RCM online training course with effective RCM techniques and tools to pick maintenance strategy that stops equipment failures

A tutored and certificated RCM online Reliability Centered Maintenance training course where you learn to prevent equipment problems, select correct maintenance strategy for equipment, make use of maintenance history to improve your operation, and implement strategies and plans well

Study effective RCM methodology refined down to what is important to know and do when you use Reliability Centred Maintenance for maintenance strategy development

Your RCM online training is done with help from a specialist human tutor who mentors, coaches and guides you through to get your certificate on graduation

It’s an RCM online course full of practical RCM training activities that you do and summit to your tutor. By the end of this RCM online course you’ll be able to successfully do an Reliability Centered Maintenance analysis yourself and know it’s done right and done well. You learn what’s vital to know and do in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and be able to do them successfully.

This RCM online training distance education course delivers Reliability Centered Maintenance training that teaches you to select effective maintenance strategy for reliability improvement. You learn to set up a maintenance program for plant and equipment using the RCM methodology you study. You are taught to select the most useful maintenance strategy for your production and operating assets. You’ll know how to develop, build and introduce a reliability centered maintenance program.

The highly valuable content of this online RCM training course covers the complete RCM process, along with its methodology and risk analysis tools. It is the course you do if you are responsible for RCM strategy development, RCM program implementation, RCM Team Facilitator, or if you are a member of an RCM team. Our tutored RCM online course by distance education meets the purpose that the creators of RCM intended:

“The objective of Reliability Centred Maintenance programs is to realise the inherent reliability capabilities of operating plant and equipment for which they are designed, and to do so at minimum cost. The resulting scheduled-maintenance program thus includes all the tasks necessary to protect safety and operating reliability, and only the tasks that will accomplish this objective.”—Nowlan, F.S, Heap, H.F., Reliability Centered Maintenance, Report A066-579, 1978


Testimonials from Online Reliability Centered Maintenance Training Course Graduates

Kudos to Your Online Program

“Hello Mike,

Hope this mail meets you well. I just want to commend your online learning program—so far its the best, I must say. I love your style of one on one mentor-ship, communication and guidance throughout the program. Your responses and materials are excellent. Please keep it up!

I tried an online learning platform, and will say yours is still the best out there.


Adole A. | CCI-Growthcon | Nigeria

Note: Adole completed both the Reliability Centered Maintenance course and the Predictive Maintenance course by our tutored online distance education method.

Testimonial from one of our RCM Online Course Graduates

“I would like to thank you for your patience and for your professionalism, it was very interesting experience to do the RCM online training with you. I would recommend you to whom ever is interested in learning RCM.”

Wael Amin | Germany

Testimonial from an Online RCM Training Course Student

“It was very nice to receive feedbacks on various activities as they led me introspect and take corrective action. I have very good feedback about you and shall advocate my peers, sub-ordinates to persue this RCM online training course.”

Sanjay Singh | Reliability Engineering Section Leader | United Arab Emirates

Graduate RCM Online Training Course Student Testimonial

“Thank you so much for the certificate and your kind words. I have enjoyed your Reliability Centered Maintenance online course immensely, as it has broadened my area of knowledge and given me the confidence to press ahead with my plan for changes at work.”

“I hope you and your company continue to be successful, across the globe, and I’ll keep watching your videos through the website and YouTube.”

Gary Goldring | United Kingdom

A Successful Student’s RCM Training Course Testimonial

“Thanks for your time; this RCM online training course really matched what I’d been seeking in maintenance training.”

“We used RCM at our site on 2 pumps on which we were spending a lot of money. For these pumps we use to replace the mechanical seal about every 2 months, but after applying your RCM training it was 7 months before we replaced any seals.”

Francois Ganfled | Mill Maintenance Team | Canada

Student Testimonial for our Online RCM Training Course

“Your content is clear, I had a lot of support from you and your materials on YouTube and on your website. More than anything, you were always present. Thank you Mike”

Sivi Micael | Nova Cimangola, S.A. | Luanda, Angola


This RCM online course teaches you a powerful RCM methodology. You’re provided with a sound understanding of the vital RCM process steps to be followed and how to do them well. You follow logical content and work with your tutor to ensure your RCM analysis knowledge is successfully applied. The program you follow in our RCM online course includes training in a range of sound risk-based maintenance strategy selection methods.

The RCM methodology training you get guides you to make excellent maintenance strategy choices using run-to-failure when the risk permits, to do preventive maintenance and replace aged parts, to do predictive maintenance and look for parts’ failure initiation, or to redesign the equipment to remove failure causes. RCM replaces time based maintenance with on-condition maintenance wherever possible.


The Many Benefits You Get in This Reliability Centered Maintenance Training Online Course

You get to work with a human Tutor who will guide you and teach you the best RCM methods and practices to use for your operation. There is no better RCM online training you can get than to work with a real person who challenges you to reach new levels of understanding. Your tutor ensures that you learn the right ways, and works with you through any problems that you confront during the RCM online training course. Working with a specialist is a far better way for you to learn the correct ways of an RCM program than sitting at a screen doing computer based training.

After this training you will be able to:

  • Make your operating plant and equipment more reliable and available for use,
  • Audit your operational and maintenance performance to identify improvement opportunities,
  • Design optimum maintenance strategies for in-the-field plant and equipment,
  • Make proper use of RCM results to deliver the higher maintenance performance that your management want,
  • Identify a clear approach to reliability improvement for both fixed plant and moving equipment,
  • Select applicable technologies for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance,
  • Appreciate how to use failure data and industry failure databases and standards,
  • Introduce reliability growth principles on new, existing, or old equipment,
  • Make sound risk-based decisions and spares holding selection,
  • Address failure modes with the correct selection of primary and secondary maintenance actions.

You get an RCM training certificate upon successful completion of the whole course and all its assignments. The contents of the RCM online course will train you in the best RCM methodology practices. Your RCM certificate is real proof that you are trained in proper and sound RCM methodology.

Read more details about this RCM online training course via distance education by downloading the PDF flyers and documents below.

Online RCM Training Course Content

Sample of the RCM Training Course Modules 1 and 2 Screens

Contents of the RCM Training Course Workbook


Not sure that this is the right online RCM training for you? Contact Us and tell us what you want to achieve from the course, and we’ll advise you.


Cost for World Class Reliability Centered Maintenance Training Online

Each of the 2 modules in the RCM online course cost $199.99. The total price for your RCM online training and course materials is less than $400 per student. It’s excellent value RCM education when compared to the cost and time spent attending an in-class RCM training course of equal content. If it is easier for your company to process a single credit card payment for the entire online RCM course you can buy both training modules at once.

Each RCM online training module is brought from our ecommerce store by following this link Reliability Centered Maintenance—Online RCM Training Course by Distance Education. As part of the purchase you receive an automated email with a link to download your product over the Web. We provide only online downloads of the Reliability Centered Maintenance online training course PowerPoint slides and the associated training documents and materials.


Starting Your Reliability Centered Maintenance Online Training

You start your registration for the RCM online training by sending an email advising us of your interest. You can get our email address from the Contact Us Page and send an email now.

In our reply you’ll also get more information on how the course is run and details about completing your course registration. Once registered, you are advised of your RCM online course tutor. You then start your RCM training. You do each Reliability Centred Maintenance online training module one at a time until each module is complete. You review the module content and complete each assignment, which you send to your Tutor for them to review and comment.

Your Tutor checks your submission and, when necessary, they give you feedback and advice on how to complete the activity well. After you complete all RCM online training modules and assignments you receive your RCM training certificate.

If you have any questions about the Reliability Centered Maintenance online training course by distance education, please Contact Us by email and we’ll respond to you.


All the best to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ