Learn to Build World Class Maintenance Processes for Maintenance Excellence in this Maintenance Work Management Mastery Course

There are plenty of Maintenance Management training courses about, but only this one teaches you how to design and build world class maintenance work management processes

Learn how to design, build, and KPI maintenance processes for world class maintenance excellence success

Gain maintenance management mastery to create the right maintenance work processes with the right maintenance practices that guarantee utmost plant uptime and reliability.

Get the knowledge and methods to deliver world class maintenance excellence results and low maintenance costs in this maintenance process design and implementation course

Maintenance Excellence means you have no maintenance problems while getting the least maintenance costs, your highest equipment reliability, and the utmost plant availability. Maintenance management mastery requires you to know the best way to design and build the maintenance processes that you need to achieve maintenance excellence.

This course teaches you how to develop effective and efficient maintenance processes. You learn the necessary process inputs and controls so that your maintenance work delivers world class maintenance results. You get the knowledge and skills to create the right processes that get least-cost maintenance, eliminate reliability and operational problems, and deliver maintenance excellence.

The most profitable, consistently top-performing operations have learned to master maintenance excellence. Now you can learn from experts how to design, manage, and control your system-of-maintenance so that you do the right maintenance strategy extremely well. Get knowledge and techniques to improve your maintenance processes and continually maximize your maintenance process success. With this maintenance training you will be able to use your internal systems to build an organisational-wide, high-performance maintenance culture.

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Online Maintenance Management Course in World Class Maintenance Processes for Maintenance Excellence — Maintenance Management Mastery Training Modules 1 to 10

Maintenance Management process design, implementation, and process improvement for maintenance excellence. Learn how to develop and establish maintenance management processes to deliver a world class maintenance service.


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Because your organisation is individual, you need to build the right solution for your operation to do world-class maintenance. Your operation needs to interweave the correct principles into its own distinctive maintenance excellence approach. You need to build the right processes that effectively and efficiently deliver maintenance excellence.

In this Maintenance Management Mastery course you learn to use your maintenance processes to stop defects entering your operation, simplify the operating plants, remove root causes of problems, and use continuous improvement to improve your operation’s productivity. With this course, you learn how to build highly effective maintenance processes in your organisation. You come to know how to identify the exacting maintenance standards that get reliability success, and you help your people to achieve them constantly.

Download the following PDF documents for details and information about the Maintenance Management Mastery Processes training Course for designing and building world class maintenance processes.

Maintenance Management Mastery 10 Module Learning Plan

Maintenance Management Mastery Training Course Content

Sample Screens from Maintenance Management Mastery Training Course Modules 1 to 10

Contents of the Ten Module Maintenance Management Mastery Processes Training Course Book

You Learn to Create and Build Outstandingly Effective Maintenance Processes

High plant and equipment reliability needs world class maintenance practices, high quality assembly and rebuilds, excellent installation skills, work quality assurance proof testing, correct commissioning acceptance tests, and operating practices that minimize degradation. Achieving world-class maintenance success begins by setting high quality equipment maintenance standards that deliver high reliability. In the Maintenance Management Mastery training course you learn to design and implement the maintenance processes needed to maintain, overhaul, rebuild, and recommission machinery and rotating equipment to get world class maintenance excellence.

You learn to build effective processes to get maintenance work quality assurance on the shop floor. Whether you send your equipment out for refurbishment, or you do the overhauls and rebuilds in-house, best practice quality assurance requirements are needed in both situations. Every maintenance process must include world class work quality standards to be achieved and delivered by all your outsourced maintenance services, and by your own shop floor maintenance group. As you develop your maintenance processes you incorporate improvement strategies by adding the best operational and maintenance expertise, experience and knowledge. You include into your maintenance processes all the necessary changes your organisation needs to reach maintenance excellence performance.


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How to Join the Course and Start Your Maintenance Mastery and Maintenance Excellence Training Today

The course is self-paced and you start your training as soon as you get the first module.

Each module costs $99.99. The total cost of the 10-module Maintenance Management Mastery training course by online distance education is under AUD $1,000 per student to get their training certificate. Modules are purchased one-at-a-time when you need them. Following the purchase you receive an automated email with a link to download the module over the Web.

You can buy the entire course at once if it is easier for your company to process a single payment rather than handle ten separate payments.

You buy each of the ten training modules at the online store by following this link to Maintenance Management Mastery Processes Training Course.

The course materials are not available by postal mail. We provide only online downloads of our training course contents.

Register Now and Immediately Start Your Maintenance Management Mastery Processes Training Course

You can register for this world class maintenance excellence and maintenance mastery training via online distance education by sending an email to us requesting registration. Get our email address from the Contact Us Page. You can also go direct to the online store and buy Module 1 to start your training. The purchase information doubles as your registration details and you become a valid student of the course.

We confirm your enrollment by return email. To complete registration, you buy Module 1 of the course at the online store and download it. You review the module content, examine the presentation slides in detail, then complete each assignment in the module one-at-a-time and send each assignment to your Tutor.

You do each Maintenance Management Mastery Processes training module one at a time, and complete all its assignments, until each module is finished. As you do a module your Tutor reviews the assignments that you submit and gives you feedback and advice on how to complete them well. Once you pass Module 1 assignments you then purchase the next module and continue with learning more best practice reliability training. After you complete all modules you receive your Applied Reliability Improvement Course training certificate.

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