Eliminate Component Microstructure Failure Causes from Every Life-Cycle Phase to Get World Class Machine Reliability

Machines breakdown when there’s a critical component microstructure failure. If parts’ microstructure did not break they would not fail, and the machine they are in would not stop

Eliminate the causes of component microstructure failure in every phase of the life-cycle and you guarantee world class reliability of your machines, production plants and operating assets


Slide 21 – By Eliminating Component Microstructure Failure Causes in Every Phase of the Life-Cycle You Guarantee World Class Machine Reliability


On the bottom left of this slide is an image of an atomic structure and another of a metallic microstructure. They represent how physical matter is made. If enough atomic bonds are broken the matter collapses. If enough of a part’s microstructure fails the part breaks. When there’s a component microstructure failure that ruins the material-of-construction in a critical part of a machine the machine breaks down Every part in a machine can be failed by destroying its atomic network and by wrecking its microstructure—let that happen and you make a machine breakdown and you operations suffers a forced outage.

Listed in the slide are dozens and dozens of ways in which the atomic network or the microstructure can be destroyed. These events can occur at one or more phases throughout the life-cycle of a component. They can occur during its manufacture, during its fabrication, during its operation, during its installation, during its maintenance, and even during its design.

Errors are possible in the manufacture of a part’s materials-of-construction formulation; from incorrect process conditions; and by improper chemical composition. In fabrication, errors are possible with the shaping and machining of a part. During operation, stresses can arise from higher than design pressures, from changed fits and tolerances if equipment run too hot, from component misalignment, unbalance, vibration and shock, by the impact of fluids and materials, buckling, bending, fracturing, and dozens more failure causes that cause component microstructure failure.

At every phase of the life-cycle the table lists warn us there are potentially hundreds of causes that put machine and equipment parts at risk of failing at some point during their service lifetime.

In Plant Wellness Way EAM the first requirement is to eliminate the cause of every event that could cause microstructures to be harmed or failed. By eliminating the causes of what may grow into a future equipment breakdown we proactively control the health and well-being of the parts in our machines and physical assets. By removing and preventing failure causes from arising throughout the life-cycle you ensure that the operating life of the machinery and equipment always reaches the utmost reliability possible.


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