Precision Maintenance Training Course in Setting-Up a Successful and Effective Precision Maintenance Program for Machinery

An online training course on building a successful precision maintenance program that gets world class equipment reliability in your operation

Use the engineering and work quality standards and the right practices that ensure your maintenance crew create failure-free mechanical equipment health and get outstanding machinery reliability

Work with a specialist Tutor who mentors you and ensures you learn the right knowledge, know the most useful techniques, and adopt highly successful precision maintenance methods

This Precision Maintenance training course teaches you all that you must know and do to establish a successful Precision Maintenance program in your operation.

Move your organization towards world class reliability and give it the quality assurance, work management, and operating asset integrity that’s needed to get operational excellence. Many companies have lots of documents that refer to “leading practice” and “best in class”, but when asked about Precision Maintenance, you get blank stares. They often monitor lubrication cleanliness, and make a lot of use of condition monitoring technology, but that is not a successful, effective precision maintenance program that guarantees you get world class reliability.

Precision Maintenance training course by Online Distance Education


Precision Maintenance is twice as profitable as doing Preventive Maintenance, and 40% more profitable than Predictive Maintenance (i.e. condition based maintenance using condition monitoring to detect failure initiation). The results of the research on the value of precision maintenance are in this PDF article you can freely download: Using and Introducing Precision Maintenance.

This complete and thorough Precision Maintenance training lets you build a precision maintenance program to deliver the lowest maintenance costs and the highest machinery reliability

If you want to create a world class operation, then Precision Maintenance is mandatory. To be a world class operation, you need an effective precision maintenance program, and your maintenance crew must become world class precision maintainers. Then maintenance excellence becomes easy to achieve.

Getting to Precision Maintenance success is so much more than doing precision alignment training, or precision measuring tools training. Even a FLAB (Fasteners, Lubricants, Alignment, & Balancing) course is well short of the requirements for a successful Precision Maintenance program. A complete Precision Maintenance program addresses all the 15 vital aspects needed to get outstanding machinery reliability. Plus, it makes sure that there are standard precision practices that your maintenance crew master.

The online Precision Maintenance training content you get is our 2-day Precision Maintenance training course turned into a distance education training program with tutorship. It focuses you on building a complete precision maintenance program that gets maintainers delivering outstandingly reliable operating assets. It teaches you how to specify precision workmanship, use the best precision maintenance practices, and do the root cause analysis that lets your maintenance crew eliminate equipment and machinery failures.

In this Precision Maintenance training course you get a solid understanding of all the details to put into a world class precision maintenance program. You become a proactive maintenance organization that knows how to guarantee great increase in the reliability of your plant and equipment assets. By doing this course you fully appreciate what Precision Maintenance is. You know exactly what details need to be added into your maintenance work instructions and inspection test plans to improve the reliability of the operating plant and equipment that your maintainers work on. You’ll know the crucial work quality details and the important engineering theory, drawings, specifications, standards, and precision information to include in your organization’s maintenance work instructions.

After the Precision Maintenance training you’ll know how to establish a top class, high quality Precision Maintenance program in your company

You’ll know which quality standards to use, and how to specify the standards that apply to your equipment’s health requirements. You’ll approach the accumulation of your list of high precision quality standards in a sound, comprehensive, methodical way. With the necessary machine health quality requirements identified, you’ll embed the consistent use of the relevant engineering standards that your maintainers adopt to make your equipment and machines world class reliable.

Be aware, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) will not recommend how to get high reliability from their machines. The OEM sets the lowest engineering standard to which their equipment is built. Once an OEM sets their work quality standard, their Users also get the resulting operating and maintenance costs, and the reliability problems. An OEM will not set world best practice values, as they want the sales from spare parts replacement. You must look at an equipment’s maintenance and reliability history before you can say if the equipment manufacturer knows how to get high reliability from their machines.

In this ‘Setting-Up a Successful and Effective Precision Maintenance Program’ training course, the OEM’s standards are the worst quality that a machine is permitted to be in. The OEM standards are the lowest equipment health condition allowed. The OEM sets the baseline, but you’ll learn the higher standards that will deliver you greater reliability and lower operating costs. When you use the approach taught in this course for setting maintenance work quality standards, the OEM standards become the outer boundary of acceptance. You learn how to specify a higher level of standard as the target work quality. With the higher quality you put into your maintenance tasks, comes far greater equipment reliability and machinery health.

Download the following PDF documents for details and information about this Precision Maintenance Training Course on setting-up a successful and effective precision maintenance program in your operation.

Effective Precision Maintenance Program Training Course Content

Sample Slides in Precision Maintenance Training Modules 1 to 4

Contents of the Set-Up Effective Precision Maintenance Training Course Workbook


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The Cost, and How to Join and Start this Precision Maintenance Training Course in Setting-up an Effective Precision Maintenance Program

The course is self-paced and you start your training as soon as you get the first module.

Each module costs AUD $249.99. The total cost of the 4-module Precision Maintenance Program Set-Up training course by online distance education is under AUD $1,000 per student to get their training certificate. Modules are purchased one-at-a-time when you need them. Following the purchase you receive an automated email with a link to download the module over the Web.

You can buy the entire course at once if it is easier for your company to process a single payment, rather than handle a separate payment per module.

You buy each of the training modules at the online store by following this link to Set-Up a Precision Maintenance Program Training Course.

The Precision Maintenance Training Course materials are not available by postal mail. We provide only online downloads of our training course contents.

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You can register for this world class maintenance excellence and maintenance mastery training via online distance education by sending an email to us requesting registration. Get our email address from the Contact Us Page. You can also go direct to the online store and buy Module 1 to start your training. The purchase information is also your registration details and you become a valid student of the course.

We confirm your enrollment by return email. To complete registration, you buy Module 1 of the course at the online store and download it. You review the module content, examine the presentation slides in detail, then complete each assignment in the module one-at-a-time and send each assignment to your Tutor.

You do each Maintenance Management Mastery Processes training module one at a time, and complete all its assignments, until each module is finished. As you do a module your Tutor reviews the assignments that you submit and gives you feedback and advice on how to complete them well. Once you pass Module 1 assignments you then purchase the next module and continue with learning more best practice reliability training. After you complete all modules you receive your Applied Reliability Improvement Course training certificate.

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