Overview of the 5-Day Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management Training Course Content

The Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management course content for approved consultants covers five topic areas. First is an overview of the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. Then comes details about the six IONICS processes that constitute the PWWEAM approach.

Collectively, IONICS delivers an asset life-cycle management system-of-reliability designed to get users world-class reliable assets.


Slide 2 – Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management (PWWEAM) Course Training Content for Approved Consultants

This slide shows the five presentation topics in the Enterprise Asset Management course content undertaken by an approved Plant Wellness Way EAM consultant.

The first day overviews the concepts behind the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. The next four days step through the six IONICS processes. The acronym stands for—Identify business and operational risks from failure; Order risks by criticality; Negate component risks; Install and embed the risk controls; Cultivate maximum process success; Synthesize better solutions to continually improve.

The IONICS portion of the Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management course content focuses in detail on the steps and techniques used in PWWEAM for designing, developing, and embedding world class operating asset reliability success.

In Day Two, IONICS processes One and Two are explained and examples of their techniques are practiced. Day Three is for the longest of the IONICS processes—the methods of negating risks to components are introduced and practiced. Day Four covers the two processes related to implementing and embedding PWWEAM successfully into an operation. The last day’s topic relates to the endless continuous improvement of an operation’s asset life cycle management system and processes to ensure PWWEAM user sites get to operational excellence success.


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