Day 1 Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Presentation Content

Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset management training presentation content for Day 1 covers the foundational thinking and core concepts critical to a successful PWWEAM system design and implementation.

You learn the scientific reasoning for using PWWEAM and are introduced to the operational and business risk elimination methods that make the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology so successful at creating world-class reliability.


Slide 3 – Day 1 Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Presentation Content for Approved Consultants


The slide above bullet points the topics of Plant Wellness Way EAM training presentation content explained during Day 1. The first day is busy learning and understanding why and how Plant Wellness Way EAM is so effective in creating world-class operating asset reliability.

It begins with an explanation of what constitutes the Plant Wellness Way paradigm. You get an explanation of what PWWEAM really is about and how it successfully eliminates the defects and failure causes that become future operational and business risks.

The second topic covers the foundational concepts justifying the use of PWWEAM above any other enterprise asset management methodology.

The third bullet point leads into an overview of how Plant Wellness Way EAM creates a system-of-reliability specifically designed to make operating plant, equipment, and machinery world class reliable.

That is followed with a brief coverage of the Plant Wellness Way EAM auditing sheets, including the audit approach used on client processes to identify the weaknesses that exist.

The fifth bullet point starts an introduction to the IONICS processes. Each of the six IONICS steps are explained and justified. Flow diagrams for each process are used to gain insight into the way the IONICS steps are performed.

The next bullet point is used to show what users of PWWEAM should expect when they adopt it as their engineering asset management methodology to get world-class operational, maintenance, and reliability success.

The final major topic of Day 1 is about how a Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset management project is conducted in an organisation. The project flow of the PWWEAM methodology is described and explained. A Plant Wellness Way EAM project begins with understanding the existing organizational processes, followed with process analysis, then determining operating risk criticality, selecting new risk elimination strategy and controls, developing documented processes and ACE 3T procedures, doing workplace training and up-skilling, and lastly, embedding the improved processes and practices.

The final two bullet points allow people to ask questions and have discussion about the new ideas, techniques, and solutions they saw during Day 1.

Since the Plant Wellness Way EAM training presentation content list starts by introducing attendees to PWWEAM, let’s next go to one of the most important slides in the course and begin by learning what the Plant Wellness Way paradigm is really all about.


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