How to Create an Engineering Asset Management System to Quickly Get World Class Reliability

Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology creates an engineering asset management system that gets world-class plant and equipment reliability

You follow the PWWEAM methodology to design, build, and embed engineering, supply chain, operational, and maintenance processes that quickly ensure world-class reliable operating assets


Slide 8 – How Plant Wellness Way EAM Methodology Creates an Engineering Asset Management System to Quickly Get World Class Reliability


Getting world-class operating asset reliability is the natural outcome of using the Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology. You design, build, and embed an engineering asset management system specifically created to get world-class plant, equipment, and machinery reliability.

The slide above is an overview of the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. You always start designing an engineering asset management system the Plant Wellness Way by drawing process map diagrams. The process maps explain how your business, operating, and workplace processes are designed and function.

The next step is to look at where operational risks arise in your business processes, plant and equipment. Where operational risks are unacceptable you select risk control strategy, techniques, and solutions that will eliminate the risk, or at least greatly reduce the risk. The risk controls become the strategies used in operations, maintenance and engineering to get world-class operating asset reliability.

Every risk control goes into its appropriate business process, including engineering, supply chain, operations, and maintenance. Each risk control lives in a procedure. This embeds and standardizes the elimination of risk as part of everyone’s job. Putting world-class reliability into job procedures gives the person doing the work ownership of reliability. Embedding world class reliability in procedures is the right way to create a cultural habit in your organisation of delivering reliability excellence.

Reliability continually rises by improving the Plant Wellness Way engineering asset management system so operating risks are always eliminated and prevented from arising. You live in a never-ending process of continual improvement where every opportunity to lift reliability is taken. No matter how large or how small the risk reduction, every improvement brings value and finds its rightful place in the organisation’s processes.

With PWWEAM, you get an engineering asset management system specifically built to guarantee world class reliability is the natural way your organization always works!


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