predictive maintenance strategy and the right routine scheduled maintenance practices.

This predictive maintenance training course shows and explains how to select and use the right predictive maintenance program and schedule that means your operation:

  • Applies correct monitoring at appropriate intervals, in order to produce reliable condition related information on critical plant machinery,
  • Knows how work processes implemented to ensure that condition-related information is provided at lowest possible cost,
  • Ensures success of the Condition Based Maintenance strategy and supporting processes are monitored and refined to provide a continued ROI,
  • Understands live implementation of CBM strategy avoiding failures and loss and optimal utilization of resources,
  • Gains insight of Condition based maintenance strategies and formulating plan for your own plant,
  • Understands common pitfalls in your Condition maintenance techniques and improvise your own master plan for CBM,
  • Selects and design appropriate KPIs of your CBM system,
  • Has information to manage the life of your plant and equipment to maximise its uptime and production output.

You get a Predictive Maintenance Strategy Development training certificate upon successful completion of the whole course and all its assignments, including providing evidence that you applied your learning at work.

Learn the modern understandings and methods you need to know and use to get world-class predictive maintenance results. Discover the leading-edge practices and the best classic strategies that make equipment run stoppage-free for longer; produce at maximum sustainable capacity with first-pass quality throughput; and make industrial operations highly profitable.

You learn to focus your predictive maintenance methods and condition monitoring practices on defect removal and failure elimination in every phase of your plant and equipment life. Understanding how to intentionally make your business processes and production equipment more and more reliable turns average organisations into world-class organisations. This course is packed with new insights and techniques that you can use every day in your operation to make it better, faster, leaner, safer, waste-free and less costly.

Read more details about the planned Predictive maintenance program training course that teaches you how to develop the correct Predictive maintenance schedule for your plant and equipment by downloading the PDF flyers and documents below.

Predictive Maintenance Training Course Content

Sample of Predictive Maintenance Course Modules 1 and 2 Slides

Contents of PdM Course Workbook


Cost to become a Student in this World Class Planned Predictive Maintenance Program Training Course

Each of the 2 modules cost $199.99. Each module is purchased online one-at-a-time when you need it. Following the purchase you receive an automated email with a link to download the module over the Web.

The plant maintenance PdM program development course materials are not available by postal mail. We provide only online downloads of the planned predictive maintenance program training course PowerPoint slides with their associated training documents and materials.

If it is easier for your company to process a single payment for the entire course, rather than handle separate payments you can buy the entire course at once. We will however only send you one module at a time following the successful completion of each module.


Starting Your Planned Predictive Maintenance Program Training

You register for the course by sending an email to us requesting registration. Get our email address from the Contact Us webpage.

We confirm your enrollment by return email. Once you are registered you buy Module 1 of the Planned Predictive Maintenance Strategy Development Training at the online store and download it. You review the module content then complete each assignment and send the assignment to your Tutor.

You do each module one at a time, including its assignments, until each module is complete. As you do a module you send the assignments to your Tutor who reviews the submission and gives you feedback and advice on how to complete them well. Once you pass each module’s assignments you then purchase the next module and continue with learning more best practice predictive maintenance strategy training. After you complete all modules you graduate and receive your Predictive Maintenance Strategy Development training certificate.

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