When you do Lean Changes spend a lot of time thoroughly planning and preparing a strong and clear Lean Improvement roll-out strategy.

You can adopt the most appropriate Lean tools and Lean methods to improve your production without restructuring the rest of your business but plan well so each Lean workplace transition will go well.

You can adopt the most appropriate Lean tools and methods to improve production based on the value-gained for your business. Plan your Lean Improvements well so that you get the most benefits from selected Lean changes to your work processes.



Lean manufacturing is an all-enterprise encompassing management philosophy covering the whole supply chain and entire business management system. But you do not have to change every thing about your business to get great value from the use of a Lean method or Lean tool.

Great productivity improvement is possible with Lean manufacturing changes chosen for their value-gain to your production. You can transition to Lean practices without totally changing your company design. To get the greatest value from using just a few Lean tools be sure you have a good strategy and a plan to bring effective Lean manufacturing solutions into your operation in an orderly fashion.


A Lean Introduction Plan that Trains Your Managers in Lean


Here is an example of a proposed Lean Introduction Plan for a manufacturing company to adopt the most appropriate Lean tools and methods to improve their production, without restructuring the rest of the business.

Click this link to download the initial Lean Introduction Plan and Lean Project Strategy. The draft Lean Introduction Plan shows how LRS Lean Consultants and the company teamed up to combine resources when doing their first Lean transition project.

LRS Lean Consultants would provide Lean consulting services while training Boss people to do the Lean investigations, analysis and production process document writing. In this way Boss management would learn the Lean methodologies and bring Lean into their company by experiencing it through doing Lean changes to their own business.

The Lean Introduction Strategy indicates the various phases of the Lean transition project and incorporates a Lean roll-out plan of to give an appreciation of the schedule and the preparation that needs to be undertaken to do a Lean transition well and with confidence.

Your desire to take your company to the forefront of continual process improvement and best practice Lean management will secure its future. LRS Lean Consultants contribute by guiding you and your people in adopting useful and practical Lean methods to accomplish your plans quickly and to employ the smart Lean ways to improve your processes and apply new Lean business tools.

Start by capturing and documenting your current business processes and practices. Then LRS Lean Consultants analyse the information with Lean and Six Sigma tools to identify new opportunities. You will find many improvement possibilities to include Lean into your organisation’s processes and find better ways to do things.

LRS Lean Consulting expertise comes from having tackled many Lean process improvement projects in a wide range of businesses that brought major benefits to all of them. You can be confident that your LRS Lean Consultant has the necessary experience and competence to deliver what you want for your manufacturing operation. Your Lean transition will bring you simple, practical Lean solutions and the Lean skills to turn your company into a competitive Lean business.

Introduce selective Lean initiatives successfully by getting us to help and guide you to do a well prepared and properly organised Lean transition. Get our advice with a quick phone call to our office, or send an email to me. Be sure you start down the right path to Lean best practice performance and then stay on it.


My best regards to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ