Root Cause Analysis Training Course in RCA Techniques and RCA Tools to Solve Problems and Stop Failures

Online root cause analysis training course by distance education that teaches you to use a simple and effective Root Cause Analysis process

Learn a sound RCA process and simple RCA methods to solve problems and safeguard your business, plant and equipment against failure.

You’ll be able to investigate, pinpointing and successfully address business problems, safety incidents and equipment failure causes.

Make sound changes to prevent re-occurrence by choosing solutions that eliminate causes, or add effective protective measures against trouble.

Thank you for taking a look at doing the Root Cause Analysis training course (RCA) by online distance education. The methodology is also called Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) when related to machinery and equipment.

This online RCA training course comprises two (2) modules. It is used by companies to train people to use a successful Root Cause Analysis process, method and tools. The course teaches you a systematic RCA methodology and the fundamental RCA techniques. It is ideal to teach RCA to people working in RCA teams, and to train RCA Team Facilitators in the use of a robust RCA process.

World-leading companies do not accept things going wrong in their operation. They proactively focus on finding and stopping plant and equipment problems from affecting their production. They investigate the root causes of an incident or problem and change their business processes to prevent the causes arising in future. RCA solutions provide companies the greatest payback for the effort when an answer to one problem is then taken business-wide to prevent the problem happening again in all other similar situations.


Testimonial for the Online Root Cause Analysis Training Course

“Your course content has related and assisted me already in other courses I’m doing, and also in my day to day activities! Thanks again for taking the time to tutor me and I am looking to jump on board again with another of your courses in the near future.”

Dion Miller, Workshop Coordinator, Anitua Mining Services, Papua New Guinea

Online Root Cause Analysis Training Course Testimonial

“The course was worth doing and I have learnt a lot on the methodology of root cause analysis.”

Anxious Zhou, Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Online Root Cause Analysis Training Course Testimonial 3

“Thank you for your detailed and highly informative critiques, it has opened my eyes tremendously. I was not expecting the depth in which you and your team have taken RCA. Very good stuff. I learned so much and it will only enhance my efforts moving forward in the field of reliability.”

Wyatt J. Garcia, Sr. Machinery Analyst, Caltrol-Reliability Solutions, USA

Testimonial 4 to the Online RCA Training Course

“I am reliability engineer in my company. One of the responsibilities is internal implementation RCA process. I just want to commend your online learning program—so far it’s the best. I love communication and guidance throughout the program. Your responses and materials are excellent. First I will share the RCA knowledge with my colleagues, and than make it an internal standard to manage our RCA process. ”

Maksim Sedov, Reliability Engineer, Leningrad, Russia

There’s Great Value to be Gained with Root Cause Analysis Training

The RCA methodology you learn becomes your problem solving process with the RCA techniques that you use to investigate, understand and stop troubles. It is used at all levels in a business to solve all manner of problems. RCA requires that you compile a knowledgeable team who investigate the failure event. They draw together relevant information and knowledge to stop the trouble from recurring. The technique is used to address repetitive problems, to minimise risk in situations or scenarios, and when serious failures occur. Your root cause analysis training will let you understand why events happened to prevent them in future.

The online RCA course is focused on using the powerful RCA method and understanding the vital root cause analysis process steps to be followed so that RCA is successfully applied. Included in the RCA programme is training on a range of investigative tools and problem solving methods. The RCA training course also incorporates the correct use of the 5-Whys as an enabling tool for shopfloor people to investigate and solve defects and problems.

For the rapid evolution and progress of your operation or company help your people develop RCA skills, and the associated RCA problem solving techniques. Give them the capability and know-how to apply the root cause analysis tools correctly. This RCA online distance education course teaches people who work with problems how to use Root Cause Analysis and find successful solutions to remove them. Once your people have the ability and confidence to apply RCA properly they will use RCA – RCFA in your operation and on the shopfloor!


How the Online Root Cause Analysis Training Course Works

Your RCA training uses original PowerPoint slides with slide notes that you get to keep. You also get a course book with information on the assignments. The learning process involves viewing the slides, read the notes and working with a human Tutor. Your Tutor coaches and helps you by answering your questions, assisting with your research, assessing your assignments and providing feedback. This interaction and communication is part of the teaching process employed in the course. Consultation with your Tutor is mostly done by emails. This has been effective for many years. But students can use Skype or telephone if that becomes necessary.

The course is self-paced and you set your own schedule to do the work needed to complete the training course and gain a certificate. We recommend you finish each module within two months. Definitely aim to do the whole course within 6 months so you can put your new knowledge to work and start boosting your career prospects. You tackle a module at a time until its assignments are completed and accepted by your Tutor. Once you pass the first Module you then purchase the next module and continue with learning more best practice RCA training in Module 2.

You do each root cause analysis training module one at a time, including its assignments, until each module is complete. As you do a module you send the assignments to your Tutor who reviews the submission and gives you feedback and advice on how to complete them well. After you successfully complete all assignments in all modules you receive your RCA training certificate.


Why you should take this Root Cause Analysis Training Course by Online Distance Education

You get to work with a Tutor who will guide you and teach you the best methods and practices to find and solve your problems and failure causes, so that you can build better work processes, improve work performance, solve both chronic (common cause) and sporadic (special cause) problems any where in your operation.

There is no better training than to work with a real person who challenges you to reach new levels of understanding, who can teach you the best ways, and who works with you through any problems that you confront during the RCA training course. Working with a specialist is a far better way for you to learn the right ways to do RCA problem solving that sitting at a screen doing computer based training.

After this training you will be able to:

  • Apply and practice these RCA / RCFA methodologies: Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Is-Is Not Table, Interviews, Fishbone Diagram, Flow Charting, 5-Why, and FMEA in failure investigations,
  • Learn and apply these solution techniques: Creative Disassembly; Inspection and Test Plans; practice three (3) RCA activities
  • Think through the possibilities of physical root causes of a failure that go beyond a quick fix,
  • Recognise the presence of event chains leading to a failure and analyse causes behind the causes,
  • Verify or disprove contributing causes,
  • Identify actions or recommendations that will avoid a repetition of the failure or problem investigated,
  • Create a fault tree of an incident,
  • Look for relevant evidence in a failure investigation or accident,
  • Trace and identify the causes of equipment failures and industrial accidents,
  • Spot high-risk situations and act to prevent problems,
  • Understand the typical human factors and latency involved in failures and accidents.

You get a RCA training certificate upon successful completion of the whole course and all its assignments. The certificate is proof that you have been trained in a proper and sound RCA problem solving methodology. The RCA course content you learn makes you highly effective and successful at using a solid RCA methodology.


This RCA Training by Tutored Online Distance Education Gives You a Great Advantage

There is one additional advantage with this RCA training course: you practice RCA problem solving methods so you leave the course proficient in the RCA tools you learn. Because you must complete the RCA training course assignments correctly, and pass your Tutor’s requirements, you will deeply know the RCA methods and RCA problem solving process. You will be a qualified and capable user of the RCA methodology when you complete your RCA online course.

Not sure that this is the right root cause analysis training for you? Contact Us and tell us what you want to achieve from the course, and we’ll advise you.

Learn the modern understandings and methods you need to know and use to get world-class RCA results. Discover the current leading-edge and the best classic strategies that solve problems and make businesses and operations more profitable. You learn root cause analysis methods, tools and practices for defect removal and failure elimination in every phase of the life-cycle. Understanding how to intentionally use RCA to make your business processes and production equipment more and more reliable turns average organisations into world-class organisations. This Online RCA course by distance education is packed with new insights and techniques that you can use every day in your operation to make it better, faster, leaner, safer, waste-free and less costly.

Read more details about the RCA online training course that teaches you how to develop correct solutions for your business, plant or equipment problems by downloading the PDF flyers and documents below.

RCA Online Training Course Content

Sample of the RCA Online Training Course Modules 1 and 2 Screens

Contents of the RCA Online Training Course Workbook

The Cost of this Top Class Root Cause Analysis Training Course

Each of the 2 modules cost AUD$199.99. The total cost of the online RCA training course by distance education is under $400.00 per student. Each module is purchased at our online store one-at-a-time when you need it. Following the purchase you receive an automated email with a link to download the module over the Web.

The RCA training course materials are not available by postal mail. We provide only online downloads of the Root Cause Analysis training course PowerPoint slides and the associated training documents and materials.

If it is easier for your company to process a single payment for the entire course, rather than handle separate payments you can buy the entire course at once.

Starting Your Root Cause Analysis Training Online Course

You register your interest in the RCA online training course by sending an email to us requesting registration. Get our email address from the Contact Us Page.

We’ll send you all the enrollment information by return email. To start the RCA course you then buy Module 1 of the Root Cause Analysis Training Course at the online store and download it. You review the module content then complete the first assignment and send it to your Tutor for feedback.

Start by getting Root Cause Analysis training Module 1 at the online store. Follow this link to Module 1 RCA Online Training Course by Distance Education.

If you have any questions about the online Root Cause Analysis Training Course please Contact Us by sending an email.


All the best to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ