Preventive Maintenance Training in Planned Preventive Maintenance Program Development for High Equipment Reliability

A Preventive Maintenance online course explaining best practice Preventive Maintenance Strategy Selection and Program Development

Become skilled at selecting great preventive maintenance strategy and developing a successful PvM Program with highly effective maintenance tasks

Learn how to ensure you deliver the proper preventive maintenance schedule to your plant and equipment through your routine maintenance program

In this Preventive Maintenance distance learning training course you are taught how to identify and build a Preventive Maintenance (PvM) program full of effective planned preventive maintenance work orders. You’ll learn to employ the right preventive maintenance strategies so your plant maintenance schedule ensures you get maximum plant uptime and production benefits. You’ll be able to produce a Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule to safeguard your plant and equipment against failure.

When done well, a preventive maintenance program will contain the correct preventative maintenance strategies and plant maintenance schedule to deliver the six purposes of maintenance – equipment reliability, failure avoidance, defect elimination, least operating costs, risk reduction and maximum production. Fail to achieve one of them and your maintenance efforts will not get the big pay-offs that they should.

The Preventive Maintenance methodology you learn is universally applicable to select the best preventive maintenance strategy for any operating equipment and physical asset. The one PvM methodology is used in all industries, including in your own industry.

Testimonial of a Preventive Maintenance Training Graduate

Thank you for mentoring me through this course and your encouraging comments. The course was very interesting and provided me with tools and drivers for developing a Preventive Maintenance work order system.

One of my key responsibilities is establishing Preventive Maintenance programs, but I do not really have a formal method for justifying the work orders or maintenance tasks I establish. This program provided me with that very important link, including many other learnings.

Gregory Sisiolo | Generation Maintenance Engineer | Ergon Energy, Australia

Preventive Maintenance Training Course Graduate Testimonial

Thank you so much for the prompt reply with the successful completion of the Preventive Maintenance course and issuing of the Certificate. I really enjoyed the training and assessment activities throughout the duration of the preventive maintenance course.

The skills I have learnt during the online Preventive Maintenance Development course have definitely helped with my current role as a Technical Officer within our maintenance team. My understanding of maintenance methodology and how RCM techniques are applied in the development of a sound maintenance program has been greatly enhanced. I will now be able to apply this knowledge to my role, and also use the qualification to enhance my personal career goals in the future.

Once again, thank you for all your help and assistance during the training.

Stan Thomsen | Technical Officer (Mechanical) | Department of Health, Queensland

Graduate Testimonial Online Preventive Maintenance Training

I really would like to thank you for your encourage words and I am glad with that. The PvM course content will surely support my career and my CV. It has really organized PM strategies in my mind, and it will be as a guide for my career in Preventive Maintenance. Your PvM training course is not like any other.

Torki Ibrahim | Mechanical Engineer | Yanbu Cement Company | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Planned Preventive Maintenance that does not make you more production and operating profit is a poor sort of scheduled maintenance. Modern preventive maintenance focuses on maximising operating profit by driving reliability growth throughout the equipment lifetime.

You can buy each of the three PvM program distance education training modules at the online store by following this link Preventive Maintenance Program and PvM Strategy Development Training Course by online distance learning.


Why take this Preventive Maintenance Training Course on Preventive Maintenance Program Development?

You get to work with a Tutor who will guide you and teach you the best methods and practices to develop a plant maintenance program with the proper preventative maintenance strategies so that you can build an ideal planned preventive maintenance schedule full of powerful preventive maintenance strategy and the right routine scheduled maintenance practices.

This preventive maintenance training course shows and explains how to select and use the right preventive maintenance program and schedule that means your operation can have:

  • zero breakdowns,
  • steady production at maximum sustainable capacity,
  • production equipment that makes first-pass quality product,
  • excellent plant availability,
  • high equipment reliability,
  • maximum energy efficiency from operating equipment,
  • ever falling maintenance costs,
  • condition driven continual improvement.

You get a Preventive Maintenance training certificate upon the successful completion of the entire course and all its assignments.

Learn the modern understandings and methods you need to know and use to do world-class preventive maintenance strategy development. Discover the current leading-edge and the best classic strategies that make equipment run stoppage-free for longer; produce at maximum sustainable capacity with first-pass quality throughput, and make industrial operations highly profitable. You learn to focus your preventive maintenance methods and practices on defect removal and failure elimination in every phase of the life-cycle.

Understanding how to intentionally make your business processes and production equipment more and more reliable turns average organisations into world-class organisations. This course is packed with new insights and techniques that you can use every day in your operation to make it better, faster, leaner, safer, waste-free and less costly.

Read more details about the planned preventive maintenance training course program that teaches you how to develop the correct preventive maintenance schedule for your plant and equipment by downloading the PDF flyers and documents below.

Planned Preventive Maintenance Program Development Training Course Content

Sample of Planned Preventive Maintenance Program Training Course Modules 1, 2 and 3 Slides

Contents of Planned Preventive Maintenance Program Training Course Workbook


Cost to become a Student in this World Class Planned Preventative Maintenance Training Course

Each of the 3 modules in the course cost $199.99. Each module is purchased online one-at-a-time when you need it. Following the purchase you receive an automated email with a link to download the module over the Web.

The plant maintenance program development course materials are not available by postal mail. We provide only online downloads of the planned preventive maintenance program training course PowerPoint slides and the associated training documents and materials.

If it is easier for your company to process a single payment for the entire course, rather than handle separate payments you can buy the entire course at once. We will however only send you one module at a time following the successful completion of each module.

Not sure that this is the right training for you? Contact Us and tell us what you want to achieve from the course, and we’ll advise you.

Starting Your Planned Preventive Maintenance Training Program

You register for the Planned Preventative Maintenance Program Development Course by sending an email to us requesting registration. Get our email address from the Contact Us Page.

We confirm your enrolment by return email. Once you are registered you buy Module 1 of the Preventive Maintenance course at the online store and download it. You review the module content then complete each assignment and send the assignment to your Tutor.

You do each preventive maintenance training module one at a time, including its assignments, until each module is complete. As you do a module you send the assignments to your Tutor who reviews the submission and gives you feedback and advice on how to complete them well. Once you pass each module’s assignments you then purchase the next module and continue with learning more best practice preventative maintenance strategy development training. After you successfully complete all modules you receive your Preventive Maintenance Strategy Development training certificate.

If you have any questions about the Preventive Maintenance training program or the online distance education course, please send us an email.

All the best to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ